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City academies

19 November 2005
Parents, teachers and support staff in Islington, north London, won a stunning victory against a proposed academy in the area in July.

Free speech denied to firefighters at memorial

15 October 2005
‘A memorial was being held in Islington, north London, for the 11 people from the borough who were killed in the London bombings.

How we beat back the Islington academy plan

02 July 2005
Last week parents, teachers and support staff in Islington, north London, won a stunning victory. They forced ARK, a charity run by a group of bankers and hedge fund speculators, to pull out of a scheme to create an independent but state-funded academy on the sites of Islington Green and Moreland schools.

Fighting off the school fat cats in Islington

25 June 2005
Campaigners against the introduction of privately run city academy schools in Islington, north London, sniff the scent of victory. They have uncovered a scandalous conflict of interest at the heart of the bid.

Campaign against city academies shout out, ‘Hey, bankers, leave our kids alone’

28 May 2005
Parents, children and teachers lobbied Islington council’s schools organisation committee on Thursday of last week. They are attempting to dissuade it from agreeing to close St Mary Magdalene primary school and reopen it as a city academy with 1,400 pupils aged between three and 19.

Reports round-up

30 April 2005
No welcome for academy plan Teachers and parents got an excellent response from the public when they petitioned last weekend against plans to introduce city academies into Islington, north London.

How many will be sent to their deaths?

19 February 2005
TWENTY FIVE students and teachers from City and Islington College, north London, protested outside the home office on Tuesday of last week over the threatened deportation of student Abdul Turay.

Islington Green — the school Labour tried to destroy

19 February 2005
STAFF AND former pupils are demanding to know whether New Labour education ministers were involved in the decision to sweep aside an inspectors’ report and fail Islington Green school in 1997.


18 December 2004
FIFTY TWO people attended a public meeting called by firefighters in Islington, north London, last week to protest at plans to remove ten appliances from inner London and shut a station.

Unite to stop the schools sacrifice

13 November 2004
Overwhelming concern and considerable opposition. This was the response of parents to proposals to close down the St Mary Magdalene Church of England Primary School in Islington, north London, at a "consultation" meeting last week.

College Workers

24 July 2004
EIGHT WEEKS ago management at City & Islington College announced the immediate closure of the engineering department. They said it was a "failing" department. They gave no guarantee that there would be no compulsory redundancies.


06 December 2003
ABOUT 1,600 council tenants in TOLLINGTON, north Islington, have voted against the privatisation of their homes.

Institutional child abuse

29 November 2003
NEW LABOUR ministers jumped to the defence of children's minister Margaret Hodge last week after her dismissal of a child abuse victim in an Islington care home as "extremely disturbed". The whole affair has typified the double standards that are a hallmark of New Labour.

Defend council housing

01 November 2003
MORE THAN 100 tenants attended a meeting on Wednesday of last week to oppose the sell-off of three council estates in Tollington, north Islington, with a total of 1,500 homes. Speakers included local Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn and Nick Strauss, who detailed the broken promises that have followed transfer on the privatised Haggerston estate in Hackney.


18 October 2003
HIGHBURY Resource Centre and the Flexiteam in Islington council, which provides services to adults with learning disabilities, has been subjected to a "Best Value Review".

Assistants get support

12 July 2003
SOME 30 parents and teachers attended a meeting at Moreland Primary School in Islington, north London, last week to protest against cuts. Moreland is one of ten schools in Islington with a budget shortfall. That is leading to bigger classes, the scrapping of 1.8 teaching posts and redundancies for two teaching assistants.

Battle at critical stage

24 May 2003
"WE'VE NOW got to go out and win a resounding vote against this deal on the stations, and then at the recalled conference." With those words Paul Embury from the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) at Islington station, north London, summed up the feeling of many hundreds of activists in the union.

Defend council housing

24 May 2003
COUNCIL TENANTS and trade unionists face major battles in the coming months as the government presses ahead with its plans to privatise council homes. Some 125,000 council homes are targeted in the coming year in 17 major councils for straightforward transfer to housing associations, dubbed Large Scale Voluntary Transfers, from Manchester and Hartlepool to Lambeth and Islington.

Your reports on anti-war protests

12 April 2003
SOME 120 students at City and Islington College, north London, turned up to the Camden Road site to hear a dance, rap and song performance for peace last week. The programme ranged from rap to a recital of Harold Pinter's "New World Order" and a performance of a song by Bertolt Brecht.

Gun games smear is not just child's play

22 March 2003
IS TRUTH at the Rupert Murdoch owned Times Education Supplement (TES) the first casualty of war? That's the question being asked by parents at New River Green nursery in Islington, London.

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