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06 October 2009

Does the blame for sexism lie with men?

29 September 2009
After a particularly messy break up, a close friend phoned me to gleefully request I buy her the "All men are bastards" knife block, which she had discovered when typing the phrase into Google.

Myths and reality of Thatcherism - a response to Bob Fotheringham

25 August 2009
I’m not clear what "myth" Bob Fotheringham thinks he is challenging here. I agree that Thatcher was always deeply unpopular with most of the working class and was highly vulnerable down to the defeat of the Great Miners’ Strike – points in my original article. It is not helpful, however, to underestimate our enemies or refuse to recognise their achievements for the capitalist class, which in Thatcher’s case were considerable.

Bosses explain to strikers how to occupy

18 August 2009
Human Resource managers are starting to take note of resistance to job cuts. Personnel Today, their house magazine, has two articles of interest to Socialist Worker readers.

Articles of Hope, Adornments for Justice

11 August 2009
This innovative exhibition shows eleven pieces of art jewellery created by members of the Manchester Jewellery Workshop. Each item is inspired by an article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen

04 August 2009
With the threat of swine flu on many people’s minds, it is a particularly apt moment for the Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen drama to appear.

Lighting Lab

28 July 2009
Play with light and colour in this interactive session. Participants create shadows and mix colours at this one off workshop led by light and sound artist Kathrine Sandys.


21 July 2009

How activists can build a union from scratch in a call centre

07 July 2009
Call centre workers from across Britain came together at a meeting at last month’s CWU conference. The meeting was unlike most others at the conference, with many of the participants far younger than the average delegate, and most at firms that do not recognise the union.

Quotes from the week's news

07 July 2009
‘Public sector pay obviously has got to reflect the prevailing conditions and, in particular, inflation has come way down.’Chancellor Alistair Darling

Immigration laws made for bosses

16 June 2009
Migrant workers are particularly vulnerable, as fear of deportation often means they put up with worse pay and conditions.

Police under pressure as more lies over G20 revealed

21 April 2009
The police in Britain – and London’s Metropolitan Police in particular – are on the defensive over their handling of the G20 protests in London earlier this month.

Revelations in Yunus Bakhsh case shake the union

03 February 2009
Attempts to witch-hunt well known health worker Yunus Bakhsh from his job and his union continue to cause a storm – particularly in the north east of England.

Raising the red flag for workers’ rights in Wales

06 January 2009
Welsh nationalism today articulates itself through things like popular culture, rugby and language.

Who says?

30 September 2008
"It’s not based on any particular data point. We just wanted to choose a really large number." US treasury spokesperson on being asked how the treasury came up with a $700 billion price tag for its Wall Street bailout plan


16 September 2008

What’s behind the return of Tories?

05 August 2008
"So are we all Tories now?" asked the lead article in the Observer Review last Sunday.

Lessons for the left on supporting coalition governments

29 July 2008
Where the radical left has participated in centre-left governments the results have been universally disastrous.

Edinburgh Festival: Palestine and Poland to offer highlights

22 July 2008
With each passing year the Edinburgh Festival, or, more particularly, the huge Festival Fringe, appears to become increasingly commercial and dominated by stand-up comedians and rubbish cabaret shows.

Pell & Bales CWU rep sacked

01 July 2008
Pat Carmody, a CWU union rep at the Pell & Bales call centre, has been sacked by his employers for writing a short article in Socialist Worker.

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