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Iraqi oil workers’ leader given ovation at Stop the War conference

19 February 2005
I would like to salute you. Your activities here are hidden from the Iraqi people. I have been amazed since arriving in Britain how many young people in particular are active in the anti-war movement.

Le Pen’s cover-up for Nazi crimes

29 January 2005
"NOT ESPECIALLY inhumane." This was French fascist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen’s recent verdict on the wartime occupation of France. During the Second World War over 60,000 resisters and 75,000 Jews were deported to Nazi concentration camps from France. Fewer than 3,000 Jews returned. These deportations were made easier by the willing participation of Marshal Pétain’s Vichy regime, which governed the part of France not immediately occupied by the Germans following France’s defeat in 1940. Vichy drew up lists of Jews resident in France and then played a full role in their persecution.

Cairo calling activists

22 January 2005
THE AGENDA for the third Cairo Conference, which takes place from 24-27 March in the Egyptian capital, has just been finalised. The International Campaign Against US Aggression has organised the conference against war and globalisation. The aim of the third Cairo Conference is to encourage much wider participation.

Blair’s new crusade

27 November 2004
READING THE Daily Mirror’s front page article on New Labour’s drugs policy, "We Are Losing The War On Drugs", on Monday made my blood boil.

Lots done, lots to do

30 October 2004
WHAT A wonderful event the European Social Forum (ESF) was. It was a great success in terms of numbers participating and issues discussed. We should all be proud of what we’ve done.


23 October 2004
‘On Saturday evening a group who have not participated in the ESF stormed the stage of the anti-fascist plenary session of the ESF, punched the chair and stole his mobile phone.

Vote for the lesser evil?

07 August 2004
This article was written as the election for governor of California, between Ronald Reagan and the Democratic Party’s Edmund "Pat" Brown, had just finished. The 1968 presidential election was looming where the Republican Richard Nixon was to face Hubert Humphrey.

Back their fight

31 July 2004
The battle by civil service workers and their union, PCS, to resist these attacks is vital for every worker in Britain, particularly the millions employed in the public sector.

Stick bosses where the sun don’t shine

17 July 2004
THANKS FOR your article about overwork and low pay (Socialist Worker, 3 July).

CWU conference

26 June 2004
THE CWU postal and telecom workers' union conference had a good spirit about it, particularly in the postal section. A year of sharp struggle has given the members new confidence. Although there are big challenges ahead, there is a sense of new beginnings and a determination to relaunch the union with greater rank and file control and involvement.

For the dogs of war, a muzzle would be welcome

10 June 2004
A SERIES of hysterical articles attacking Respect appeared in the liberal press last week. These come from journalists who pose as left wing humanitarians. Yet they strongly support Bush's war on terror and hate the anti-war movement.

Helping to win votes for Respect

08 May 2004
ONE PART of Socialist Worker's role each week is to be a mini-manifesto for Respect. And that makes it essential reading for everyone who wants to see Blair humbled from the left on 10 June. One example of how the paper can work comes from Croydon and Sutton. There the Respect election agent bought a copy of the paper and e-mailed the article by London candidate Lindsey German to everybody on the Respect contact list.

'This is a slur on our members'

08 May 2004
I'M OUTRAGED that this programme turned out to be a slur on our members. The vast majority of postal workers are decent, honest, law-abiding people. The trailer and leaflet for the programme were particularly bad, with an actor playing a postal worker stealing money from envelopes. The job is not a picnic. It is frequently stressful and physically demanding. Of course where there is criminal activity we want it rooted out.

Virgin Rail

10 April 2004
A HUNDRED catering crew workers, based in the Manchester depot of Virgin Trains, are holding a series of strikes against the imposition of new rosters. They struck on Tuesday of last week, when many strikers joined the picket line, and were due out again this Thursday. "We are not prepared to put up with new shifts being imposed on us," says RMT union rep James Davis. The participation on the picket line shows the strength of feeling. That has grown as management have sent out insulting and intimidatory memos to staff. The catering grades conference of our union backed us last weekend and we feel we can win. This action we are taking isn't just for Manchester, but for all rail workers


10 April 2004
A CONSULTATIVE ballot of Fire Brigades Union (FBU) members was believed to have delivered a vote backing the leadership's negotiating position as Socialist Worker went to press. But it also seemed that the turnout in the poll was very low-particularly by the standards of FBU ballots.

Galloway wins double apology

27 March 2004
ALLEGATIONS AGAINST George Galloway in a US paper that he was paid $10 million by Saddam Hussein were "false and without foundation", the High Court has ruled. The Christian Science Monitor based its libellous article on forged documents supposedly from 1992-3, which in reality were only a few months old when they were "discovered" in post-Saddam Baghdad.

Lies and betrayal on domestic agenda

27 March 2004
IN HER Guardian article Polly Toynbee suggested that Labour has reduced child poverty and substantially increased investment in public services, especially in health and education. The conclusion she reaches is that if we want to maintain this progress we should shut up, stop criticising the government and concentrate on fighting the Tories.


20 March 2004
Walkout in Aston SOME 100 postal workers at the sorting office in Aston, Birmingham, stopped work on Monday of last week. Their strike was against the sacking of Peter Longbottom, who was accused of having consumed alcohol before arriving at work. One union activist said, "Members were particularly annoyed that the same manager who accused Peter of drinking was the one that sacked him. Judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one."

Globalise Resistance

13 March 2004
OVER 100 people attended the Globalise Resistance Scotland conference in Glasgow last Saturday. Participants heard George Galloway denounce as "drivel" Blair's recent speech that though the war in Iraq might have been illegal, it shouldn't have been. Mark Curtis, author and now director of the World Development Movement, spoke of the need for more direct action.

Workers still trapped in a world of no choice

21 February 2004
MY FRIEND and I were discussing your article on how much (or little) things have changed since the 1840s (Socialist Worker, 31 January). The following day I went into my workplace (telesales) to find that the company had gone into liquidation that very morning and that we wouldn't be paid for the previous week's work.

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