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Yemen: Saleh hangs onto power

10 May 2011
Yemen’s dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh has reneged on a promise to step down. But thousands of people are still on the streets in the capital Sanaa.

Yemen: protests stay on the streets

26 April 2011
President Ali Saleh, who has ruled Yemen for 32 years, announced last Saturday that he intended to stand down in 30 days.

International round-up of revolt

19 April 2011
Yemen Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded towns and cities across Yemen last Sunday.

Yemen: revolt spreads despite security force massacre

05 April 2011
Protests against president Ali Abdullah Saleh continued to rock Yemen this week. His security forces are continuing to try to crush the movement.

Yemen: Reforms fail to quell the revolt

29 March 2011
Hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Yemen on the "Friday of Departure" last week calling for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. There were protests in the capital, Sana’a.

Britain sells death

22 February 2011
Bahrain: assault rifles, tear gas, ammunition, aircraft partsEgypt: bombs, missiles, body armourLibya: ammunition, tear gas, crowd control equipmentYemen: body armour, ammunitionAlgeria: combat helicoptersTunisia: gun parts Kuwait: military software, anti-riot shieldsMorocco: bomb partsSyria: ammunitionLebanon: body armour, shotgunsJordan: armoured vehicles, gun parts, gas mask filtersUnited

Yemen's dictator is on the ropes

22 February 2011
The Yemeni people have taken to the streets, calling for the resignation of the dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Success for Mirfat Badallah

15 February 2011
Mirfat Badallah, who was threatened with immediate deportation to Yemen, has scored a major success.

Spreading revolt

11 February 2011
TUNISIA: Ben Ali ruled Tunisia from 1987 until brought down by a mass uprising on 14 JanuaryEGYPT: Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for 30 years. He was toppled on 11 February.JORDAN: King Abdullah has ruled since 1999. The regime is a staunch ally of the US. Protests swept Jordan after the Tunisian revolution, and as a result the King swore in a new government. But it is headed by former general Marouf Bakhit—a puppet of the regime.YEMEN: President Ali Abdullah Saleh has ruled since 1978.

Stop Mirfat Badallah being deported

25 January 2011
Mirfat Badallah’s campaign to stop her deportation to Yemen is growing. Last week she sent 28 letters of support to the Home Office. She urgently needs more solidarity.

Let Mirfat stay here

18 January 2011
Mirfat Badallah is calling for solidarity to stop the Home Office deporting her to Yemen. She has lived in Birmingham for 11 years and has a British husband and British born children.

Coal, Frankincense and Myrrh: Yemen and British Yemenis

15 June 2010
Britain’s Yemenis comprise the country’s oldest established Muslim community.

Strings attached to US Yemen ‘aid’ cash

02 February 2010
The corrupt government of Yemen won international support and funding to do the US’s bidding in the country last week.

Blockade Afghanistan council of warmongers in London

19 January 2010
World leaders will gather in London on Thursday of next week for a "war council" on Afghanistan and Yemen.

Shifts in the ‘war on terror’ that bring more death

12 January 2010
A number of significant shifts have taken place in the "war on terror" since Christmas. US rhetoric against Yemen has been cranked up since the failed Detroit plane bomber claimed to have been trained in the country.

‘Failed states’: a loaded term

12 January 2010
Yemen began to be described as a "failed state" almost as soon as a link had been established between the failed Christmas bomb attempt over Detroit and the existence of an Al Qaida cell in that country.

Map showing position of Yemen

12 January 2010

Interview: ‘US tactics in Yemen play into the hands of Al Qaida’

12 January 2010
"The British were in South Yemen, then part of South Arabia, for 139 years – in Aden and parts of the protectorate. The war for independence from Britain was won in 1967.

A dirty war in Aden: Britain’s role in Yemen’s history

12 January 2010
The fact that the US has allowed Gordon Brown to host a summit on 28 January about the supposed threat that Yemen poses to the world is obviously of immense satisfaction to the New Labour government.

Yemen is latest target in US war

05 January 2010
Yemen has become the latest "rogue state" to be targeted in the US-led "war on terror".

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