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Don't cut Ealing Hospital, say campaigners

07 April 2010
More than 50 people met in west London tonight (Wednesday) to oppose cuts at Ealing Hospital.

Ealing give sell-off plan a ticket

02 February 2010
More than 40 traffic wardens and their supporters protested outside the Ealing council meeting that decided to privatise them, on Tuesday of last week.

Bristol: the ‘riots’ that helped us speak out - and party

12 January 2010
Britain’s multi-racial music and street style is the subject of two new exhibitions – timely and revealing reminders of the ways society changed during the 1980s.

Gangster construction boss jailed

15 December 2009
Bosses are stealing millions of pounds from construction workers’ national insurance contributions and taxes.

Construction subcontracting scam

15 September 2009
Bosses are stealing millions of pounds from thousands of construction workers’ national insurance contributions and taxes.

Open letter responses: facing the Nazis

14 July 2009
Dealing with the Nazis in the BNP It’s time for the left to "get its act together" and stop the petty bickering which has bedevilled us for far too long.

Blair Peach: killed by police

21 April 2009
Monday 23 April 1979 was a stormy day in west London. Schools were still on Easter holiday. Ealing’s arterial Uxbridge Road was strangely quiet because the buses were on strike, as were many food and textile factories.

Belfast: United in the jobs struggle

07 April 2009
Within an hour of being told by Visteon that they were sacked, workers at the company’s Belfast plant were holding protests and appealing for solidarity.

Health activist appeals against dismissal

28 October 2008
Leading Unison activist Yunus Bakhsh is appealing against his sacking by Northumbia Tyne & Wear Health Trust. The appeal is now set for Wednesday 3 December—some six months after his dismissal.

Why no outcry from black leaders as police target black males round Notting Hill?

02 September 2008
Picture this scene – hundreds of young black men, some appearing to be as young as 13, rounded up, surrounded and held for hours without charge by a cordon of police in body armour; parents standing outside the cordon demanding to be told what is happening to their children; dozens of officers with machine guns sealing off the area; simmering anger from those released from the cordon after being searched and finger printed.

Second one day strike at Lady Margaret primary school

24 June 2008
Members of the NUT union in Lady Margaret primary school in Ealing, west London, held a second one-day strike on Wednesday of last week.

NUJ protest against police harassment

01 April 2008
The NUJ journalists’ union called for an end to the harassment of its members by the police on Friday of last week. A set of guidelines on dealing with the media was agreed between the NUJ and the Association of Chief Police Officers last year.

Tibet rises up against decades of oppression

18 March 2008
Tibet was rocked by its biggest uprising for almost 20 years this week as protesters fought running battles against police. China’s rulers responded by sealing off the province from the media and instituting a brutal crackdown.

Salvinder Dhillon: ‘We stand for all workers’

06 November 2007
Salvinder Dhillon has stood for Respect in Ealing Southall and Southall Green in west London, coming second to Labour in last year’s local elections. He is a Respect candidate for the London assembly.

Respect vote suffers squeeze

24 July 2007
New Labour won the Ealing Southall by-election on Thursday of last week, but its majority was slashed almost in half. The Tories came a humiliating third.

Who says?

24 July 2007
"We now have almost no capability to react to the unexpected... I am very concerned about the longer term implications of the impact of this level of operations on our people, equipment and future operational capability."General Sir Richard Dannatt, head of the British army, in a secret memo revealing the impact of Iraq and Afghanistan on the British military

Respect for Ealing Southall

17 July 2007
Salvinder Singh Dhillon, the Respect candidate in this Thursday’s parliamentary by-election in Ealing Southall, joined striking postal workers at Greenford on Friday of last week. Respect supporters were campaigning in the constituency up to the last minute. Check this site for election results

Respect can hit Labour in Ealing Southall by-election

10 July 2007
Respect is urging as many of its supporters as possible to get to west London this weekend to campaign for a left alternative in next Thursday’s Ealing Southall parliamentary by-election.

Picture of Respect selection meeting in Ealing & Southall

04 July 2007

Help Respect do well in Southall

04 July 2007
Salvinder Singh Dhillon will be standing for Respect in the Ealing Southall parliamentry by-election in west London on Thursday 19 July. He stood for Respect in Green ward, Southall, in the council elections two years ago, coming second.

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