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Decent state pensions are a right, not charity

31 March 2009
Around a sixth of Britain's population – some 11 million people – are pensioners. Yet the basic state pension is just 15 percent of the average wage, down from 25 percent when pensions were first paid in 1909.

Double standards over pensions reveal the class divide

03 March 2009
If the Royal Bank of Scotland had been allowed to go bust the bank’s former boss, Sir Fred Goodwin, would be on a pension of £20,000 a year. That’s what he’d be entitled to from the Pension Protection Fund, the safety net this government was forced to put in place for when company pension schemes collapse.

Crisis in pension provision is growing

27 January 2009
The state pension is 100 years old this month – but new research shows it has plummeted in value over the past three decades. And the financial crisis is set to make this situation even worse.

Pension lifeboat is under threat

09 December 2008
A government scheme to guarantee the pensions of millions of workers is in danger of collapsing because of the huge growth in corporate pension shortfalls.

BT workers will feel pinch

04 November 2008
Tens of thousands of telecom workers face having to work an extra five years before they can retire.

The bosses have their eyes on our pensions

04 November 2008
Ministers and employers are gearing up for yet another assault on our pension rights – including renewed attempts to raise the retirement age – and we need to prepare to fight back.

Don’t trust their promises

04 November 2008
The government was boasting last month of its plans to ensure that half a million people would be entitled to the full state pension despite not having paid sufficient national insurance (NI).

Stock market fall wipes £157 billion off pensions

28 October 2008
The plummeting stock markets are having a devastating effect on the pensions of working people.

Playing a dangerous game with our pensions

30 September 2008
In the midst of all the headlines about banks going bust and billion dollar bailouts, one aspect of the chaos currently ripping through the financial markets has gone relatively unmentioned – the looming crisis in pension funds.

Gordon Brown scuppers plan to aid pension scheme collapse victims

11 December 2007
Gordon Brown and his chancellor Alistair Darling are breaking another promise – this time over 120,000 pension robbery victims.

House of Lords vote boosts pensions compensation campaign

12 June 2007
The government is under renewed pressure to improve compensation for the 125,000 victims of failed company pensions after it lost a vital House of Lords vote recently.

Private equity industry accused of raiding pensions at GMB conference

05 June 2007
The GMB union has accused the private equity industry of raiding workers’ pensions and dumping liabilities into insolvent pension funds.

Union leader co-authors attack on people’s future pensions

17 March 2007
A wide-ranging new attack on the pensions of millions of private sector workers was unveiled last week – on the basis of a report co-authored by a top trade unionist.

A crucial discussion about the future of local government pensions

10 March 2007
The future pensions for millions of local government workers are hanging in the balance.

Reject local government pensions deal, back strikes

03 March 2007
The long running dispute over the Local Government Pension Scheme, affecting over a million workers, reaches a defining moment next Tuesday when the Unison union holds a special conference.

'We must reject local government pensions deal'

17 February 2007
The dispute over the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is reaching its most crucial stage.

PCS accepts Gordon Brown’s two-tier pension deal proposal

20 January 2007
The government and the PCS civil service workers’ union have released details of new proposals for the pension scheme.

Local government pensions proposals issued

13 January 2007
The government has issued new proposals for local government pensions.

Local government pensions cuts still looming

06 January 2007
Negotiations are continuing over local government pensions. There are signs that some unions are willing to accept the latest government proposals, but others seem reluctant to endorse them.

New pension rules could bring disaster

16 December 2006
The new "Britsaver" pension, which the government announced this week, could make matters worse for millions.

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