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12 March 2005
Wednesday 9 MarchVigil at parliament while the House of Lords debates conditions in Zimbabwe, 3pm-6pm. For details phone 07966 458 080 or 07960 126 028. Organised by Zimbabwe Community Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers.

Zimbabwe’s struggle against imperialism

26 February 2005
In the third part of our series on National Liberation, Simon Basketter charts the downfall of Rhodesia’s white elite

Zimbabwean refugee says 'Join my fight for justice'

19 February 2005
IT IS obviously a huge relief to be free, even if there is still a long way to go before I can be secure. It has been a terrifying few weeks. On 14 January I went to the home office reporting centre in Manchester. I was required to go there regularly because my application for asylum had been refused.

Teachers' union backs anti-deportation fight

12 February 2005
A bail hearing was due this week in the case of Leonard R. He is the trainee maths teacher from Oldham who faces being sent back to torture in Zimbabwe. The bail hearing will decide whether Leonard is released while a judicial review of his case proceeds. He is one of the victims of the government’s decision to restart forced removals to Zimbabwe.

The vast majority of Iraqis want the US to get out

05 February 2005
IF IRAQ’S elections had taken place anywhere else, they would have been denounced by the "international community" as hopelessly flawed. If they had happened in Zimbabwe, they would have been cited by the White House as a reason for "regime change" and possible invasion.

‘Don’t send us back to Mugabe’

05 February 2005
ABOUT 400 Zimbabweans living in Britain gathered outside the home office in London last Saturday to protest against forced deportation back to president Mugabe’s vicious regime. New Labour’s policy of restarting deportations means political activists are sent back to the jails and torturer chambers of the Zimbabwean state.

Blair sends us back to Mugabe’s torturers

29 January 2005
POLITICIANS OF all parties rushed last year to denounce the brutalities of Robert Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe. Now they are united on forcibly deporting Zimbabwean refugees back to torture and possible death.

Zimbabwe campaign launched

15 January 2005
THE UK Zimbabwean Community Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers took a significant step forward when it met in London last Saturday to organise a national demonstration against the deportation of asylum seekers.

Blunkett’s last victims fighting for justice

08 January 2005
AT THE very moment David Blunkett was tendering his resignation at 10 Downing Street before Christmas, 50 Zimbabwean refugees and their supporters were angrily demonstrating outside.

In brief

18 December 2004
Visions of Zimbabwe: When Words Fail Art Speaks

Is Tony Blair Robert Mugabe's greatest asset?

13 December 2003
Observing the Commonwealth Conference over the past week, I can't help feeling a degree of grudging admiration for Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe – for all that I detest him for the devastation he has inflicted on his own people.

The man Straw banned from Marxism 2003

12 July 2003
JOHN BOMBA, a leading Zimbabwean socialist and pro-democracy activist, should have been speaking at this year's Marxism 2003 event in London. Instead he was refused entry to Britain by the UK High Commission in Harare. Here John talks angrily about his experience.

Strikers shut country down despite repression

14 June 2003
ZIMBABWE IS in ferment after a big strike closed down much of the country's economy last week. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the main parliamentary opposition to President Mugabe, called the action as an intended "final push" to bring down the government.


02 November 2002
STRIKES ARE on the rise in Zimbabwe. Teachers, lecturers and health workers have all taken action over the last month as living conditions have deteriorated and rampant inflation has wiped out wage increases handed out before the presidential election. The Mugabe regime has responded with bitter repression, including torture and jailings. None of this is reflected in the British papers which are so quick to raise an outcry about the "sufferings" of white farmers

There's no war on famine

21 September 2002
A UN World Food Programme report said this week that 14.5 million people across southern Africa face starvation and famine. The famine doesn't just affect Zimbabwe, which the British media concentrated on as part of its support for rich white farmers against Mugabe's government. It also hits Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Poor have false allies

31 August 2002
NEW LABOUR, the Tories and the US government are all trying to blame Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, for famine in southern Africa. They use the same language of "regime change" that we hear used about Iraq. On Wednesday of last week George W Bush's top adviser on African affairs said that the US wants Mugabe out, and that he had "stolen an election". This is breathtaking hypocrisy from the people who are in the White House because they stole the Florida election for Bush.

Millions left to starve

03 August 2002
WHILE the US and Britain prepare to use vast resources for war, 14 million people in southern Africa have been left to starve. People in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe are particularly affected. Politicians claim that the suffering is because of drought or "African corruption". In truth people are dying because they are the subjects of a crazed mass social experiment: take a poor society, let the market rip, and see what happens. Far from showering prosperity on Africa, the market prescriptions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have produced bigger mounds of corpses.

Socialists are beaten and jailed

22 June 2002
MORE THAN 70 people were arrested and beaten in Harare, Zimbabwe, last weekend. They were taking part in a peaceful commemoration of the Soweto anti-apartheid uprising in South Africa in 1976. Socialist MP Munyaradzi Gwisai, who is due to speak at Marxism 2002 in London, was singled out for special treatment by the riot police. He was severely beaten and needed urgent medical treatment.

International solidarity

20 April 2002
SOCIALISTS IN Zimbabwe need your support as repression continues.

Zimbabwe: hypocrisy and tyranny

23 March 2002
WITH BREATHTAKING gall, George W Bush last week declared that the election in Zimbabwe was a "flawed process". He added, "We do not recognise the outcome of this election." Only a man as stupid and arrogant as Bush could criticise the vote a year after he stole the US presidential election.

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