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Brutal state repression lies behind horrific attacks in Sri Lanka

Brutal state repression lies behind horrific attacks in Sri Lanka At least 290 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a series of eight bomb attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday.

‘No Trump, No war’ protests greet US president in South Korea

‘No Trump, No war’ protests greet US president in South Korea Donald Trump had to slink away from protesters who are building an anti-war movement

Racism and child abuse: the prejudice behind the pain

Racism and child abuse: the prejudice behind the pain Much of the mainstream media has spent years whipping up scares about Asian paedophiles preying on white girls. Right wing commentators have claimed that "political correctness" has stopped these crimes being dealt with.

Anti-racists celebrate past struggles and look to future

Some 600 people, young and old, black, white and Asian came together last Saturday to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR).

Ugandan Asians in Britain 40 years on: here to stay and fight

Ugandan Asians in Britain 40 years on: here to stay and fight Some 27,000 expelled Ugandan Asians came in Britain in 1972, prompting a frenzy of racism from the press and politicians.

Royal Mail to pay out in Blackburn racism case

The shocking case of Abdul Musa, an Asian worker sacked by Royal Mail after he complained about racism at his office, was highlighted again last week.

The media, crime and racism

07 August 2012
The horrific case of Shafilea Ahmed, who was murdered by her parents for refusing an arranged marriage, has sparked outrage. The press has raged about how South Asians and Muslims have to learn "British values".

Teen charged for war comments

13 March 2012
An Asian teenager has been charged with a "racially aggravated public order offence" for making critical comments about British soldiers on his Facebook page.

Victim's family condemns racist EDL march

21 February 2012
The family of a 17-year old who was violently assaulted in Hyde, near Manchester, earlier this month have told the EDL not to hold an anti-Asian protest this Saturday.

Birmingham comes together

16 August 2011
In Birmingham, where three young Muslim men died after being hit by a car during the riots, there were fears that it might stir up animosity between Asian and African‑Caribbean people.

Angry and defiant meeting in Tottenham

11 August 2011
African-Caribbean, white and asian people came together at the Socialist Workers Party public meeting 'From riot to revolution' in Tottenham last night (Wednesday).

Jayaben Desai - death of a great fighter

28 December 2010
Socialist Worker is sad to learn of the death of Jayaben Desai on 23 December. She was the Asian woman who was the most prominent leader of the strike at the Grunwick photo-processing lab in 1976.

Thousands march against racism

09 November 2010
Some 5,000 black, white and Asian people marched through central London last Saturday against racism, fascism and Islamophobia.

Thousands march against racism and Islamophobia

06 November 2010
More than 5,000 black, white and Asian people surged through central London today on a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) march against racism.

Shocking rise in stop and search figures

19 October 2010
Black people are 27 times more likely to face stop and search by the police than whites. Asians are six times more likely to be stopped.

Leicester stands united against EDL threat on Saturday

05 October 2010
Asian, black and white people are uniting against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Leicester this Saturday. This is still vital, though the EDL have been banned from "marching".

Success of Hackney Pride

07 September 2010
Over 500 people joined the Hackney LGBT pride march last Saturday—the first in 15 years. Black, white and Asian LGBT people marched through east London.

As Pakistan capitulates

25 August 2010
With deprivation-driven brutal class warfare imminent in Pakistan, decision makers in Washington face the all too real prospect of their puppets no longer being able to exercise the influence desperately needed to safeguard the imperialist project from collapsing in south Asia.

East London prepares to stand united against the EDL this Sunday

17 June 2010
Around 350 young Asian residents came together in Altab Ali Park, east London, tonight to discuss Sunday’s unity demonstration against the racist English Defence League (EDL).

United protest humiliates the racist EDL in Dudley

04 May 2010
Anti-racists and local Asian people humiliated supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) as they ran them out of Dudley on Monday.

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