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Voices of resistance open Marxism festival in central London

11 July 2013
The Marxism 2013 festival opened with a rally of more than 900 people today, Thursday. The Logan Hall in central London was full to capacity. The festival will continue with hundreds of meetings and debates until Monday. 

Primitive communism: life before class and oppression

28 May 2013
We are told that competition and division are hard-wired into humanity. But, says Martin Empson, evidence from pre-history points in the opposite direction

How ideas change

30 April 2013
We are often told socialism can’t work because people will not shift the way they think. John Molyneux shows how dramatic shifts are possible and have occured in the past

What do we mean by class?

09 April 2013
As the BBC unveils a new system for defining class in Britain, Judith Orr explains what class means for Marxists —and how superficial definitions hide workers’ power

Assassination threatens Beirut with return of sectarian violence

23 October 2012
The car bomb that killed the head of Lebanese intelligence in Beirut on Friday of last week has dragged the country further into the Syrian crisis.

The point of Marxist philosophy

04 September 2012
Whenever you talk to people about trying to change the world you face "common sense" arguments which trip of the tongue, such as "You can’t change human nature", "You can’t buck the market" or "You must obey the law".

Revolution in the 'progressive' bloc

19 June 2012
The revolutionary socialist tradition has always combined a commitment to workers’ revolution with opposition to imperialism.

Do we need violence to change the world?

05 June 2012
The recent massacre in Syria shows the horrendous violence that states are prepared to use against people who resist them. But is the answer to use violence against them?

Fighting the Stalinist distortion of socialism

11 January 2011
Leon Trotsky led the struggle against Joseph Stalin’s counter-revolution. This battle began in 1923, six years after the Russian Revolution.

State and Revolution: Why we need to smash the state

09 November 2010
The Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin wrote this book in the midst of the extreme violence of the First World War, and the revolutionary upheaval taking place in Russia in 1917.

Marx's Capital: vampires feeding on our blood

05 October 2010
In his masterpiece, Capital, Karl Marx attempts to make sense of capitalism. This was not just out of scientific curiosity—he believed that a clear understanding of capitalism would help to overthrow it.

The Communist Manifesto: speaking to modern times

28 September 2010
‘A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism." So begins the most important political pamphlet ever written—The Communist Manifesto.

Numbers swell at Marxism 2010 festival of resistance

06 July 2010
More than 3,900 people booked up in advance for the annual Marxism festival in central London last weekend—and hundreds more bought tickets during the event.

Greeks bring inspiration to Marxism 2010

06 July 2010
The spirit of international resistance ran through the meetings, with much discussion of the turmoil and fightback in Greece.

The ‘rich bandits’ who feed on crisis

04 May 2010
Britain’s mainstream politicians have spent the election campaign talking about the need to preserve our "fragile economic recovery" – with cuts. Politicians regularly tell us that this "recovery" has begun.

From people’s power to workers’ power

20 April 2010
Revolution is back in the news.In Thailand heavily armed cops are shown retreating under a hail of missiles being thrown by demonstrators.

Historical Actuality of the Socialist Offensive - Parliament’s problems go deeper than duck houses

09 February 2010
British politics is increasingly being dominated by the looming general election. Yet, paradoxically, parliament is viewed with widespread and growing contempt.

How could Haiti win its freedom?

26 January 2010
The people of Haiti have a powerful record of resistance. They have fought back even in the most appalling conditions – from the great slave rebellion in the 1790s, to the movement that destroyed the brutal regime of "Baby Doc" Duvailer in the 1980s.

The struggle for the heart of Marx

24 November 2009
Karl Marx’s ideas have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Most mainstream commentators, however, concentrate on Marx’s economic theories and tend to ignore the other fundamental aspect of his politics – his belief in the ability of the working class to liberate itself.

Lessons from Lenin

20 October 2009
Whether supporting the post workers, trying to stop the fascists, or campaigning to end the war in Afghanistan, people may well encounter members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), intervening in and assisting these struggles.

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