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Activists hang anti-Trident banner outside parliament

17 March 2007

Britain and the US – a special nuclear relationship

24 February 2007
A decade ago Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the US’s leading strategic thinkers, published a book called The Grand Chessboard.

Challenging the military machine

17 February 2007
Some 300 Cambridge students took to the streets last Saturday to demand an end to investment in the arms trade by Cambridge University’s colleges.

Labour on Trident - now and then

09 December 2006
"We don’t need dangerous and costly Trident and Cruise missiles."

Billions are to be wasted on Trident replacement nukes

09 December 2006
The government’s Defence White Paper which was released this week, announced Tony Blair’s intention to upgrade the Trident nuclear weapon system.

Statement on the North Korean Nuclear Test

21 October 2006
On October 9, North Korea announced that it had just conducted a nuclear test. The test came just six days after an official statement by the Foreign Ministry that North Korea would proceed with such a test. Experts had warned unequivocally that the North Korean government in Pyongyang wasn't simply bluffing this time. But the US administration, by ignoring such warnings and responding with the usual blackmail, practically asked for this to happen.

Chernobyl: a nuclear danger

22 April 2006
Twenty years ago, early on the morning of 26 April 1986, just over a mile from what was then a city of half a million people, the number four nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine exploded. Lack of equipment and safety apparatus meant that the on-site staff underestimated the dangers.

Devonport blockade

09 February 2002
Over 400 people joined a march and sit-down protests as the HMS Vanguard nuclear submarine entered Plymouth's Devonport dockyard for the first time last Sunday. Seven people were arrested during a mass blockade of the nuclear submarine dockyard.

Uranium weapons horror exposed

13 January 2001
The truth is finally beginning to emerge about radioactive weapons used by Western forces in their wars against Iraq and in the Balkans. The revelations on depleted uranium come as the tenth anniversary of the start of the West's 1991 Gulf War against Iraq approaches this month. Several European governments that are part of the NATO military alliance have launched inquiries into depleted uranium weapons.

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