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College principal forced into talks as Lambeth strikers stay united

03 July 2014
Talks began between bosses and the UCU union at Lambeth College today, Thursday. UCU members have been on indefinite strike since 3 June against hated new contracts.

Lambeth College strikers get a solidarity boost in critical week for the walkout

01 July 2014
Pickets discuss how to win as support grows for Lambeth College strike, writes Sadie Robinson

Huge solidarity day of action for inspiring Lambeth College strike

26 June 2014
Workers across Britain held stunts and protests in solidarity with Lambeth College strikers yesterday, Wednesday.

Lambeth College strikers remain defiant in the face of bosses' blackmail

24 June 2014
Vindictive bosses have gone on the offensive to try and smash an all-out strike at Lambeth College.

Strikers won't be bought off with sandwiches at Lambeth College

20 June 2014
Strikers at Lambeth College handed in a “sandwich petition” to governors yesterday, Thursday, as part of their long-running dispute.

Unison members call three more strike days at Lambeth College

18 June 2014
Unison union members at Lambeth College have announced a three-day strike starting on Tuesday of next week.

As Lambeth College strike hits hard—back strikers against victimisations

17 June 2014
Workers at Lambeth College have entered their third week of indefinite strike—and their action is getting stronger.

Strikers furious at pay rise bonanza for Lambeth College boss

13 June 2014
The boss of Lambeth College pocketed a 13 percent pay rise last year–the highest rise of any college principal in London.

Second union joins solid strike at Lambeth College as bosses struggle to cope

11 June 2014
Unison union members walked out on strike at Lambeth College in south London today, Wednesday. They joined UCU union members at the college, who are already on all-out strike.

On all-out strike: Workers teach Lambeth College boss a lesson

10 June 2014
An all-out strike of lecturers in a south London college shows how to resist attacks on workers and cuts in education, reports Sadie Robinson

Supporters rally behind all-out Lambeth College strike

06 June 2014
Dozens of people rallied in Brixton today, Friday, to support Lambeth College lecturers are on the fourth day of their all out strike.

All-out strike is 'very empowering' for workers at Lambeth College

05 June 2014
Workers at Lambeth College began their third day of all-out strike today, Thursday. Pickets gathered at all three of the South London college’s sites—and said the action was getting stronger.

Unison members to join solid Lambeth College strike

04 June 2014
Unison union members at Lambeth College have announced a two-day strike on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Lambeth College workers begin all-out strike against vicious new contracts

03 June 2014
Workers at Lambeth College in south London are on all-out strike from today, Tuesday—and they need your support.

Lambeth College workers defiantly vote for all-out strike

23 May 2014
Lecturers in the UCU union at  Lambeth College have overwhelmingly backed an all-out strike in a battle against hated contracts imposed by bosses. Over 89 percent backed the strike on a turnout of 72 percent.

Lambeth College strikers defiant despite bosses’ injunction

06 May 2014
Workers at Lambeth College in south London held a defiant strike on Thursday of last week against hated contracts imposed by bosses.

Strikers defiant on Lambeth College picket lines

01 May 2014
 Workers at Lambeth College are on strike today,Thursday, against hated new contracts. The UCU union members had planned to begin an indefinite strike today. But bosses got an injunction to stop them, so a one day walkout went ahead instead.Pickets gathered at all of the South London college's sites this morning. It was clear that the injunction hasn't demoralised people but it's made some more determined to fight.

Lambeth College protest

18 June 2013
Around 200 people defied the downpour to demonstrate against planned cuts and job losses of jobs at Lambeth College, south London, on Saturday of last week. 

Sean Rigg memorial meeting and march demand justice

22 August 2012
Hundreds gathered in Lambeth Town Hall, south London, on Tuesday night for a memorial meeting on the anniversary of Sean Rigg’s death.

Lambeth College lecturers strike

17 July 2012
Lecturers in the UCU union at Lambeth College struck for an hour on Friday of last week. The action was in response to the college’s lesson observation policy.

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