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09 July 2005
"I received a call from a pleasant American who said that Paul Wolfowitz had read my articles in the New Statesman… He was coming to London and would like me to join him at Annabel’s"Pro-war "liberal" Nick Cohen, on his meeting with the US arch neo-conservative at a posh London restaurant

Arundhati Roy speaks from the World Tribunal on Iraq

03 July 2005
This is the culminating session of the World Tribunal on Iraq. It is of particular significance that it is being held here in Turkey, where the US used Turkish air bases to launch numerous bombing missions to degrade Iraq’s defences before the March 2003 invasion and has sought and continues to seek political support from the Turkish government, which it regards as an ally.


02 July 2005

The view from the global south

02 July 2005
The view from the global south


25 June 2005

Police and ruling party thugs in Egypt attack democracy demonstrators during article 76 referendum

28 May 2005
What happened on the day of the "historic" referendum on changes to electoral law is a black spot in the history of the Egyptian regime and its security forces. The day before the minister of interior announced that he will meet any breach of "legitimacy" with severe firmness. And so it was. The police prepared themselves for this firmness in proportion to the historic nature of the day.

Don’t miss Socialist Worker during the election

23 April 2005
"Socialist Worker’s election coverage is a real help to the Respect campaign," says Oliur Rahman, Respect candidate in Poplar & Canning Town, east London. "Last week’s article exposing New Labour’s lie that a vote for Respect will let the Tories in was a must for every campaigner."

Coming events

02 April 2005
Coming events

Who says?

12 March 2005
"Some of our counter terrorism powers will be disproportionately experienced by the Muslim community... the threat at the moment is from a particular place."New Labour home office minister Hazel Blears telling Muslims to "acknowledge the reality" that they will be targeted

Arthur Miller: a writer of integrity

19 February 2005
I’M NOT particularly interested in league tables. But if you put Shakespeare to one side, Arthur Miller stands comparison with any playwright writing in the English language for his contribution to our culture and our understanding of what it is to be human. He uniquely captured the pain and the anguish, the hopes and aspirations of human beings in the modern world. And perhaps most importantly, he understood how human beings are connected to events in the greater world.

Iraqi oil workers’ leader given ovation at Stop the War conference

19 February 2005
I would like to salute you. Your activities here are hidden from the Iraqi people. I have been amazed since arriving in Britain how many young people in particular are active in the anti-war movement.

Le Pen’s cover-up for Nazi crimes

29 January 2005
"NOT ESPECIALLY inhumane." This was French fascist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen’s recent verdict on the wartime occupation of France. During the Second World War over 60,000 resisters and 75,000 Jews were deported to Nazi concentration camps from France. Fewer than 3,000 Jews returned. These deportations were made easier by the willing participation of Marshal Pétain’s Vichy regime, which governed the part of France not immediately occupied by the Germans following France’s defeat in 1940. Vichy drew up lists of Jews resident in France and then played a full role in their persecution.

Cairo calling activists

22 January 2005
THE AGENDA for the third Cairo Conference, which takes place from 24-27 March in the Egyptian capital, has just been finalised. The International Campaign Against US Aggression has organised the conference against war and globalisation. The aim of the third Cairo Conference is to encourage much wider participation.

Blair’s new crusade

27 November 2004
READING THE Daily Mirror’s front page article on New Labour’s drugs policy, "We Are Losing The War On Drugs", on Monday made my blood boil.

Lots done, lots to do

30 October 2004
WHAT A wonderful event the European Social Forum (ESF) was. It was a great success in terms of numbers participating and issues discussed. We should all be proud of what we’ve done.


23 October 2004
‘On Saturday evening a group who have not participated in the ESF stormed the stage of the anti-fascist plenary session of the ESF, punched the chair and stole his mobile phone.

Vote for the lesser evil?

07 August 2004
This article was written as the election for governor of California, between Ronald Reagan and the Democratic Party’s Edmund "Pat" Brown, had just finished. The 1968 presidential election was looming where the Republican Richard Nixon was to face Hubert Humphrey.

Back their fight

31 July 2004
The battle by civil service workers and their union, PCS, to resist these attacks is vital for every worker in Britain, particularly the millions employed in the public sector.

Stick bosses where the sun don’t shine

17 July 2004
THANKS FOR your article about overwork and low pay (Socialist Worker, 3 July).

CWU conference

26 June 2004
THE CWU postal and telecom workers' union conference had a good spirit about it, particularly in the postal section. A year of sharp struggle has given the members new confidence. Although there are big challenges ahead, there is a sense of new beginnings and a determination to relaunch the union with greater rank and file control and involvement.

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