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No more wars over oil

No more wars over oil Saudi Arabia and the US are driving closer to war with Iran, following drone strikes on Saudi Arabian oil plants last Saturday.

Warmongers to descend on London ‘festival of violence’

Warmongers to descend on London ‘festival of violence’ Representatives of some of the world’s most brutal regimes are set to descend on London next week.

British arms found in Yemen show up links between Tories and Saudi Arabia

British arms found in Yemen show up links between Tories and Saudi Arabia More evidence of Britain’s role in Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen was uncovered this week.

Disaster in Yemen shows brutality of imperialism

Disaster in Yemen shows brutality of imperialism Despite massacres, disease, impending famine and tens of thousands of deaths, the US “can’t support” even a limited ceasefire in the war on Yemen

British-backed war on Yemen kills 85,000 children

British-backed war on Yemen kills 85,000 children Some 85,000 children in Yemen under the age of five have are thought to have died of hunger or disease in the last three years

Tory hypocrisy over famine in Yemen

Tory hypocrisy over famine in Yemen Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt called on Saudi Arabia to “stop famine and cholera intensifying” in Yemen ahead of meeting with the country’s rulers this week.

The Troublemaker—US mercenaries worked as a ‘murder squad’ in Yemen

30 October 2018
A US company Spear Operations Group organised a private assassination squad to work in Yemen.

Thousands of Nazis march as racists carry out violent attacks on migrants

25 September 2018
The battle against the far right continued last weekend as

Murder in Yemen—Saudi coalition crimes revealed

01 September 2018
A UN panel of experts has released a damning report into the Saudi-led war in Yemen, revealing widespread use of torture. Nick Clark unpacks the evidence

British bombs killing children in Yemen

28 August 2018

Britain’s ally Saudi Arabia kills 29 children in Yemen

14 August 2018
As many as 29 children in Yemen were killed in an airstrike carried out by a military coalition armed and funded by Britain.

Saudis use British bombs to brutalise Yemeni port

19 June 2018
People in Yemen face war, starvation and disease—and Britain must share the blame, says?Charlie Kimber

Western bombs kill 40 Yemenis as Saudi Arabian-led attacks continue

24 April 2018
At least 20 people were killed when an airstrike by the Saudi Arabian-led coalition hit a wedding party in northern Yemen last weekend.

As Boris Johnson calls for more Middle East intervention - get the Tories out

07 December 2017
Not wishing to be outdone by Donald Trump, foreign secretary Boris Johnson has said that Britain should return to the Middle East.

Gunfights and killing as Yemen rebels split

05 December 2017
‘Treasonous leader’ assassinated as Saudi aggression fuels more chaos and carnage

In Qatar, Yemen and Gaza, power play of Saudis and Iran brings new danger

29 August 2017
An economic blockade led by US ally Saudi Arabia backfired spectacularly as Qatar announced it had reopened full diplomatic ties with Iran last week.

How war created famine

28 March 2017
Famine is part of a system where access to food can be a weapon and millions can die for the profits and power of the ruling class

Famine and crisis fuelled by the West

14 March 2017
The world faces the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War.

Bombed then banned—US crimes in travel-ban states

31 January 2017
Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” order applies to seven countries—all of them hammered by the US war machine and its allies such as Britain. The effect is to stop desperate refugees fleeing the chaos that US bombs and bullying created.

Tories defend Saudi Arabia after it admits dropping British-made bombs on Yemen

20 December 2016
Saudi Arabia’s military has finally admitted that it has used British-made cluster bombs in its assault on Yemen. The truth has been dragged out of the regime after an attempted cover-up lasting over six months.

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