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06 August 2005
Meetings And Events

Back this protest against deportations to Zimbabwe

16 July 2005
Zimbabweans protesting at the British government’s decision to deport refugees have called a major protest for Thursday 4 August.

Anti-deportation campaigns

09 July 2005
Cardiff There was a lively protest in Cardiff on Thursday of last week against the deportation of asylum seekers to Zimbabwe.

Hunger striker: ‘I’ll die rather than go back to Zimbabwe’

09 July 2005
While the foreign office says "Zimbabweans are deprived of their democratic and human rights", the home office is preparing to deport Zimbabwean asylum seekers back to face Mugabe’s regime.

Refugees are here to stay, here to fight

03 July 2005
"For Pity's Sake, Let Them Stay!" So ran one newspaper headline last month, in response to the hunger strike by scores of Zimbabwean asylum seekers in British detention centres.

Eyewitness to the Zimbabwean war on the poor which has torn apart the lives of so many

02 July 2005
THE government’s "clean up" campaign has left over a million people displaced, refugees in their own country. Around 300,000 kids have dropped out of school as a result of the displacements.

‘Labour still sends us back to the torturers in Zimbabwe’

02 July 2005
I was due in court this week to discover if I would be deported back to Zimbabwe.

‘Africans will not be silent victims’

02 July 2005
Imagine a different G8. Flying in to Lagos, the centre of the United States of Benin, are the leaders of Great Zimbabwe, Katanga and Aksum. They will be joined by other leaders of Asia and South America to decide their latest proposals for lifting the debt burden from impoverished states in Europe.

Work stoppage and riots in Harare, Zimbabwe

11 June 2005
Zimbabwe's trade union leaders called a two-day stayaway for this week in protest at president Robert Mugabe’s latest assault.

Vulnerable Zimbabweans deported to face brutal treatment

19 March 2005
A REPORT on the usually reliable website details how Ratidzo (not her real name) was treated on her arrival recently at Harare airport.

Coming events

12 March 2005
Wednesday 9 MarchVigil at parliament while the House of Lords debates conditions in Zimbabwe, 3pm-6pm. For details phone 07966 458 080 or 07960 126 028. Organised by Zimbabwe Community Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers.

Zimbabwe’s struggle against imperialism

26 February 2005
In the third part of our series on National Liberation, Simon Basketter charts the downfall of Rhodesia’s white elite

Zimbabwean refugee says 'Join my fight for justice'

19 February 2005
IT IS obviously a huge relief to be free, even if there is still a long way to go before I can be secure. It has been a terrifying few weeks. On 14 January I went to the home office reporting centre in Manchester. I was required to go there regularly because my application for asylum had been refused.

Teachers' union backs anti-deportation fight

12 February 2005
A bail hearing was due this week in the case of Leonard R. He is the trainee maths teacher from Oldham who faces being sent back to torture in Zimbabwe. The bail hearing will decide whether Leonard is released while a judicial review of his case proceeds. He is one of the victims of the government’s decision to restart forced removals to Zimbabwe.

The vast majority of Iraqis want the US to get out

05 February 2005
IF IRAQ’S elections had taken place anywhere else, they would have been denounced by the "international community" as hopelessly flawed. If they had happened in Zimbabwe, they would have been cited by the White House as a reason for "regime change" and possible invasion.

‘Don’t send us back to Mugabe’

05 February 2005
ABOUT 400 Zimbabweans living in Britain gathered outside the home office in London last Saturday to protest against forced deportation back to president Mugabe’s vicious regime. New Labour’s policy of restarting deportations means political activists are sent back to the jails and torturer chambers of the Zimbabwean state.

Blair sends us back to Mugabe’s torturers

29 January 2005
POLITICIANS OF all parties rushed last year to denounce the brutalities of Robert Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe. Now they are united on forcibly deporting Zimbabwean refugees back to torture and possible death.

Zimbabwe campaign launched

15 January 2005
THE UK Zimbabwean Community Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers took a significant step forward when it met in London last Saturday to organise a national demonstration against the deportation of asylum seekers.

Blunkett’s last victims fighting for justice

08 January 2005
AT THE very moment David Blunkett was tendering his resignation at 10 Downing Street before Christmas, 50 Zimbabwean refugees and their supporters were angrily demonstrating outside.

In brief

18 December 2004
Visions of Zimbabwe: When Words Fail Art Speaks

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