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Anger at Zimbabwe ‘unity’ talks

29 July 2008
Negotiations aimed at ending Zimbabwe’s political crisis were stalled as Socialist Worker went to press.

Zimbabwe socialist interviewed: ‘Our rulers have no answer to the crisis’

22 July 2008
How does the current inflation affect ordinary people?

Zimbabwe solidarity

22 July 2008
The Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees last week coordinated a series of meetings to discuss solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe refugees demand rights

16 July 2008
Hundreds of Zimbabweans in Britain marched to parliament on Friday of last week, demanding the right to work while they are in exile. At the same time the government has gone ahead with moves that will allow it to deport "failed asylum seekers" back to Zimbabwe.

Leader of teachers’ union missing in Zimbabwe

10 July 2008
Harassment of trade unionists in Zimbabwe has continued since the election.

Zimbabwe: resistance from below is the way to challenge Mugabe

01 July 2008
The most effective challenge to Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship is to help the Zimbabweans who have been struggling against the regime for the best part of a decade.

Zimbabwe shows West’s hypocrisy

01 July 2008
I was fifteen in November 1965, when the racist regime of Ian Smith illegally declared Zimbabwe – or the settler colony of Southern Rhodesia, as it then was – independent of Britain. My family lived in the capital city, Salisbury, today called Harare.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe cracks down on opposition

24 June 2008
The situation in Zimbabwe continued to deteriorate as Socialist Worker went to press.

Zimbabwe regime attacks activists to intimidate opposition

03 June 2008
Zimbabwe’s government is sanctioning attacks on the opposition in the run-up to the country’s presidential election on 27 June.

Police raid Zimbabwe socialists

30 May 2008
The Harare offices of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) – The Socialist Workers Party's sister organisation in Zimbabwe – were raided yesterday morning by the police.

South Africans march against xenophobia

27 May 2008
Thousands of immigrants, township activists, trade unionists and others took over the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, last Saturday, carrying placards such as "Xenophobia hurts like apartheid" and "Zimbabwe is my neighbour".

Zimbabwe: General strike as Mugabe clings on to power

15 April 2008
An indefinite general strike was under way in Zimbabwe as Socialist Worker went to press.

Zimbabwe vote puts the country at the crossroads

08 April 2008
The vote of the people of Zimbabwe against president Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party has shown the desire for change in the southern African country.

It's the beginning of the end for Robert Mugabe

08 April 2008
The outcome of Zimbabwe's elections remains shrouded in uncertainty. But one thing is clear. The country's politics remains dominated, as it has been for the last decade, by the struggle for power between the regime of Robert Mugabe and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Mixed loyalties of the MDC opposition

01 April 2008
The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was founded in 1999 out of Zimbabwe’s trade union movement. It emerged from a mass struggle against the neoliberal policies of the World Bank.

A long history of British betrayals in Zimbabwe

01 April 2008
The news of Robert Mugabe’s humiliation at the hands of Zimbabwe’s people will no doubt be cheered on by the imperialists in Downing Street and the White House.

Revolt from below threatens Mugabe’s stranglehold on Zimbabwe

01 April 2008
As Socialist Worker went to press, it appeared that Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe had lost both the parliamentary and presidential elections in the country by a landslide vote.

‘The working class must prepare for a general strike’

01 April 2008
‘It is really exciting that the ruling Zanu-PF party is being challenged, and that the workers and the poor in Zimbabwe have dared to reject its policies.

Zimbabwe People's Convention offers hope of grassroots resistance

12 February 2008
The Zimbabwe People’s Convention met last week. It was attended by nearly 4,000 delegates from civic groups, trade unions, the Zimbabwe Social Forum and the left.

The brutal and corrupt rule of Ian Smith

27 November 2007
I must acknowledge my debt to Ian Smith, who died last week. I was a teenager in Zimbabwe – then known as Southern Rhodesia – during the years when Smith consolidated white rule that, he said, would last a thousand years.

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