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Repression fails to crush our resistance in Zimbabwe

19 November 2005
President Mugabe’s security forces swooped on Tuesday of last week after the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and its allies called a day of action against poverty.

Zimbabwean prisoners released

12 November 2005
The 120 demonstrators who were arrested on Tuesday have been released from police custody after spending three nights in the cells. The attorney general's office recommended that their cases be pursued by way of summons.

Protest at Zimbabwe arrests

12 November 2005
Twenty four hours after the arrest of about 120 demonstrators against poverty their lawyers are still told that arresting officers have not finished preparing papers for the arrested. Last night most of them were transferred from Harare Central to Chitungwiza and Dema, respectively 25km and 30km outside the capital Harare.

Zimbabweans fight repression

12 November 2005
Around 200 trade unionists were arrested in Zimbabwe on Tuesday as they tried to hold protests. The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) had called the day of action over food shortages and other issues.

Refugees reveal horror at a detention centre

05 November 2005
Zimbabwean refugees have told Socialist Worker of appalling treatment at the Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire.

Victory for Zimbabwean refugees as court halts deportation

22 October 2005
Zimbabwean asylum seekers who have been campaigning against deportation have won a major victory in their fight to overturn New Labour’s racist asylum policy.

The Zimbabwean crisis could increase struggle

22 October 2005
Zimbabwe is in crisis. Rampant inflation, soon to hit 400 percent a year, has debased the currency, wiped out the livelihoods of people on fixed pensions and cut almost everyone’s living standards.

Roots reggae and resistance from Jamaica to Brixton

27 August 2005
Once feared by the authorities and celebrated by rebels from Notting Hill to Zimbabwe, roots reggae has been sanitised. Bob Marley is presented as simply uplifting summer music. But a series 1970s reggae reissues is making it possible to see how innovative, influential and politically aware it was.


20 August 2005

Blow for ministers in Zimbabwe case

13 August 2005
There was singing and dancing outside the high court in London on Thursday of last week as the home office was forced to back down from plans to restart the deportation of Zimbabwean asylum seekers.

Meetings, events and film showings

06 August 2005
Meetings And Events

Back this protest against deportations to Zimbabwe

16 July 2005
Zimbabweans protesting at the British government’s decision to deport refugees have called a major protest for Thursday 4 August.

Hunger striker: ‘I’ll die rather than go back to Zimbabwe’

09 July 2005
While the foreign office says "Zimbabweans are deprived of their democratic and human rights", the home office is preparing to deport Zimbabwean asylum seekers back to face Mugabe’s regime.

Anti-deportation campaigns

09 July 2005
Cardiff There was a lively protest in Cardiff on Thursday of last week against the deportation of asylum seekers to Zimbabwe.

Refugees are here to stay, here to fight

03 July 2005
"For Pity's Sake, Let Them Stay!" So ran one newspaper headline last month, in response to the hunger strike by scores of Zimbabwean asylum seekers in British detention centres.

‘Africans will not be silent victims’

02 July 2005
Imagine a different G8. Flying in to Lagos, the centre of the United States of Benin, are the leaders of Great Zimbabwe, Katanga and Aksum. They will be joined by other leaders of Asia and South America to decide their latest proposals for lifting the debt burden from impoverished states in Europe.

Eyewitness to the Zimbabwean war on the poor which has torn apart the lives of so many

02 July 2005
THE government’s "clean up" campaign has left over a million people displaced, refugees in their own country. Around 300,000 kids have dropped out of school as a result of the displacements.

‘Labour still sends us back to the torturers in Zimbabwe’

02 July 2005
I was due in court this week to discover if I would be deported back to Zimbabwe.

Work stoppage and riots in Harare, Zimbabwe

11 June 2005
Zimbabwe's trade union leaders called a two-day stayaway for this week in protest at president Robert Mugabe’s latest assault.

Vulnerable Zimbabweans deported to face brutal treatment

19 March 2005
A REPORT on the usually reliable website details how Ratidzo (not her real name) was treated on her arrival recently at Harare airport.

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