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Zimbabwe socialists' trial delayed

20 September 2011
The trial of six activists arrested in Zimbabwe for showing news footage of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt began last Thursday.

Zimbabwean socialists' trial delayed again

30 August 2011
The trial of six activists in Zimbabwe who face imprisonment for watching a video of the Arab Spring has been delayed again.

Charges reduced for Zimbabwe 'treason trialists'

19 July 2011
The charges faced by six socialists in Zimbabwe originally accused of treason have been reduced again.

Zimbabwe socialist dies after imprisonment

17 July 2011
One of the 45 socialists arrested by the Zimbabwe government this February for watching a video about the Arab Spring died late on Thursday evening.

Defend socialists in Zimbabwe

12 July 2011
Six Zimbabwean socialists are in court from 18 July, charged with "subverting a constitutional government"—which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Zimbabwe: treason charges dropped, but trial to go on

07 June 2011
The Zimbabwean state has dropped the most serious charges against six activists who faced the death penalty for treason.

Zimbabwe: Solidarity with treason trialists

17 May 2011
Six socialists in Zimbabwe still face a possible death penalty for treason.

Zimbabweans fight on

19 April 2011
Six Zimbawean activists are continuing to campaign against treason charges following their arrest at a meeting where they showed a video about the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

Defend the Zimbabwe Six

05 April 2011
Six socialists in Zimbabwe have been released on bail, but they are still on trial for their lives and need international support for their legal fees.

Zimbabwe socialists released on bail - but the campaign goes on

22 March 2011
Six socialists facing the death penalty for watching a video on the Middle East uprisings were released on bail by a Zimbabwean judge last week.

Zimbabwe treason trialists released on bail

17 March 2011
A Zimbabwean judge yesterday released on bail the six socialists facing the death penalty for watching a video on the Middle East uprisings.

Protest over jailed Zimbabwean activists

15 March 2011
The campaign to release six Zimbabwean activists charged with treason has called an international day of action on Monday of next week.

Zimbabwe: most arrested socialists freed - but the rest need support

12 March 2011
A court in Zimbabwe has freed 39 of 45 activists who were arrested after they met and watched a video about the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia.

Join London protest to support Zimbabwean socialists on trial for treason

10 March 2011
Please join the protest outside the Zimbabwean embassy this Friday 11 March, 12 noon – 1.30pm, Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London, WC2R 0JR.

Socialists are at risk in Zimbabwe

01 March 2011
A group of socialists in Zimbabwe faces a possible death sentence for watching a video about the Egyptian Revolution.

Zimbabweans face possible death sentence for discussing Egyptian Revolution

24 February 2011
A group of socialists in Zimbabwe face a possible death sentence for watching a video about the Egyptian Revolution.

Urgent appeal for support after Zimbabwean socialists arrested

21 February 2011
Zimbabwean police raided a meeting of the International Socialist Organisation on the revolt in the Middle East last Saturday, arresting 52 people. The students, union members and workers are still being detained at Harare Central prison.

Deportations to Zimbabwe resumed

19 October 2010
The government is planning to resume forced deportations of "failed asylum seekers" to Zimbabwe.

Mugabe and the White African

12 January 2010
This film dramatically shows the attempt by two white farmers – Mike Campbell and his British son-in-law Ben Freeth – to stop the Zimbabwean government taking over their 3,000-acre farm.

New Labour’s asylum policies are cruel and unjust

15 December 2008
The cruel hypocrisy of the government’s approach to asylum was driven home last week as home secretary Jacqui Smith attempted to use the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe to tighten asylum laws.

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