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Who do you vote for?

09 February 2010
The prospect of the Tories in government rightly fills many workers with horror. The party of Eton boys and bonus-grabbing bankers, the party that openly celebrates capitalism, could soon be in Number 10.

Failed Labour coup shows crisis at the heart of government

12 January 2010
Labour is in chaos. The Brownite and Blairite wings of the party are still at each others’ throats as their election strategy collapses in slow motion.

Gordon Brown's conference speech gets nasty in his desperate ‘fightback’ bid

29 September 2009
The media trailed Gordon Brown’s Labour conference speech this week as being about the prime minister fighting for his political life.

Democracy in the Labour Party is not revived

29 September 2009
That Lord Mandelson was the darling of Labour conference this week is one sign of party’s decline.

Is the Labour Party finished?

29 September 2009
Elected on a wave of revulsion with the Tories in 1997, New Labour today is in crisis. The party faces wipeout at the next election. Opinion polls predict it could lose 17 of its 44 MPs in London alone.

Gordon Brown unleashes new wave of cuts at TUC

15 September 2009
Gordon Brown announced that he will cut public services and jobs at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Liverpool this week.

A View From The Foothills: The Diaries of Chris Mullin

18 August 2009
If A socialist prime minister was ever elected the establishment would do everything it could to prevent any real change. That was the sensible premise of A Very British Coup, the novel by Sunderland Labour MP Chris Mullin.

Has the Labour left lost its Compass?

16 June 2009
New Labour’s devastation in the European and county council elections has led some commentators to speculate whether the party is finished as a political force in Britain.

The crooks in Brown’s new cabinet

09 June 2009
Ten ministers have gone from Gordon Brown’s corrupt government – so far.

Ministers desert sinking ship as Labour crisis grows

05 June 2009
Gordon Brown’s government is staggering towards its grave. This is clear even before the European and local election results are known. The resignations of James Purnell, Hazel Blears and John Hutton – all supporters of former premier Tony Blair – were designed to provoke a coup to topple Brown.

Reshuffle won’t stop the rot at heart of parliament

02 June 2009
The Labour government is making noises about reforming parliament to try and offset the fury over the expenses scandal.

Gordon Brown is in big trouble

05 May 2009
Gordon Brown’s future as prime minister was again thrown into question last week as current and former cabinet ministers attacked him.

Labour expenses row is hotting up

05 May 2009
The row over MPs’ expenses just won’t go away.

Unite’s shadowy links with New Labour

21 April 2009
Sections of the Unite union have become further embroiled in New Labour’s attempts to set up a website to smear the Tories.

The hollow shell of Labour

14 April 2009
One of the first scandals to hit the New Labour government came in 1998. Members of Tony Blair’s inner circle were caught on tape boasting about how they could sell access to government ministers and create tax breaks for their clients.

New Labour’s expensive scam

24 March 2009
Millions of people across Britain struggle through decaying public transport systems every morning to get to work.

Labour’s popularity goes totally zombie

24 February 2009
The much vaunted "Brown bounce", which was supposed to see a revival of the prime minister’s fortunes, has flattened out leaving him looking like the living dead.

Lord Moonie: new troubles for New Labour

17 February 2009
A small flat in south London seems to be a place close to the heart of senior Labour politicians.

New Labour peers paid fees by business lobbyists

27 January 2009
There are many odd things about the House of Lords. One minor anomaly is that lords don’t get paid a salary.

Challenges facing Gordon Brown’s bounce

11 November 2008
The surest thing to emerge from Labour’s surprise victory last week in the Glenrothes by-election is that Alex Salmond doesn’t walk on water any more. The leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and first minister of Scotland has dominated politics north of the border for the past few years.

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