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Frederick Engels: theorist and fighter

10 June 2008
Frederick Engels stands out as a great thinker and fighter for working class rights whose contribution to socialism has often been undervalued, maligned and distorted.

Why Marx matters

22 April 2008
The past decade has seen the emergence of new movements of resistance. They were initially provoked by the form of corporate globalisation imposed by the neoliberal policies of the leading Western governments.

Human nature and social change

25 March 2008
Socialists argue that it is both possible and necessary to construct another kind of society, in which resources are shared equally, that is free of war and racism, and which is run on the basis of genuine democracy.

Revolution and the party

11 March 2008
The young Karl Marx wrote in 1845, "Philosophers have interpreted the world in various ways, the point however is to change it." The need to change the world has seldom been so obvious. $6 trillion has been spent on the Iraq war, while food prices soar and millions starve.

Hegemony: the struggle for ideological dominance

08 January 2008
Capitalism is a system that brings misery to millions of people throughout the world.

What is real democracy?

11 December 2007
Democracy is one of the most abused words in the dictionary. Almost every reactionary or crooked politician you can think of – George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Silvio Berlusconi – has sworn by it.

Marx and ecology

04 December 2007
Karl Marx’s analysis of the environment under capitalism shows how saving the planet is inextricably linked to transforming our society, writes John Bellamy Foster

0. The Communist International - Socialist Worker’s major nine part series

21 August 2007
Historian John Riddell writes on the Communist International, known as the Comintern - an organising centre for revolutionaries formed in the aftermath of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

The ABC of Communism: can socialism work?

17 July 2007
The recently republished ABC of Communism is a remarkable historical document of the attempt to create a socialist society in Russia after the 1917 October Revolution.

Marx and the labour at the heart of capitalism

10 April 2007
My last column ended with a question. I find two commodities – a newspaper and a pint of milk – on sale in a shop at the same price.

Marx's Capital gets to grips with a mystified system

07 April 2007
In 1872 Karl Marx dashed off a letter applauding plans to publish a French edition of his book Capital in serial form.

Why workers must liberate themselves

17 March 2007
For radicals of Karl Marx’s generation the French Revolution of 1789 was a source of inspiration which dominated their thinking.

Where do capitalist profits come from?

10 March 2007
Karl marx spent much of his life analysing how capitalism works.

Marx and Hegel: Interpreting the world in order to change it

03 March 2007
Possibly the most important intellectual influence on Karl Marx was the German philosopher GWF Hegel.

Socialism and communism: creating a new world

03 March 2007
It’s not long before any discussion about the fight for a better society raises the questions: "What do you mean by socialism?" "Is it the same as communism?" Communism has a long pedigree as a vision of society where property is held in common and a just social order prevails.

‘Dual Power’ in our hands

06 January 2007
The great revolutionary upheavals of the 20th century were marked by a distinctive pattern. Workers mounted mass strikes that originated as or developed into confrontations with the state.

Marxism 2006: A festival for the future

15 July 2006
This year’s Marxism festival, held in central London from 6-10 July and hosted by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), was by common consent one of the largest and most vibrant for many years. Some 4,100 activists – including 1,700 students and school students – gathered to discuss and debate a huge range of political issues. Many of those there had been active in the wider movements against war and neo-liberalism, but were attending Marxism for the first time. Below we print a selection of their voices

Vladimir Lenin: how to organise for a successful revolution

04 September 2004
THERE HAVE been many revolutions over the past 100 years. Every revolution has shown the potential power of ordinary people, but most have ended in defeat, compromise or simply a replacement of personnel at the top.

George Monbiot has misrepresented Marx's Communist Manifesto

23 August 2003
George Monbiot, the Guardian columnist, is always worth reading, even when I disagree with him-over the euro, for example. His recent book, The Age of Consent, gives a damning critique of the modern world. Those key institutions of modern world politics and economics-the UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO- work against the interests of the poor world. He offers a programme for fundamental reform.

How did we get into this mess?

01 December 2001
Just how bad is the economic situation? It is very, very serious indeed. You have for the first time in 20 years a simultaneous downturn in all three major sections of the advanced capitalist world. That is a recession in the US, a recession in Germany and across continental Europe, and a recession in Japan.

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