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Education round-up

14 January 2006
March in Whitehall A protest march on Whitehall against government education plans has been called by Ealing and Islington NUT teachers’ union branches, with the support of the Socialist Teachers Alliance, Islington Campaign Against Academies and many other activists.

Debate: climate change and nuclear power

26 November 2005
The discussion around Respect’s policy on climate change was a lively one, dealing with issues such as nuclear power, renewable energy and carbon emissions trading.

Stealing your retirement

26 November 2005
There is a plan to steal your retirement and to turn the clock back 50 years to when workers died soon after they retired.

Two documentaries revealing the truth about US occupation

05 November 2005
A Day for FallujahFilms and discussionTuesday 8 NovemberThe ICA, central LondonPhone 020 7930 3647<a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

Angry mood over public sector pensions deal

05 November 2005
Meetings of public sector union members are revealing disquiet with the pensions deal brokered by the TUC which, while preserving the pension age for existing workers, means future entrants will face higher contributions or retiring at 65.

U.S. sanctions regime was guilty of murder

21 May 2005
The allegations against George Galloway relate to the oil for food programme. The Guardian revealed this week that the US administration ignored widespread illicit dealings by US firms during the time of the programme.

Italy’s Rifondazione: the radical left at the crossroads

26 February 2005
Half a million demonstrated in Rome last Saturday. The slogans of the march were "Free Giuliana" and "Free the Iraqi people". The first slogan referred to Giuliana Sgrena, a journalist with Il Manifesto, the centre left daily paper. She is being held hostage in Iraq and was shown on video last week appealing to the Italian government to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

The double dealing behind Western ‘aid’

08 January 2005
EVEN THE amount of aid Western governments have been shamed into giving so far could turn out to be a mirage.

‘Coca-Cola is stealing our water and our land’

11 December 2004
INDIA IS the scene of a major battle between the Coca-Cola corporation and farmers who live in the areas that surround their bottling plants.

Can we stop global warming?

20 November 2004
NEW LABOUR has discovered an ingenious method for dealing with climate change—increasing the amount of greenhouse gases Britain can produce.

Liverpool: a chance to show workers’ solidarity

23 October 2004
STRIKING SOCIAL workers in Lib Dem controlled Liverpool council are appealing for wider support and backing for a national demonstration in the city called by their union, Unison.

Who says?

02 October 2004
"I ask you to release the man you hold. I know that millions of British people did not and do not support the war on Iraq. A million marched against it last year. More than 6,000 British people have written to me to support me. They quarrel with the British government about injustice, and so do I. I do not quarrel with the British people. Our problem is with the government." MAHMOUD ABU RIDEH Palestinian activist imprisoned without trial under Britain’s anti-terrorism laws appealing last weekend to Ken Bigley’s captors

'This is a slur on our members'

08 May 2004
I'M OUTRAGED that this programme turned out to be a slur on our members. The vast majority of postal workers are decent, honest, law-abiding people. The trailer and leaflet for the programme were particularly bad, with an actor playing a postal worker stealing money from envelopes. The job is not a picnic. It is frequently stressful and physically demanding. Of course where there is criminal activity we want it rooted out.

Fighting council cuts

14 February 2004
OVER 150 protesters filled the steps of Ealing Town Hall in west London on Tuesday last week to protest at the council's plans for £17 million of cuts. West Acton preschool playgroup, Hanwell nursery, the Caribbean Elderly and Ealing Alzheimer groups, Ealing pensioners, Unison, the NUT, NASUWT and Ealing Trades Council all brought banners and chanted "No more cuts".

Fighting the cuts - Morpeth, Ealing and Leicester

31 January 2004

He started by stealing exam papers

22 November 2003
Directors of Hollinger International include US war criminal Henry Kissinger and "Prince of Darkness" Richard Perle, one of Bush’s most vicious advisers.

Time to sack this disgrace

01 November 2003
"I CANNOT believe David Blunkett is still in a job." That was the reaction of Janet Alder, who was taking part in the United Friends and Family Campaign's demonstration over deaths in police custody last weekend. She was speaking days after the BBC documentary The Secret Policeman was shown last week revealing the jaw-dropping level of racism among officers. The programme told me what I already knew. My brother Christopher died in police custody in Hull while officers were caught on film making monkey noises, with one talking about making a Ku Klux Klan style mask. Blunkett won't release that film. He is conspiring to protect police. He should go now."

Tragedy is ignored to bash refugees

25 October 2003
THE RIGHT wing press seized on a judge's ruling last week against a refugee family from Lithuania living in Southwark, south London. The family were appealing for adequate housing. The Daily Express called the case "asylum rip-off number one" and its front page screamed "Proof Britain is a soft touch". But the story will be familiar to ordinary people across Britain desperate to be rehoused.

Ready for strikes

18 October 2003
READERS IN Ealing, West London, were ready for Thursday's council workers' and postal workers' strikes.

The people against the power

20 September 2003
I'M MAKING a documentary at the moment to be shown on 22 September and it's producing some extraordinary information. We found some very revealing archive footage of Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and others in the Bush gang. In early 2001, visiting Cairo, Colin Powell said, "Saddam Hussein has not developed any capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project even conventional power against his neighbours. "So in effect our policies have strengthened the security of the region." Condoleezza Rice said something very similar at the time.

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