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Digging the dirt on the diamond trade

06 May 2014
In the second of a series on commodities that shaped the world, Simon Basketter looks at how brutal imperialist bosses turned useless rocks into a lucrative market

International Socialist Organisation (Zimbabwe) statement on Zimbabwean elections

07 August 2013
For a good part of his 33 years in power, Robert Mugabe has presided over a ruthless dictatorship.

Crackdown and referendum in Zimbabwe

21 March 2013
People in Zimbabwe, southern Africa, voted overwhelmingly to accept a new constitution last weekend.

Court victory for Zimbabwe Six

17 April 2012
Six Zimbabwean socialists have won a high court appeal against their sentences of community service.

Appeal is rejected for the Zimbabwe Six

03 April 2012
The Zimbabwe Six have had their appeal against their sentence of community service rejected.

Britain has played a foul role in Zimbabwe

27 March 2012
The mining magnate and politician Cecil Rhodes conquered the land that would become Zimbabwe for the British Empire in 1890.

Mugabe faces electoral test in Zimbabwe

27 March 2012
Zimbabwe’s ruler Robert Mugabe is pushing for an election this year.

Zimbabwe: it's the system that's on trial

27 March 2012
Tatenda Mombeyarara, ISO activist To us the meeting hadn’t seemed unusual. We regularly gather and have discussions on neoliberalism and what is going on in the world.

Zimbabwe six sentenced to community service and a fine

21 March 2012
Six Zimbabwe activists who were convicted for watching a video of the Arab Spring were each sentenced to community service and a fine today (Wednesday).

Defendants were tortured in detention

20 March 2012
Police stormed a meeting organised by the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare on 19 February last year.

Zimbabwe socialists convicted for watching a video of Arab Spring

20 March 2012
Zimbabwe socialists convicted for watching a video of Arab Spring

Disgraceful verdict as Zimbabwe socialists found guilty

19 March 2012
A magistrate in Zimbabwe convicted six socialists of "inciting public violence" on Monday. Some 160 supporters in the public gallery showed their outrage.

Zimbabwe prosecutor demands heavy sentences for socialists

13 March 2012
A state prosecutor in Zimbabwe has made an incendiary new statement in the trial of six socialists accused of "conspiring to commit public violence".

Zimbabwe socialist tells court 'Mugabe must go!'

06 March 2012
Munyaradzi Gwisai, coordinator of Zimbabwe’s International Socialist Organisation (ISO), finally got his day in court on Wednesday of last week. His blunt statement from the dock that "Mugabe must go" stunned prosecutor Michael Reza into silence. But it led to cries of jubilation from the public gallery.

Zimbabwe: magistrate rules against socialists, so the trial will resume

21 February 2012
Six socialists in Zimbabwe have lost their application to have charges of "conspiring to commit public violence" dismissed.

Court dismisses acquittal application by Zimbabwean activists

17 February 2012
Six Zimbabwean socialists have lost their application to have charges of "conspiring to commit public violence" dismissed.

Magistrate to rule in Zimbabwe socialists' trial

07 February 2012
The trial of six socialists in Zimbabwe may be finally coming to a close after almost a year of delays.

Zimbabwe's public sector workers strike to double pay

04 February 2012
Government workers in Zimbabwe struck for four days last week, demanding a doubling of their wages, medical insurance and travel allowances.

Civil servants strike in Zimbabwe

24 January 2012
Civil service workers across Zimbabwe began a five-day strike on Monday, demanding a doubling of wages.

Zimbabwe trial grills star witness

10 January 2012
The cross-examination of the prosecution’s star witness resumed on Monday in the trial of six Zimbabwe socialists.

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