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Inside the system

13 April 2002
Desmond's lies invade Express The Express under millionaire boss Richard Desmond has been at the forefront of whipping up anti-refugee feeling. It recently ran an article with the headline "Migrant Wave Swamps Tunnel". A picture appeared to show two refugees crawling through the fence near the Channel Tunnel terminal in France.

The united May Day coalition of revolt

06 April 2002
"The mother of all bank holiday protests." That is how the Independent described the plans for protests in London on 1 May. The article reflects the constant alarm in the press about anti-capitalist protests.

Labour candidates reject their party

06 April 2002
The Labour Party is finding it almost impossible to find enthusiastic members to fight its local election campaign on 2 May. A Guardian article last week gave a glimpse of the widespread disillusion inside the Labour Party:


27 March 2002
Over 260 people attended an Anti Nazi League (ANL) meeting in Leeds University on Wednesday of last week. Many people were eager to campaign against the Nazis, particularly against the BNP election candidate who is a student at the university.

The scum rises right to the top

16 March 2002
In our recent series on class we argued that the vast majority of people are working class. So who are the minority in the ruling class? Most of us rarely have any contact with this group of people. The papers run articles about the lifestyles of the super-rich.

Consuming the toothless dogs

16 March 2002
Postwatch regularly pops up in the media as "the voice of the post user". It boasts particular concers for the interests of those "in rural areas", "the disabled" and "the poor".

Fighting oppression

02 March 2002
In South east London last weekend Moonbow Jake's cafe bar was packed with people discussing and debating Muhammad Ali and the spirit of the 60s. Jason Halal, an American student at Goldsmiths' College, has written an article for the student magazine on the forum:

Who's next after Enron?

16 February 2002
"Rolls-Royce is the latest victim of Enronitis, the fear that many firms, particularly those with large debts, could be concealing nasty secrets." That was the verdict of the Sunday Times this week as panic spread across the financial world in the wake of the scandal surrounding the collapse of Enron. Bankers and speculators are nervously watching firms with similarly huge debts to Enron.

Right goes up in smoke

02 February 2002
Roger Scruton, one of the right wing's favourite philosophers asked for £5,500 a month from a tobacco company. He said he would use his contacts to get pro-smoking articles in the world's press.

And they dare to blame the workers

12 January 2002
And they dare to blame the workers

Who decides if it's a war crime?

08 December 2001
"We are The War Criminals Now." That was the headline in both the Independent and Mirror last week above a powerful article by veteran correspondent Robert Fisk. It was one of a string of pieces that described the horror of the capture of a prison near Mazar-e-Sharif by the Northern Alliance, the US and Britain's ally in Afghanistan.

Socialist Worker recommends presents and holiday reading

08 December 2001
Top of the list of novels has to be The Constant Gardener by John Le Carré (£6.99). It is a gripping novel, which exposes the murderous activities of profit-hungry giant pharmaceutical companies. Le Carré's novels have got more political in recent years. Particularly relevant today is The Tailor of Panama (£6.99), which shows the viciousness of US imperialism.

The movement is recovering

01 December 2001
I missed the great anti-war demonstration in London the Sunday before last. But I don't feel too bad about this because, along with 500 other people, I was participating in a conference on globalisation and resistance in New York.

From president to arms dealer

10 November 2001
New light was shed on the connections between big business and the US government in an article in the Guardian last week. It exposed the activities of the Carlyle group-or what it dubbed "the ex-presidents' club".

New breed of war opposition

27 October 2001
THE GUARDIAN newspaper has quite rightly come in for a lot of flak for its failure to report the great anti-war demonstration in London a fortnight ago. The paper has also been carrying articles that seek to play down the opposition to the war. "Students Shun 'Stop The War' Movement" was the headline of a piece that claimed students are too worried about money or having a good time to take a stand against the war.

A word from our sponsors

13 October 2001
BIG BUSINESS is making every effort to woo New Labour ministers. The profit-hungry were particularly targeting health ministers during the shortened Labour Party conference last week. Health secretary Alan Milburn addressed a fringe meeting on "Will the NHS deliver?" on Monday of last week, where wine and snacks came courtesy of drug giant Merck, Sharpe & Dohme. Milburn was also on the platform for the "Towards stakeholder healthcare" meeting sponsored by Norwich Union.

Capturing the spirit of Genoa

13 October 2001
PARTICIPATING in the demonstrations in Genoa was for many a life-changing event. We saw Italian trade unionists join the diversity of the anti-capitalist movement in the biggest demo Europe had seen for many years. We knew another world was possible, and we came home and tried to tell as many people as possible.

Four million need places

11 August 2001
NEW LABOUR'S childcare policies are failing and provide nothing for the vast majority of children and parents. That's the message from a Daycare Trust survey published last week. The Daycare Trust, a national childcare charity, has recently been very enthusiastic about many of the government's policies. So its report is particularly damning.

Blair's wrong take on Genoa

11 August 2001
I DO sometimes wonder whether someone as successful as Tony Blair can really be as stupid as he often seems. The Financial Times carried an astonishing article last week that plainly came straight from the great man himself:

Democratizing the Global Economy

17 February 2001
Kevin Danaher, a key organiser of the Seattle protests, has edited a new collection of articles on "the battle against the World Bank and the IMF". Democratizing the Global Economy contains a wide range of articles and is packed with useful facts about the way institutions such as the IMF bolster corporate power across the globe.

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