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Nature of Labour is at root of crisis

06 May 2008
Every previous Labour government has provoked a major rebellion from the left after it betrayed the hopes that had led to its election.

Eleven years on from Labour's 1997 victory - how hope turned to despair

06 May 2008
The appalling election results last week have sparked a refreshing, if slightly panicked, debate inside the Labour Party.

Wales: more disaster in Labour’s heartlands

06 May 2008
In an echo of the general trend, Labour lost over a quarter of the seats it was defending in the elections in Wales.

New Labour takes a hammering in council elections, May 2008

02 May 2008
Local council elections across much of England and Wales yesterday saw Labour’s worst electoral results for 40 years. The party polled just 24 percent of the vote and came in third, losing around 300 councillors.

Turmoil leads to growing debate in Labour

22 April 2008
The growing Labour rebellion is adding to the government’s crisis.

Labour in crisis as anger rises at government's attacks on workers

22 April 2008
Class politics returned to Britain this week as 450,000 workers prepared to take strike action against Gordon Brown’s 2 percent pay limit.

Government's corruption problems come from backing the rich

15 April 2008
The government has illegally attempted to cover up corruption – not over donations to the Labour Party, but over a huge arms deal to a vicious dictatorship.

Are Labour in Scotland Keir Hardie’s heirs?

01 April 2008
There is a land where New Labour stands for socialism, a land where the party’s founder Keir Hardie is held up as an icon.

Roots of reformism

12 February 2008
Since Gordon Brown became prime minister in June last year it seems as if the Labour Party has lurched from one crisis to another. The crisis at Northern Rock and the funding scandals engulfing Brown’s allies are just a couple of the deep problems he faces.

Innovative use made of public help with MPs' housing costs

12 February 2008
For those having trouble meeting their housing costs there is over £20,000 available to help. The only catch is you have to be an MP.

Race for NHS contracts

12 February 2008
Alan Johnson, the health secretary, seems to have given special access to a private NHS contractor owned by one of the biggest donors to his deputy leadership campaign.

What was Peter Hain's GMB money spent on?

12 February 2008
Socialist Worker has previously reported that disgraced MP Peter Hain took over £15,000 from the GMB union and then decided to slash jobs for disabled workers at the Remploy factories, many of them represented by the GMB.

Peter Hain: radical activist turned sour

29 January 2008
It may be easy to dismiss Peter Hain, who was forced to resign last week over donations to his deputy leadership campaign, as just one more sleazy politician with his nose in the trough. Was he just one more sharp suited ambitious greedy product of the New Labour era?

Gordon Brown’s missing £32,355

15 January 2008
Gordon Brown broke the Labour Party’s own donation rules after his campaign to become Labour leader last year.

Peter Hain should get a taste of his own medicine

15 January 2008
Peter Hain, still New Labour’s secretary for work and pensions as Socialist Worker went to press, should take advice from the adverts his department runs on benefit fraud. They have the slogan "No Ifs, No Buts".

Peter Hain forgets to put donations in the Picture

08 January 2008
The work and pensions secretary Peter Hain started the week calling for ordinary people to "take responsibility" for pensions.

Labour funding row: green light given for fast track planning applications

11 December 2007
The Newcastle businessman at the centre of the Labour party donations scandal had a planning application fast tracked under a scheme the government is now pushing across the country.

Alistair Darling's fundraising breakfast hosted by Deutsche Bank

11 December 2007
New Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling appeared at a Labour fundraising breakfast last week hosted by a bank involved in the takeover bid for Northern Rock.

Scandal threatens Labour Party in Scotland

04 December 2007
The situation for New Labour is even worse in Scotland. The party’s new leader Wendy Alexander has broken laws introduced by the Labour government banning the receipt of proxy donations and donations by non-British residents.

David Abrahams' 1976 election leaflet

04 December 2007

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