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South America

Bolsonaro wages war on the Amazon rainforest to boost business interests

Bolsonaro wages war on the Amazon rainforest to boost business interests The deforestation unleashed by Brazil’s far right president is a big threat to the environment. But, Gabby Thorpe argues, we can’t trust those world leaders who have attacked him either

Latin America and the rise of the right

Latin America and the rise of the right How the Pink Tide ebbed and what can be done to stop the reactionaries

President Nicolas Maduro wins re-election

President Nicolas Maduro wins re-election Venezuela’s left wing president Nicolas Maduro was re-elected with 67.7 percent of the vote on Sunday.

Protests in Brazil after councillor is murdered

Protests in Brazil after councillor is murdered The killing of socialist Marielle Franco has fed into wider anger at the state, says Charlie Kimber

Uproar in Peru after dictator Alberto Fujimori pardoned

Uproar in Peru after dictator Alberto Fujimori pardoned Thousands of people are raging through the streets of Peru's capital, Lima

Brazil's new right wing government faces opposition in the streets

Brazils new right wing government faces opposition in the streets In its first days in office, Brazil’s new government led by president Michel Temer has already faced spirited opposition.

Brazil: Workers Party crisis shows limit of left’s strategy

30 March 2016
As the right moves to overturn left governments in South America, important political arguments have been raised, writes Dave Sewell

Zika epidemic in South America hits the poor the hardest

02 February 2016
The World Health Organisation declared a global emergency on Monday of this week over the Zika virus epidemic spreading through Brazil and neighbouring countries.

Police move onto university campus in Brazil

16 June 2009
Striking students, staff and professors have faced brutal police repression at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil, the largest university in South America, with more than 75,000 students.

John Bulmer: photographs from the north of England to South America

02 June 2009
This new exhibition at the Hereford Photography Festival focuses on the work of John Bulmer from 1959 to 1979.

Who says?

12 November 2005
"George Bush is a murderer. I’m going to head the march against him stepping foot on Argentine soil."Diego Maradona, speaking out against the visit of the US president to South America last week

‘Africans will not be silent victims’

02 July 2005
Imagine a different G8. Flying in to Lagos, the centre of the United States of Benin, are the leaders of Great Zimbabwe, Katanga and Aksum. They will be joined by other leaders of Asia and South America to decide their latest proposals for lifting the debt burden from impoverished states in Europe.

Bolivian uprising rocks the elite

11 June 2005
Four weeks of strikes, protests and blockades have thrown the South American state of Bolivia into turmoil, and forced president Carlos Mesa to offer his resignation.

New defeats for the right in Uruguay

28 May 2005
Elections for governors and councillors took place across Uruguay, South America, on 8 May. Right wing parties were crushed in almost half of the districts of the country.

Gas plans ignite rage

04 October 2003
HUNDREDS OF thousands of workers in Bolivia, from miners to bus drivers, struck on Monday demanding the resignation of the country's president. Union leaders called the protests amid rising anger and protest, fuelled by the deep and worsening poverty in the poorest country in South America. Over two thirds of the 8.3 million people live below the poverty line of $2 a day.

Mass action rocks the man from the IMF

14 June 2003
MASS STRIKES and protests rocked the South American country of Peru as anger exploded against the government's International Monetary Fund (IMF) backed policies. Hundreds of thousands of teachers have been on strike for four weeks demanding higher wages. They have been joined on strike and in demonstrations by students, small-scale farmers, health workers and others.

'We will defy Bush's plans'

10 May 2003
ALVARO URIBE Velez is a good friend of George Bush and Tony Blair. The right wing president of Colombia was the only South American ruler to back war on Iraq. Uribe now sounds like he wants his powerful backers to send their forces to Colombia.

Colombia solidarity

01 February 2003
"IF YOU keep fucking around we are going to kill you all." That threat was made by the Colombian army to workers at the EMCALI public utilities firm this week. The workers, based in the city of Cali in the South American country, are occupying offices and plants against the threat of privatisation. A year ago they beat off privatisation after an occupation.

Challenge to Chavez

14 December 2002
THE UPPER classes of Venezuela, in South America, last week launched another desperate attempt to overthrow the government of president Hugo Chavez. Their last attempt to do so, in April, ousted him from office for only three days before hundreds of thousands of poor people poured into the centre of the capital, Caracas, and forced the army to reinstate him.

A vote that could shake a continent

05 October 2002
THE PEOPLE who head the institutions of global capitalism are nervous over the outcome of next Sunday's presidential election in Brazil. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, known universally as Lula in the South American country, looks set to top the poll. He is a former left wing socialist and mass strike leader. Lula has soared in the polls as popular discontent has grown with the current government of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

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