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Join Respect in the council by-election fight in Stonebridge

28 August 2007
Respect is campaigning hard in the Stonebridge ward council by-election in Brent, north west London.

Respect council by-election campaign in Brent's Stonebridge ward

21 August 2007
Following its success in the recent council by-election in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets, Respect is standing in a council by-election in Stonebridge ward, Brent, north west London.

Wembley Park occupation | Heartsease public meeting | Thomas Deacon academy

08 May 2007
Support for Wembley Park occupation Trade unionists from across London came last Saturday with their families and friends to show support for the Brent occupation on the Wembley Park Sports Ground. It has been organised to prevent an academy being built there.

Reigniting the anti-academy campaign in Brent

10 March 2007
When Brent's Liberal Democrats and Tories came to form a coalition administration after last year's local elections one of their first acts was to throw out Labour's plan for a new school as a City Academy in Wembley.

Katsouris: the firm with Britain’s worst safety record?

16 September 2006
Workers at the Katsouris food processing plants in north west London gathered for a mass meeting at the Brent Indian Association last Saturday.

Academy victory in Brent

08 July 2006
Brent Council in west London has withdrawn its expression of interest for an academy to be built on the Wembley Park sports ground site after a high-profile campaign. The campaign united education unions, parents, the local community and sports ground users.

Behind Tony Blair’s anti-social agenda

21 January 2006
Beccy Palmer is a youth worker in Brent, north west London, coordinator of the Voice Of Young People group who recently won a human rights award for their documentary highlighting the real effects of Asbos and a founder member of the Asbo Concern organisation

‘We need unity across the public sector to stop this divide and rule’

29 October 2005
Mladen Maric, assistant branch secretary Brent local government Unison

Reports round-up

08 October 2005
Brent acadamy Protesters dressed as elephants in Brent, north west London, on Thursday of last week, arguing that plans for a new privately run academy school will create a "white elephant". A conference against academies is set to take place this Saturday 8 October in Birmingham. For details phone 0121 442 2031 or e-mail <a href=""></a>

Following up our successes

26 June 2004
SOCIALIST WORKER sellers in Brent, north west London, took to the streets last week to follow up a successful campaign for Respect. Simon reports, \&quot;On Thursday we did a stall at two sites of an FE college. People were keen on the Socialist Worker election coverage.


24 April 2004
WORKERS HAVE reacted with anger to huge multinational Diageo's announcement of the closure of the Guinness brewery in Park Royal in Brent, north west London. The company plans to axe 90 jobs in the 70 year old plant in London, transferring this work to St James's Gate, Ireland. According to one union rep, \&quot;For a number of years management have used the threat of closing either Park Royal or St James's Gate as a way of pushing through cuts and rationalisation in both plants. We gave concession after concession. We were told we had to 'modernise' and we did, but it just meant more work and now they do this. Park Royal was set up by Guinness in the 1930s to avoid paying import tax

HSBC bank in the rush to the bottom

25 October 2003
BANKING giant HSBC has become the latest multinational to announce plans to move jobs overseas. Some 4,000 jobs will be axed from its call centres in Swansea, Birmingham, Brentwood and Sheffield, and transferred to call centres in India, China and Malaysia.

Lib Dems left pretenders

27 September 2003
MANY PEOPLE who voted for the winning Liberal Democrat in the Brent by-election last week were motivated by good reasons. Brent saw traditional Labour voters turn away from Blair in disgust at his government's record on the war, privatisation and public services. Many voted Lib Dem believing this was, on the day, the way to give Blair a bloody nose.

Brent election rally

20 September 2003
EAMONN McCANN made a rousing speech at a rally in support of Socialist Alliance candidate Brian Butterworth on Monday of this week. The rally was held three days before the Brent East parliamentary election which takes place on Thursday of this week. Over 80 people heard from film director Ken Loach, journalist Paul Foot and local people disillusioned with Blair.

Final push for votes in Brent by-election

13 September 2003
THE PARLIAMENTARY by-election in the Brent East constituency in west London takes place on Thursday of next week. Brian Butterworth, a Unison union branch secretary, is the Socialist Alliance candidate. He spoke to Socialist Worker about why he is standing, and why he thinks Brent needs a socialist alternative:

Election campaign

06 September 2003
Brent THE SOCIALIST Alliance created a real buzz in Brent, west London, last weekend. Brian Butterworth is standing as the Socialist Alliance candidate for MP in the Brent East by-election, called for 18 September.

Key post-war test for New Labour

30 August 2003
THE LABOUR Party has called the by-election in Brent East, west London, for 18 September. It will be a key test for New Labour, taking place in the middle of the Hutton inquiry.

Hit the streets for Brent East election

23 August 2003
THE Socialist Alliance has called a national day of action in Brent, north west London, on Sunday 31 August. We are urging activists from across England to come into the constituency on that day to help campaign for our candidate in the forthcoming Brent East by-election.

Is Allan Leighton running the Post Office or The Office?

16 August 2003
Allan Leighton, the chairman of Royal Mail, combines a readiness to spout management theory bollocks with a steely readiness to wage class war. One minute he is like David Brent, the boss played by Ricky Gervais in the TV series The Office. The next minute he is a hard-faced axeman.

Opposite of a Blairite selection meeting

09 August 2003
A LEFT challenge to New Labour was launched at a vibrant convention of the left in the Brent East constituency last week. Over 90 people attended the meeting in west London in the run-up to a by-election in the area. Everyone there was determined to build an alternative to Tony Blair's pro-war, pro-privatisation policies.

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