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Wapping striker speaks 25 years on: ‘If we’d had all of Fleet Street out we couldn’t have failed’

26 January 2011
"I remember in September 1985, two things happened. One was someone showed me the front page of the Socialist Worker, with an article quoting a EEPTU branch official from Southampton talking about his worries about a recruiting office opening there with hundreds of people coming down to Wapping.

UCU: lay off the left

11 January 2011
The Times Higher Educational Supplement (THES) ran an article last week highlighting what it called "splits" in the UCU lecturers’ union.

Alex Callinicos: a reply to Laurie Penny's reply

07 January 2011
I hadn’t intended to respond to Laurie Penny’s reply (<a href="">A response to Alex Callinicos</a>) to my piece on Comment is Free (<a href="">Student demonstrators can't do it on their own</a>), which in turn was a response to her original Guardian article, which appeared on Christmas Eve (<a href="">Out with the old politics</a>). But there has been such a flurry of criticism and support all over Fa

Students: We have the power to bring down Tories

07 December 2010
The University of Cambridge is not particularly well known for its student radicalism. Our recent 10-day occupation may change this.

Need for a party is not just historical

16 November 2010
Those who want to defend class society, and some on the left who oppose revolution, argue that revolutions merely set up new hierarchies, not the freedom and equality their participants dream of.

Video of Unite Against Fascism's London march against racism and Islamophobia

08 November 2010
5,000 marched through central London on Saturday 6 November. This video shows the demonstration, interviews participants and shows speeches.

Details of the Comprehensive Spending Review: Fight these vicious Tory cuts

20 October 2010
<a href="graphics/2010/keep/spendingreview.pdf">Download this article as a leaflet</a>

How Many Roads: Black America Sings Bob Dylan

19 October 2010
Bob Dylan’s impact on popular songwriting was immediate and enduring, and this is particularly true of at least one black American singer-songwriter.

We need to crush, not cuddle, Lib Dems

21 September 2010
"There were some people, particularly around the height of the Iraq war, who gave up on the Labour Party and turned to the Liberal Democrats," said Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg last week at his party’s conference.


07 September 2010

Competition for jobs rocket

17 August 2010
Some of the lowest paid jobs are attracting huge numbers of applications—particularly from young people—with hundreds chasing each job. And most are paying only the minimum wage.

False logic linking race and crime

29 June 2010
An article written in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper last weekend pushed the idea that ethnicity and crime are linked.

Education: access denied

09 March 2010
‘Thirteen years since Labour came to power promising ‘Education, education, education’ we face cuts of more than £1 billion in colleges. Funding for my college is being slashed by £2.5 million. English for Speakers of Other Languages (Esol) and Adult Education are particularly badly hit.

Quotes from the week's news

26 January 2010
"I have supported the Labour Party in the past but I feel incredibly disillusioned and let down, by Tony Blair in particular, since he took us into a war—which cost so many lives—on a lie."


19 January 2010
Unity is needed to fight these education cuts Our vice chancellor Michael Arthur’s decision to write a Guardian article (12 January) opposing university cuts marks quite a U-turn.

Who makes up Britain's ruling class?

05 January 2010
The Economist magazine recently ran a particularly excruciating image on its front cover.


05 January 2010


01 December 2009

A junk article in the Sun

03 November 2009
The Sun newspaper got it spectacularly wrong when it attacked CWU union deputy general secretary Dave Ward on Monday of this week.

Intelligent racism?

27 October 2009
There are few more contentious topics in science than the question of whether genes determine human intelligence &#8211; particularly whether different "races" have different levels of intelligence.

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