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Tower Hamlets College lecturers win strike

25 September 2009
Lecturers at Tower Hamlets College, east London, have won a fantastic victory against their bosses after four weeks of all-out, indefinite strike action.

Tower Hamlets College strike is winning concessions

22 September 2009
A month of all-out strike action by lecturers to defend education and jobs has forced concessions from management at Tower Hamlets College.

Tower Hamlets: Diary of an all-out striker

22 September 2009
War, according to Wikipedia, is "an interaction in which two or more opposing forces have a struggle of wills". It is an apt description of what is happening between workers in the public sector and the government.

Tower Hamlets College workers all out to win

15 September 2009
Striking workers who are fighting for jobs and educat­ion at Tower Hamlets College in east London are growing more determined by the day – and their fantastic action has forced management to backtrack.

All-out strike remains solid at Tower Hamlets College

08 September 2009
A huge battle is underway in Tower Hamlets College, east London.

All-out strike at Tower Hamlets College can win

01 September 2009
Workers at Tower Hamlets College, east London, are taking all-out, indefinite strike action to defend jobs and education.

All-out strike starts at Tower Hamlets college

27 August 2009
Lecturers formed mass pickets outside Tower Hamlets college in east London today, on the first day of an all-out, indefinite strike.

Tower Hamlets college: Lecturers go all-out for education

25 August 2009
Lecturers at Tower Hamlets College in east London are set to begin an all-out indefinite strike from Thursday of this week to defend education and jobs.

Votes for all-out strike at Tower Hamlets college

14 July 2009
In June management at Tower Hamlets college presented a cost saving "efficiency" document to workers and their UCU and Unison unions.

Tower Hamlets College shows how to fight over cuts

07 July 2009
Over 100 pickets shut down Tower Hamlets College in east London last week, setting an example of how to fight the drastic cuts that are hitting education.

Revolt against cuts at Tower Hamlets College

30 June 2009
"Sack the bankers – not the teachers!" That was the chant of the hundreds of workers, students and their families as they marched through Tower Hamlets, east London, last Saturday in protest at planned cuts at Tower Hamlets College.

Demonstration at Tower Hamlets College

23 June 2009
The vibrant campaign to save jobs at Tower Hamlets College, east London, continued last week with a demonstration on Thursday.

Walkouts over job cuts at Tower Hamlets college

16 June 2009
Students and workers at Tower Hamlets College, east London, are involved in a rollercoaster campaign to stop education cuts and defend jobs.

Education round-up

09 June 2009
Walkout at Tower Hamlets college Around 200 teachers, support workers, youth workers, admin staff and students walked out at Tower Hamlets college, east London, on Monday.

Packed Tower Hamlets meeting for sacked Unison steward

03 March 2009
Over 100 people packed into a meeting on Wednesday of last week on the Isle of Dogs in Tower Hamlets in defence of Debbie Cordrey, a sacked Unison union steward at Island Homes.

Tower Hamlets housing workers ballot for strike

24 February 2009
Workers at One Housing Group in Tower Hamlets, east London, are balloting for strike action against the dismissal of their senior Unison union steward Debbie Cordrey.

Tower Hamlets shows how to build for Gaza demonstration

09 January 2009
Lecturers at Tower Hamlets college, east London, organised a protest on Thursday to make a splash in east London and big up Saturday's national demonstration.

Sadness as east London councillors quit Respect

01 July 2008
Two years ago 12 Respect councillors were elected in Tower Hamlets, east London, on the basis of opposition to war and privatisation, and support for council housing.

Defending adult education at the Bethnal Green Centre

03 June 2008
Adult education courses at the Bethnal Green Centre in east London are under threat. The director of children’s services at Tower Hamlets council recently confirmed that there were plans for the building to be "disposed of" after a two-year period.

Left list election candidate held at Heathrow

02 April 2008
Tower Hamlets councillor Oliur Rahman, a Left List candidate in the 1 May London Assembly elections, was detained at Heathrow airport under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

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