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Lying in London, murdering in Iraq

16 August 2003
AS THE lies told to justify the war on Iraq unravelled in a courtroom in London, the reality of the occupation of Iraq by US and British troops was shown on our TV screens. For months we have been told that British troops, with their "softly, softly" approach to dealing with civilian populations, had won the trust of the Iraqi people.


14 June 2003
AROUND 200 people came to hear George Galloway speak in Ealing in west London on the continuing occupation of Iraq last week. There was a great mix of people at the meeting, all united in their anger at Blair and his lies, while support for George Galloway was stronger than ever. This meeting proved wrong anyone who had thought the anti-war movement had disappeared. There was a real feeling that action against Bush and Blair must continue. George Buckerfield

His face answers the lies about refugees

31 May 2003
ANYONE WHO believes that the government's assault on asylum seekers leaves the most desperate "legitimate" refugees untouched, should look at Abas Amini's face. The Home Office is appealing against a decision to give him asylum in Britain. He is so desperate he has sewn up his own eyes, mouth and ears in protest.

Thoroughly 'modern' mystics...

14 December 2002
ROLLING IN money, completely cut off from the vast majority of people, and stark staring bonkers. That's the picture of the Blairs and their circle that emerges from the scandal surrounding Cherie Blair's property dealings. Millions of working class people will be outraged that the Blairs casually buy up flats for over half a million pounds for their son when he goes off to college.

How secret state spied on activists

09 November 2002
FORMER MI5 officer David Shayler was jailed for six months on Tuesday for revealing state secrets. He should have been congratulated for shining a tiny bit of light on the stinking covert forces whose existence subverts any notion that we live in a real democracy.

Ealing NUT Unity Conference

19 October 2002
AROUND 60 people attended the Unity Conference called by Ealing National Union of Teachers (NUT) last Saturday and heard an inspiring set of speakers. The conference was introduced by Christine Blower, secretary of Hammersmith and Fulham NUT, and ex-president of the NUT.

Rulers' ten years of broken promises

24 August 2002
THE EARTH Summit starts in Johannesburg, South Africa, next week. World leaders will talk about tackling poverty, dealing with the environmental crisis and embracing "sustainable development". US president George W Bush is hostile even to making such noises. This could lead some people to think that the summit must contain something good.

Steel workers

17 August 2002
STEEL WORKERS at three plants owned by the Caparo Group are determined to fight to save their pension schemes. The Caparo Group aims to freeze its final salary pension scheme, effectively stealing the contributions workers have built up over the decades. The dispute is crucial to the tens of thousands of other workers facing similar attacks.

The scandal of children in jail

03 August 2002
LOCK CHILDREN up and throw away the key. That's New Labour's attitude to dealing with the "causes of crime", and it has been criticised again this week. Even the government's own youth crime "tsar" says under-18s awaiting trial, who have not been found guilty of anything, should not be banged up in Britain's overcrowded prisons.

Healing relations in stormy Deep South

15 June 2002
THE MEDIA claimed racism was over in Hollywood when Halle Berry won the Oscar for best actress for her role in Monster's Ball. But, just as in the film, the story isn't that simple. Monster's Ball is set in America's Deep South. It is presented as a film about racism. It sets out to portray racism, violence and also how the spiral of violence can be broken.

Blair can't bury all the bad news

08 June 2002
THE FALL of Stephen Byers was quite revealing about the nature of politics in Britain today. In the first place, the Labour MPs who rallied round Byers because he effectively nationalised Railtrack bear witness to the capacity for wishful thinking of government backbenchers.

All out to stop British Nazis

27 April 2002
THE NAZI British National Party is hoping to repeat the success of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Local council elections take place on Thursday of next week. Anti-Nazis in the areas targeted by the BNP are stepping up their campaign. They are appealing for support from across Britain. That support needs to flood in to isolate the Nazis.

Pensions crisis

09 March 2002
"Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid," was the Guardian's headline. "Britain is hurtling towards a pensions crisis," said the Sunday Telegraph. That was the alarm raised recently in the media over pensions. Big firms are stealing tens of thousands of pounds from workers' pay packets. They are robbing by stealth. They are taking from pensions, which are a form of pay set aside for the future.

Who's next after Enron?

16 February 2002
"Rolls-Royce is the latest victim of Enronitis, the fear that many firms, particularly those with large debts, could be concealing nasty secrets." That was the verdict of the Sunday Times this week as panic spread across the financial world in the wake of the scandal surrounding the collapse of Enron. Bankers and speculators are nervously watching firms with similarly huge debts to Enron.

New Labour linked to world's most corrupt firms

26 January 2002
TWO corporations, whose dodgy dealing led to the biggest bankruptcy in history, have deep links to New Labour. US energy giant Enron was the world's seventh biggest company until it collapsed a month ago with billions of dollars of debt. The scandal surrounding its collapse threatens to engulf US politicians close to Enron, including George W Bush.


19 January 2002
PARENTS, STAFF and the local Socialist Alliance are set to fight against New Labour's plans to close nine council nurseries across the west London borough of Ealing. Four of the nurseries cater for under-fives with special needs. Ealing council is viciously hacking back services. The closures will hit voters in key Labour wards in Acton and Southall.

Mike Rosen: Dealing with the Nazis

08 December 2001
As Christmas approaches you may be wondering how you're going to see your parents, grandparents, their friends and cope with all the guesting and hosting. If the thought of it all is getting you down, then spare a thought for George W Bush and his ambassador in London, William S Farish III.

BNFL bailout

27 October 2001
THE BNFL nuclear company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and is appealing for a government bailout. The firm is state owned, but the government wants to press ahead with plans to privatise it.

Merchants of greed squeal for more

20 October 2001
SOME OF the world's richest and greediest people have launched a squealing campaign to get money from us so they can become even richer. The government has given in to them, and has donated over £700 million to this wealthy gang.

'We have suffered at hands of system'

20 January 2001
"I was in the Gulf as a medic from October 1990, right through the bombing, and left in April 1991. I was in one of the major field hospitals dealing with casualties. We were told absolutely nothing about depleted uranium at all. We had daily briefings and it was never even mentioned once. The first I knew that it had been used at all was on the news a few years later. Yet soldiers have been knowingly exposed to it and nothing has been done. We got injections against what we were told was the threat of "biological weapons" such as bubonic plague and anthrax. Doctors since have warned that the effect of a cocktail of such injections could cause health problems.

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