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Victims of prejudice and exploitation

14 February 2004
THE QUICKSANDS of Morecambe Bay became a grave for 19 Chinese workers last week. Their job was to pick cockles for low wages, working all hours in dangerous conditions, with no rights. Some of the last tabloid articles they would have seen were about how people from abroad "are heading to Britain to leech on us" and branded them all "benefit tourists".

There's an exciting spirit in struggle

17 January 2004
A RECENT headline in the Financial Times read, \"Blair No Longer In Control On Two Fronts\". The two fronts are the Iraq war, in particular the Hutton report, and the vote that will take place shortly on top-up fees for universities.

Astor Piazzolla and why you should give Tango a chance

06 December 2003
I thought now was as good a time as any to take a look at tango music and, in particular, the work of Astor Piazzolla.

Guardian war poll just doesn't add up

29 November 2003
AS GEORGE Bush arrived in London last week, the Guardian ran a front page story "Protests Begin But Majority Backs Bush Visit As Support For War Surges." But a close look at the details of the ICM poll, which the article did not mention, shows a rather different story.

What Telegraph staff want after Black's fall

29 November 2003
It was good to read the article in last week's Socialist Worker on the sudden resignation of Lord Conrad Black.

The sacrifice needed to stop the bombing

29 November 2003
ONE OF the first points the anti-war movement made was that this country's participation in the invasion of Iraq would make attacks on British targets more likely. The bomb attacks on British targets in Turkey tragically proved those arguments right. The response of Blair and his government is to carry on regardless, stoking the hatred higher.

Libel Fund

25 October 2003
I AM asking all socialists and freethinkers to contribute to a libel appeal on behalf of the socialist bookshop Bookmarks. Bookmarks was sued by Quintin Hoare and Branca Magas, well known figures on the British left. They complained about an article written in 1993 and published in 1999 in the book The Balkans, Nationalism and Imperialism.


13 September 2003
CND THE CAMPAIGN for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) held its conference in Birmingham last weekend. The 350 participants debated alliances with other movements and how best to oppose war. Kate Hudson was narrowly elected as CND national chairperson. Kate stands for a close working relationship with groups such as the Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain. People with similar views won 12 of the 15 national executive positions.

Tabloid scum lies over asylum 'crisis'

30 August 2003
FOR FIVE days last week the Sun ran a series of articles about "the biggest crisis facing Britain today". Was it about pensions? The impact of tuition fees? The threat of unemployment? No. The Sun targeted asylum seekers.

Diana Mosley: A dedicated follower of fascism

23 August 2003
Diana Mosley, who died last week, was a particularly unpleasant fossil. Fossils are relics of living things that tell us something about the past. Sometimes what they tell us is so deeply upsetting to the conventional wisdom that people make great efforts to hide it.

How Blair stitched up row with BBC

16 August 2003
THE ROW which led to death of David Kelly and sparked the Hutton inquiry centres on a report by BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan on Radio Four's Today programme at the end of May. In the weeks leading up to Kelly's death the government, and Blair's lieutenant Alastair Campbell in particular, furiously attacked Gilligan and the BBC. Curiously their anger seems to have been a delayed reaction.

Proud of links with Muslims

09 August 2003
JOHN REES'S timely article (Socialist Worker, 2 August) was an important statement on the tasks facing the left. I want to focus on one particular element-the link between socialists and radicalising elements in the Muslim community. I was elected as the Socialist Alliance's councillor in Preston.

Biggest lie of all

26 July 2003
In all the flurry of little lies we need to concentrate on the main question. Did the government, in particular the prime minister, the foreign secretary and the defence secretary, deceive the people in the run-up to the war?

New generation can challenge sexism

26 July 2003
I REALLY enjoyed Judith Orr's article in Socialist Worker, "The Body for Sale" (12 July). I agree that many of the gains of the women's movement of the late 60s and 70s have been lost. I would add sexism in advertising and merchandising starts from the cradle. Children's TV carries more advertising than other programmes, and almost every BBC programme has merchandising tie-ins.

Does the movement need any leaders?

26 July 2003
"WE DON'T need leaders." "We're for the widest democratic participation - leadership stands in its way." "Leaders betray, only the rank and file is reliable." We often hear such ideas in movements today. I think they involve a mistake, but a very understandable one.

Ros Gardner

28 June 2003
IT IS with great sadness that we learnt of the death of Ros Gardner, who had been suffering from a long term illness. She will be remembered by many comrades in London, Bournemouth and Southampton. She was a very committed member of the SWP and was an inspiring speaker. She was particularly active during the miners' strike and helped collect large amounts of money to keep Shirebrook, Derbyshire miners going.

Tension with New Labour

28 June 2003
Tension with New Labour

GM: government tried to hide risks

28 June 2003
MICHAEL Meacher was New Labour's environment minister from 1997 until he was sacked by Tony Blair a fortnight ago. In government Meacher was in charge of policy on genetically modified (GM) crops. Now he has blown apart the whole case for GM crops pushed by Blair and that government. In a devastating article in last weekend's Independent on Sunday, Meacher accused Blair of ignoring scientific evidence on potential dangers from GM crops.

Change from below

07 June 2003
WHAT MICHAEL Albert called participatory economics in last week's Socialist Worker might more straightforwardly be termed democracy at work. But whatever we call it, workers' control of production and distribution has to be central to our vision of life after capitalism.

India - 50 million strike at privatisation

31 May 2003
UP TO 50 million Indian public sector workers joined a powerful one-day strike in protest against government privatisation plans on Wednesday of last week. Workers in banking, insurance, the post office, transport and mining joined the action ensuring major disruption nationwide. For the second time this month, a strike has hit the financial sector particularly hard.

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