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Middle Eastern states manoevure in regional power play

07 April 2015
The danger for Western imperialism is that the mess—and with it the Middle East—escapes anyone’s control, writes Alex Callinicos

West backs Saudi Arabia in launching attacks on Yemen

31 March 2015
The attacks on Yemen highlight the problems US imperialism faces as it tries to reassert its control over the region, writes Ken Olende

Government falls in Yemen

27 January 2015
Houthi fighters forced Yemen’s president Abd-Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and government to resign last week.

Total oil workers strike in South Yemen

05 February 2014
Strikes have forced oil and gas company Total to stop oil production, in South Yemen’ s biggest oil and gas district of Hadramout.

Jeremy Scahill talks about his film Dirty Wars: finding the names and faces of the West's victims

03 December 2013
Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill set out to put names, faces and stories to the victims of the Western military in his new film Dirty Wars. He spoke to Judith Orr about his journey to expose the slaughter of the “war on terror”

The Reluctant Revolutionary

13 March 2012
Kais is a tour guide in Yemen’s capital city Sanaa. He is steadily drawn into the revolutionary movement engulfing the country, despite his initial cynicism.

Yemen’s new boss is same as the old boss

28 February 2012
Last week saw the fraudulent election of Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi as president of Yemen.

Yemen's premier says he'll quit

11 October 2011
The Yemeni opposition movement is rightly suspicious of claims made by president Ali Abdullah Saleh on state television last Saturday.

CIA ‘success’ means more chaos for Yemen

04 October 2011
An unmanned CIA drone blew up Islamist leader Anwar al Awlaki and an unknown number of companions in Yemen last week.

Yemen: Saleh returns from Saudi Arabia to find revolt still on the streets

27 September 2011
Protests continued to grow against returned president Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen’s capital Sana’a last weekend.

Yemen: protests continue despite government attacks

20 September 2011
Clashes between protesters and anti-government forces in Yemen left more than 60 people dead on the streets of the capital, Sana’a, last Sunday and Monday.

Yemen’s dictator runs from revolt

07 June 2011
Huge crowds celebrated on the streets of Yemen last Sunday after president Ali Abdullah Saleh fled to Saudi Arabia—saying he needed medical treatment.

Mass protests build the resistance in Yemen

19 May 2011
As mass anti-government demonstrations in Yemen entered their fourth month the Supreme Coordination Council of the Revolution—a coalition of nearly 300 pro-democracy groups—announced their plans to escalate the protests.

Mirfat Badallah: Victory against deportation

17 May 2011
Mirfat Badallah, who has been campaigning against deportation to Yemen, has won leave to remain in Britain.

Yemen: Saleh hangs onto power

10 May 2011
Yemen’s dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh has reneged on a promise to step down. But thousands of people are still on the streets in the capital Sanaa.

Yemen: protests stay on the streets

26 April 2011
President Ali Saleh, who has ruled Yemen for 32 years, announced last Saturday that he intended to stand down in 30 days.

International round-up of revolt

19 April 2011
Yemen Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded towns and cities across Yemen last Sunday.

Yemen: revolt spreads despite security force massacre

05 April 2011
Protests against president Ali Abdullah Saleh continued to rock Yemen this week. His security forces are continuing to try to crush the movement.

Yemen: Reforms fail to quell the revolt

29 March 2011
Hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Yemen on the "Friday of Departure" last week calling for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. There were protests in the capital, Sana’a.

Yemen's dictator is on the ropes

22 February 2011
The Yemeni people have taken to the streets, calling for the resignation of the dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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