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Argentina: Two alternatives to the Fernandez government's crisis

Argentina: Two alternatives to the Fernandez governments crisis Anger is growing in Argentina against the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner—and two very different social movements are articulating it.

'Bedroom tax' will force people out of their homes

The government’s attack on benefits could see thousands of people lose their homes. One attack in particular, popularly known as the "bedroom tax", is set to push almost 100,000 social housing tenants into arrears on their rent from this April.

How Victor Serge kept the flame of the Russian Revolution alive

How Victor Serge kept the flame of the Russian Revolution alive Victor Serge was a revolutionary anarchist who went to Russia in 1919 and joined the communists. His articles, books and novels capture the revolutionary experience in the first half of the 20th century.

Five must-read articles on Palestine from our archive

Five must-read articles on Palestine from our archive

Students and lecturers discuss plans to fight against cuts

More than 150 students and lecturers participated in this year’s Education Activist Network Conference at SOAS last Sunday.

Tory attack on GCSE grades will hit young people's futures

School students across Britain are reeling today as many discover they have been awarded lower GCSE grades than expected, particularly in English.

Stand with the Syrian revolt

10 July 2012
The Syrian regime has brutally cracked down—but as Adi Atassi’s article shows, the spirit and resolve of the revolution remains unbroken.

Why mass matters: the Higgs boson and particle physics

10 July 2012
Scientists have discovered a new particle—which seems likely to be the elusive Higgs boson. They have spent six decades trying to confirm what is called the Standard Model of particle physics. The Higgs boson is the last remaining piece in the jigsaw of particles predicted by the theory.

Basildon Council's fake fraud case

15 May 2012
Basildon Council used fake evidence to accuse a single mother Mandy Barratt for benefit fraud. It claimed it received a phone call reporting her, but it has emerged that this never happened. The investigation was really triggered by a news article.

Rich splash out on Titanic watch

17 April 2012
A luxury jeweller has come up with a particularly tasteless ornament to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Who says?

20 March 2012
‘In this particular case it is desirable that your face is exposed, so I’m going to invite you to stand down’

The real game at the Olympics is profit

13 March 2012
ATOS, IT partner IT services will be provided by Atos, which is particularly proud of being a sponsor of the Paralympic games.

John Keane captures Blair’s lies and Iraq’s horrors on canvas

04 February 2012
John Keane is best known as a war artist. In 1991 he was the Imperial War Museum’s official artist during the Gulf War. His criticism of the horrors of war—and particularly of the US’s conduct—outraged the political and military establishment.

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists on the football stadium massacre

03 February 2012
In defence of the Ultras: their message and our response What message was the crime committed against the Ahly Ultras—that killed more than 75 martyrs—meant to deliver? Was it to punish the forces and groups that 
participated in the revolution and that still continue to oppose the SCAF The ruling army council? This crime occurred on the anniversary of the "Battle of the Camel"—was it meant to confirm that those responsible for that battle still have their influence and power and can commit new crimes?

From the 1998 archive: Police let Lawrence killers get away with murder—Scum of the Earth

06 January 2012
Here we reproduce an archive Socialist Worker article from the 1998 Macpherson Inquiry which probed the police's failure to solve Stephen's murder. Police attacked a demonstration outside the inquiry as Stephen's killers came to give evidence

Scrooge Cameron’s festive message: "Merry crisis"

13 December 2011
It’s that time of year again—a magical season of charity and gift giving. And may I take this opportunity to thank you for all my wonderful gifts. I was particularly fond of my £64,000 designer kitchen, not to mention my £550,000 pension pot.

Out of the Ashes : David Lammy's riot analysis sides with the system

13 December 2011
Time, it would seem, changes everything. Looking back to the Tottenham riots of 1985, David Lammy’s memories of its causes are as articulate as they are angry.

Role of Revolutionary Socialists

22 November 2011
The Revolutionary Socialists are one of the key radical organisations working on the ground in Egypt. We are particularly active in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Monsura.

Werritty's spooky business

18 October 2011
Adam Werritty gets cash to travel the world from a number of donors. Liam Fox has had a particular interest in Sri Lanka. He has been involved with the Sri Lankan Development Fund, which was wound up in 1999.

Was riot reporting part of the problem?

23 August 2011
Tony Evans, a sports writer for the Times newspaper, told a National Union of Journalists meeting last week "It has been a particularly grim period for journalism. I found it staggering, the way the news presenters were editorialising.

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