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Immigration laws made for bosses

16 June 2009
Migrant workers are particularly vulnerable, as fear of deportation often means they put up with worse pay and conditions.

Police under pressure as more lies over G20 revealed

21 April 2009
The police in Britain – and London’s Metropolitan Police in particular – are on the defensive over their handling of the G20 protests in London earlier this month.

Revelations in Yunus Bakhsh case shake the union

03 February 2009
Attempts to witch-hunt well known health worker Yunus Bakhsh from his job and his union continue to cause a storm – particularly in the north east of England.

Raising the red flag for workers’ rights in Wales

06 January 2009
Welsh nationalism today articulates itself through things like popular culture, rugby and language.

Who says?

30 September 2008
"It’s not based on any particular data point. We just wanted to choose a really large number." US treasury spokesperson on being asked how the treasury came up with a $700 billion price tag for its Wall Street bailout plan


16 September 2008

What’s behind the return of Tories?

05 August 2008
"So are we all Tories now?" asked the lead article in the Observer Review last Sunday.

Lessons for the left on supporting coalition governments

29 July 2008
Where the radical left has participated in centre-left governments the results have been universally disastrous.

Edinburgh Festival: Palestine and Poland to offer highlights

22 July 2008
With each passing year the Edinburgh Festival, or, more particularly, the huge Festival Fringe, appears to become increasingly commercial and dominated by stand-up comedians and rubbish cabaret shows.

Pell & Bales CWU rep sacked

01 July 2008
Pat Carmody, a CWU union rep at the Pell & Bales call centre, has been sacked by his employers for writing a short article in Socialist Worker.

UN’s intervention shame exposed

27 May 2008
Liberal commentators are quick to demand "humanitarian intervention" by military forces whenever conflict breaks out – particularly in the Global South. They argue that the West has a "duty" to keep warring factions apart, and even to remove the governments of "failed states".

From Seeing To Showing exhibition

27 May 2008
This collection of photographs was produced by young people who participated in workshops with photographer Adrian Wood and a team of volunteers.

TSSA conference report

20 May 2008
The conference of the TSSA rail workers’ union last week debated the union’s relationship with Labour, and in particular Gordon Brown.

Interview with Augusto Boal, founder of the Theatre of the Oppressed

13 May 2008
Augusto Boal is a pioneering Brazilian director and playwright who founded the Theatre of the Oppressed, a form of theatre that encourages the audience to be an active participant in the drama.

South Koreans protest on May Day

06 May 2008
Some 15,000 people participated in the May Day demonstration in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Chinese Whispers: Exposing the exploitation of migrant workers

06 May 2008
John Pilger recently edited a book of articles by investigative journalists including Martha Gellhorn, Robert Fisk, Seymour Hersh and Paul Foot, written over recent decades.

Donald Freed on the cathartic power of political theatre

08 April 2008
It's Christmas 2009 in a secret psychiatric unit hidden in the Florida Everglades. A psychoanalyst is about to confront the institution's most famous inmate – former US president George Bush.

Student unions: coffee, booze and a career - but no politics

25 March 2008
The depoliticisation and commercialisation of student unions has found a particularly strong expression in King’s College, London, says student John Cooper.


18 March 2008


11 March 2008

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