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Newham Unison branch chair suspended

09 August 2007
Newham Council has launched on an attack on the Unison Union. Michael Gavan, Unison branch chair has been suspended by the council and banned from any contact with union members.

Newham Respect councillor rejects media onslaught on crime

17 April 2007
Asif Karim is one of three Respect councillors in the Green Street West ward of Newham, east London.

Newham council attacks union reps for not striking

03 March 2007
The battle to prevent Newham’s Labour council from pushing through vicious attacks on working conditions continues.

Newham council threatens sackings

24 February 2007
The New Labour council in Newham, east London, took another step in its campaign of union busting last week when taxis carrying threatening letters arrived at the homes of refuse workers.

Respect blow to Labour Party in Newham

25 November 2006
In another blow to New Labour in east London, longstanding Labour Party member Haroon Juneja has joined Respect in Newham.

Newham walks out as revolt grows at single status pay cuts

28 October 2006
Around 500 refuse workers in the east London borough of Newham walked out spontaneously and unofficially on Thursday of last week over attempts to cut their pay.

Refuse workers walk out in Newham

21 October 2006
Around 500 refuse workers in the east London borough of Newham walked out unofficially and spontaneously today over attempts to cut their pay.

Forest Gate community unites to demand justice

24 June 2006
The 2,500 protesters who took to the streets of Newham, east London, last Sunday were united by their anger at the police’s recent "terror raid" in Forest Gate.

Victory for Queens Market campaign

24 June 2006
Community campaigners in Newham, east London, have scored a victory in their campaign to save Queens Market in Upton Park from being shut down and turned into a supermarket.

Newham residents plan protest over police raids

10 June 2006
A march is planned this Sunday to protest over the police raid on a house in Forest Gate, east London. The protest, set to begin at 2.30pm outside Forest Gate police station, on Romford Road, was announced at a packed 150-strong meeting hosted by Respect on Tuesday of this week.

Respect round-up

23 May 2006
Making a meal of the next step Over 200 Respect supporters attended a thank you meal in Newham, east London. Respect won three councillors in the borough in the local elections.

Respect councillor: ‘We are the opposition to New Labour here’

20 May 2006
Abdul Karim Sheikh, Respect councillor in Newham, east London, spoke to Socialist Worker after the successes in the local elections on 4 May

A stunning result for Respect in Newham

13 May 2006
Respect shattered the Labour stranglehold on the east London borough of Newham last week, winning a magnificent 20 percent in the mayoral election and 26 percent across the entirety of the council seats.

Respect local election results

06 May 2006
Salma Yaqoob wins in Sparkbrook – results for all council wards where Respect candidates stood and mayoral elections in Hackney and Newham. Results will appear as councils delcare on the night of Thursday 4 May or, for councils with mayoral elections, on Friday 5 May.

Respect makes gains in local elections

06 May 2006
In the borough of Tower Hamlets in east London, one of Labour’s historic heartlands, Respect has won a significant number of seats, making it a major player in that council. Further gains are expected there and in neighbouring Newham.

A chance to change Newham for the better

29 April 2006
Newham is at the centre of a political battle that has come to shape the growing opposition to New Labour and its "arrogance of power."

Respect round-up

08 April 2006
Galloway: ‘Respect will save Queens Market’ Dozens of Respect members joined MP George Galloway during a walkabout in Newham, east London, last Saturday.

Newham Respect campaign launched

01 April 2006
The east London borough of Newham has for generations been a stronghold of the Labour Party.

Politics features on picket lines across London

01 April 2006
In the east London borough of Newham, "over 400 people picketed, mainly people who were involved in the strike but also firefighters and people from the university who came to support us," reports council worker Elane Heffernan. "The day before the strike 40 people joined the union to be part of the action.

Sarah Ruiz: 'They'll drive the poor out of Newham'

28 January 2006
The planned redevelopment of east London will carve out local people. The plans, and the lack of consultation, show how little democracy and representation lies at the heart of the New Labour councils which run the area. Sarah Ruiz, a Respect councillor in Newham, spoke to Socialist Worker about the impact on local communities.

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