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Tower Hamlets

Trade unionists in east London win great support for march against EDL thugs

24 August 2011
Council workers in Tower Hamlets were going all out on Tuesday to build for the 3 September demonstration against the racist English Defence League (EDL).

Hundreds meet to oppose the EDL in Tower Hamlets

30 July 2011
Some 600 people crammed into the London Muslim Centre in east London last night for a rally against the English Defence League's (EDL) plans to march in the area on 3 September. 

Stop the racists on 3 September in Tower Hamlets

26 July 2011
The English Defence League (EDL) is calling every racist thug in Britain to Tower Hamlets, east London, on Saturday 3 September.

Activists prepare to stop racist EDL in east London

19 July 2011
Activists across Britain are building for the national protest against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3 September.

3 September: all out to stop racist EDL

28 June 2011
The racist English Defence League (EDL) will try to march through Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3 September.

National protest planned in Tower Hamlets against racist EDL

07 June 2011
Anti-fascists are planning a national demonstration as the racist English Defence League (EDL) threatens to march in east London.

School by school, the organising is going on

24 May 2011
Conversations are happening across Tower Hamlets to organise 30 June strikes. "I’ll phone these two schools and visit this one."

United strikes rock Tower Hamlets and Camden

30 March 2011
Tower Hamlets Teachers and council workers struck across Tower Hamlets, east London, today, Wednesday. They are fighting 500 job cuts that will hit everything from social services to schools and youth workers.

Tower Hamlets and Camden council workers and teachers unite to fight

29 March 2011
A key battle against the cuts was set to take place across two London boroughs this week.

All aboard for Tower Hamlets strike

25 March 2011
A bus full of activists toured Tower Hamlets, east London, today (Friday) to raise support for the council workers’ and teachers’ strikes there next Wednesday.

Victory for unity as an EDL-backed ‘East End Gay Pride’ march is cancelled

22 March 2011
Activists last week delivered a significant victory against attempts to divide the Muslim and LGBT communities in Tower Hamlets, east London.

Fury at the bankers on the streets of Tower Hamlets

22 March 2011
A battle bus took to the streets of Tower Hamlets on Saturday.

Teachers' massive vote for strikes in Tower Hamlets shows what's possible

12 March 2011
In a fantastic result, some 2,000 teachers in Tower Hamlets have voted overwhelmingly for strikes against cuts.

Fighting homophopia: Attacking one form of bigotry with another is a dead end

02 March 2011
It was shocking to read the response of liberal gay journalist Johann Hari to the recent appearance of "gay free zone" stickers carrying slogans from the Koran in Tower Hamlets, east London.

Tower Hamlets council workers and teachers unite to ballot for strikes to defend jobs

01 March 2011
More than 5,000 workers in Tower Hamlets, east London, could soon be on strike against cuts.

Councils set for ballot over cuts

15 February 2011
Workers at Doncaster council in South Yorkshire and Tower Hamlets council in London are to ballot for strikes over cuts.

2,000 teachers in Tower Hamlets ballot for strikes

08 February 2011
Teachers in Tower Hamlets are showing how to save jobs and services.

2,000 Tower Hamlets teachers to be balloted for strikes

01 February 2011
The biggest teachers meeting in Tower Hamlets for more than 35 years last week unanimously voted to ballot all NUT union members in the east London borough for strikes against cuts.

Groups of Tower Hamlets workers move towards strikes

14 December 2010
Teachers and council workers in Tower Hamlets, east London, this week moved a step closer to a borough-wide strike against cuts.

Independent candidate Lutfur Rahman beats Labour in Tower Hamlets

26 October 2010
Lutfur Rahman, standing as an independent, won the Tower Hamlets mayoral election last week—trouncing the Labour Party.

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