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Racism has destroyed my boys’ hope

17 April 2007
Antonia Michel is a single parent living in Westminster, central London. She spoke to Socialist Worker about the pressures facing black boys at school and college – and how racism in the education system and job market impacts on their lives.

Labour on course to lose Scotland

07 April 2007
Fear finally hit home last week among New Labour leaders at Westminster at news that the Scottish National Party (SNP) is maintaining a consistent lead over Labour for the Scottish parliament elections on 3 May. They fear that Labour is on course to lose in one of its historic heartlands.

People's Assembly is our chance to join the war debate that parliament will not hold

10 March 2007
From across Britain, delegations from trade unions, mosques, anti-war groups, colleges and all walks of life will heading to Westminster Central Hall on 20 March – the fourth anniversary of George Bush and Tony Blair's disastrous attack on Iraq.

Launch of modern abortion law campaign

10 March 2007
Over 100 abortion rights campaigners gathered near Westminster last Saturday. It was the launch of a year of celebrations of 40 years since the 1967 Abortion Act, and the beginning of a campaign for a modern abortion law.

The illusion of Britishness

18 November 2006
In the past few years a peculiarly old-fashioned - and sinister - set of phrases has re-entered the political vocabulary of the Westminster establishment. New Labour ministers and their Tory shadows are increasingly talking about "British values" and "our way of life".

Physiotherapists' Westminster protest

22 July 2006
Hundreds of physiotherapy students and graduates protested in Westminster on Tuesday to demand urgent government action over the jobs crisis facing thousands of newly qualified physiotherapists.

By-election blues for both big parties

08 July 2006
The Westminster village has moved remarkably quickly to bury the parliamentary by-elections in Blaenau Gwent and Bromley & Chislehurst on Thursday of last week. That is because they contradict the official story about where British politics is going.

Council workers refuse to take the high road up to Scotland

04 February 2006
Some 200 outsourced Westminster council workers, rocked by the news that they had been given notice to move to the Scottish Highlands or lose their jobs, held a spirited lobby of the central London council’s meeting on Wednesday of last week.

Westminster council threatens jobs move to highlands

28 January 2006
Tory run Westminster council in London and its partner Westminster Vertex last week announced that 400 council jobs will be moved to the Scottish Highlands. No consultation with the workers has taken place.

‘We need each other’

26 November 2005
"I bring greetings from the Left Bloc in Portugal to Respect, which we see as a sister organisation to our own. We stood in our first elections six years ago and won two MPs. In this year’s elections we won eight MPs. That means we can make a lot of noise. Imagine having eight George Galloways in Westminster — it would make the walls shake!

‘All that politicians agree on is that neo-liberalism is the solution in Northern Ireland’

08 October 2005
Northern Ireland spends about £22 billion each year on its public services. It raises £14 billion in taxes, with another £8 billion coming from the British government. Under direct rule from Westminster, all of this money is allocated and spent from London.

North Westminster school

02 July 2005
Furious members of the NUT teaching union at North Westminster School, west London, voted for strike action last week and won an immediate withdrawal of proposals to relocate them.

University of Westminster student demonstration

14 May 2005
Students at the University of Westminster in London demonstrated on Wednesday of last week against the university management’s plans to change the academic timetable.

Respect’s campaign outside schools reaches those who usually get ignored

05 May 2005
Newham Respect has tried to connect with the many groups that the Westminster political classes don’t reach.

Trade justice vigil — a wake up call for the politicians

23 April 2005
Over 25,000 people joined the all night vigil for trade justice that began at Westminster Abbey, London, on Friday of last week.

Dame Porter gets away with corruption

01 May 2004
A SCROUNGER and a criminal sneaks into another country to escape justice. Doesn't that sound like the sort of case the anti-refugee press love to splash on the front page? Except it is the Tory Dame Shirley Porter, heiress to the Tesco empire. Porter was the leader of the Tories' flagship Westminster council in the 1980s. Porter, along with nine other councillors, was found guilty of selling off council houses in marginal wards to potential Tory voters. The scheme cost £42 million. She was supposed to pay every penny of that back.

'I will not be silenced'

01 November 2003
"IT TOOK them all of 36 seconds to tell me I was expelled. That's one second for every year I've been a member of the Labour Party. It was a bitter blow, to be expelled by this anti-Labour clique. The Labour leaders say they want freedom of speech in Baghdad, but they don't want freedom of speech in Westminster. They want a puppet parliament just like the one Saddam Hussein used to have.


20 September 2003
ON WEDNESDAY of last week some 1,000 pensioners descended on Westminster to ask for a £10 increase to the state pension and the restoration of the link with earnings. The demonstration came following strikes to defend pensions in Europe. There was a rally organised by the NPC pensioners' convention and a lobby of MPs.

Where you can't say 'Stephen Lawrence'

07 June 2003
THE MILD-mannered former head of the Commission for Racial Equality, Lord Ouseley, let rip at the government at a race relations conference last month. He recalled that a government minister had told him the previous week, "Do you know most MPs never meet black people outside Westminster?"

Recall a live tradition

08 March 2003
PARLIAMENT HAS refused to reflect the will of the majority on the question of war on Iraq. So the People's Assembly will convene in Westminster Central Hall, next to the House of Commons.

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