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Housing regeneration: a ‘des res’ mess

20 May 2008
There is another, less famous May 1968 anniversary this month – the partial collapse of the Ronan Point tower block in Newham, east London. Twenty two storeys high, this block was based on a Danish system that was only designed to go up to six storeys.

Grassroots fight has stopped greedy developers at Queens Market

01 April 2008
Neil Stockwell has worked as a fruit and veg trader at Queens Market in Newham for 30 years – and he is furious at Sir Robin Wales, the borough’s New Labour mayor.

MPs support campaign to defend Michael Gavan

12 February 2008
In which area set to host the Olympics are trade union rights denied? Certainly they are in China, but it’s also true in Labour-run Newham in east London – one of the key areas for the 2012 games.

Council workers walk out to defend Michael Gavan

17 December 2007
Council workers in Newham, east London, struck on Thursday of last week in defence of their sacked Unison union branch chair Michael Gavan.

Newham council workers strike for sacked branch chair

13 December 2007
Council workers in Newham, east London, struck today in defence of their sacked Unison branch chair Michael Gavan.

Newham strikes to defend Michael Gavan

11 December 2007
Unison union stewards in Newham, east London, are building for a strike set for Thursday of this week. They won a debate with regional officials over holding a second strike in protest at the victimisation of Michael Gavan, our branch chair.

Fury at sacking of Michael Gavan

27 November 2007
Workers at Newham council reacted with fury last week when Unison union branch chair Michael Gavan was sacked for his trade union activity.

150 attend Newham lobby against victimisation

20 November 2007
Some 150 Unison union members and supporters demonstrated outside East Ham Town Hall in Newham, east London.

Protest planned at Newham council to defend Michael Gavan

13 November 2007
Michael Gavan’s Unison union branch in Newham, east London, is continuing to fight against his victimisation and suspension from work.

Newham council: ‘We are all Michael Gavan’

06 November 2007
Hundreds of strikers rallied at Newham council buildings and depots in east London on Wednesday of last week. They were part of a strike in support of Unison union branch chair Michael Gavan, who has been suspended from work.

Newham council workers fight to defend their union

30 October 2007
MORE than 3,000 Newham council workers in east London were set to strike on Wednesday of this week in defence of their union.

Rally to defend Unison union in Newham

25 September 2007
The fight to reinstate Michael Gavan, chair of Newham Unison local government, was bolstered last week when a rally of 200 people was addressed by a range of speakers including film maker Ken Loach. Ken also introduced a special preview of his new film It’s A Free World.

Protest at suspension of the chair of Newham Unison

21 August 2007
Last week some 50 people attended a lively protest outside Newham town Hall in east London over the council’s attacks on the Unison branch chair Michael Gavan.

Newham council workers rally to defence of suspended union rep

14 August 2007
Workers at Newham council in east London have reacted with fury after the Labour-run council launched an attack on the Unison union.

Newham Unison branch chair suspended

09 August 2007
Newham Council has launched on an attack on the Unison Union. Michael Gavan, Unison branch chair has been suspended by the council and banned from any contact with union members.

Newham Respect councillor rejects media onslaught on crime

17 April 2007
Asif Karim is one of three Respect councillors in the Green Street West ward of Newham, east London.

Newham council attacks union reps for not striking

03 March 2007
The battle to prevent Newham’s Labour council from pushing through vicious attacks on working conditions continues.

Newham council threatens sackings

24 February 2007
The New Labour council in Newham, east London, took another step in its campaign of union busting last week when taxis carrying threatening letters arrived at the homes of refuse workers.

Respect blow to Labour Party in Newham

25 November 2006
In another blow to New Labour in east London, longstanding Labour Party member Haroon Juneja has joined Respect in Newham.

Newham walks out as revolt grows at single status pay cuts

28 October 2006
Around 500 refuse workers in the east London borough of Newham walked out spontaneously and unofficially on Thursday of last week over attempts to cut their pay.

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