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Join postal workers’ pickets says civil service union

26 June 2007
Mark Serwotka, the general secretary of the PCS civil service workers’ union, is appealing to his members to show solidarity with postal workers who are on strike this Friday.

Organising support for Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon

25 May 2007
The continuing siege by the Lebanese army of the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp has created a humanitarian crisis. Lebanese and Palestinian organisations are appealing for aid. Go to <a href="" target = "_blank">&raquo;</a>

Two jailed for revealing memo

15 May 2007
On the day Tony Blair resigned last week, two people were jailed for attempting to reveal Blair’s relationship to George Bush and their plans on how to carry out the Iraq war.

Jailed for revealing Bush/Blair memo

11 May 2007
On the day Tony Blair was forced to resign two people were jailed for attempting to reveal the Blair’s relationship to George Bush and their plans on how to carry out the war in Iraq.

The surge in poverty that shames New Labour

31 March 2007
New Labour's claim to be serious about tackling poverty exploded this week when shameful figures were released revealing the true extent of hardship in Britain.

Moroccan workers fight against global clothing giant Dewhirst

03 February 2007
Striking textile workers in Morocco are appealing for solidarity. Their strike has become a major battle against a powerful multinational over the right to form a union.

Health service round-up

16 September 2006
Whipps Cross fight on Workers at Whipps cross hospital in east London are appealing for support in their ongoing battle for equal pay.

Collections show support for SSP

17 June 2006
The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) is appealing for people to collect funds after policy director Alan McCombes was recently fined £500 and instructed to pay costs that could be as high as £25,000.

Asda holds out on compensation

01 April 2006
Some 340 GMB union members working for Asda at the ADC Depot in Washington, Tyne & Wear, who were awarded compensation of £2,500 each by an Employment Tribunal last month are still waiting for payment. Asda, which is now owned by the US Wal-Mart corporation, is appealing against being penalised for a failed attempt at union busting.

Teachers round-up

04 February 2006
Teachers in the NUT union at Elthorne Park high school in Ealing, west London, were due to walk out on strike on Thursday of this week against proposed pay cuts after negotiations broke down last week.

Education round-up

14 January 2006
March in Whitehall A protest march on Whitehall against government education plans has been called by Ealing and Islington NUT teachers’ union branches, with the support of the Socialist Teachers Alliance, Islington Campaign Against Academies and many other activists.

Stealing your retirement

26 November 2005
There is a plan to steal your retirement and to turn the clock back 50 years to when workers died soon after they retired.

Debate: climate change and nuclear power

26 November 2005
The discussion around Respect’s policy on climate change was a lively one, dealing with issues such as nuclear power, renewable energy and carbon emissions trading.

Two documentaries revealing the truth about US occupation

05 November 2005
A Day for FallujahFilms and discussionTuesday 8 NovemberThe ICA, central LondonPhone 020 7930 3647<a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

Angry mood over public sector pensions deal

05 November 2005
Meetings of public sector union members are revealing disquiet with the pensions deal brokered by the TUC which, while preserving the pension age for existing workers, means future entrants will face higher contributions or retiring at 65.

U.S. sanctions regime was guilty of murder

21 May 2005
The allegations against George Galloway relate to the oil for food programme. The Guardian revealed this week that the US administration ignored widespread illicit dealings by US firms during the time of the programme.

Italy’s Rifondazione: the radical left at the crossroads

26 February 2005
Half a million demonstrated in Rome last Saturday. The slogans of the march were "Free Giuliana" and "Free the Iraqi people". The first slogan referred to Giuliana Sgrena, a journalist with Il Manifesto, the centre left daily paper. She is being held hostage in Iraq and was shown on video last week appealing to the Italian government to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

The double dealing behind Western ‘aid’

08 January 2005
EVEN THE amount of aid Western governments have been shamed into giving so far could turn out to be a mirage.

‘Coca-Cola is stealing our water and our land’

11 December 2004
INDIA IS the scene of a major battle between the Coca-Cola corporation and farmers who live in the areas that surround their bottling plants.

Can we stop global warming?

20 November 2004
NEW LABOUR has discovered an ingenious method for dealing with climate change—increasing the amount of greenhouse gases Britain can produce.

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