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Respect smeared for having too many supporters

10 December 2005
New Labour is worried that Respect could take control of Tower Hamlets and Newham councils.

Newham defections boost Respect

10 December 2005
The left challenge to New Labour received a boost in Newham, east London, last week when a Labour councillor and the secretary of the Liberal Democrats in the area joined Respect.

Respect round-up

17 September 2005
Labour councillor joins Respect Newham, east London, has its first Respect councillor. Sarah Ruiz became a Labour councillor in 1993.

Newham’s no to Nazis

25 June 2005
Unite Against Fascism responded to the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in east London last week by calling a 70-strong vigil on Sunday.

‘Unity forged by Respect was the key’

14 May 2005
The unity we forged between communities in Newham was crucial. Different people had to join hands and work together. I could feel the discrimination breaking down during the campaign.

Landmark vote in Labour’s heartlands boosts Respect

07 May 2005
Two breakthrough results for Respect in Newham, an east London borough, shocked New Labour early on Friday morning.

A warm response to Respect on Newham doorsteps

05 May 2005
Respect canvassers in Newham are reporting a political shift on the doorsteps of the east London borough. New Labour’s stranglehold on the borough is being loosened as people turn to Respect.

‘We drove out the NF’

05 May 2005
Newham, the borough which encompasses West Ham, is now one of the most ethnically mixed areas of Britain. Black and Asian people who arrived from the 1950s onwards have added to the area’s battling tradition by facing down racists and Nazis.

Respect’s campaign outside schools reaches those who usually get ignored

05 May 2005
Newham Respect has tried to connect with the many groups that the Westminster political classes don’t reach.

Lifelong Labour voters are turning to Respect

05 May 2005
Leading trade union and labour movement figures in Newham, east London, released a letter last week calling on people to vote for Respect at the general election.

The anti-war generation at Newham Sixth Form hustings

30 April 2005
Lindsey German, Respect’s candidate for West Ham, won loud applause when she told a student hustings that we have to fight in the coming election to "make poverty history, make war history".

Newham Respect campaign

23 April 2005
Rally packs out town hall The biggest political meeting in Newham for two decades gave a huge boost to Respect’s challenge to New Labour in the east London borough on Monday of this week.

Respect is the opposition to Labour in East London

16 April 2005
New Labour is facing a strong challenge from Respect in Newham, east London. Lindsey German is contesting West Ham for Respect and Abdul Khaliq Mian is standing in East Ham.

Respect campaign launched in Newham

12 February 2005
Respect kicked off its election campaign in Newham, east London, last weekend with street stalls and a walkabout by Lindsey German and Abdul Khaliq, prospective parliamentary candidates for the borough.Lindsey and Abdul pledged support for the campaign to save Queens Market, which Newham’s New Labour council wants to sell to private developers.

Our campaign for unity

05 February 2005
RESPECT KICKED off a programme of activities in east London last weekend that will run all the way up to polling day. Over 100 supporters gathered to finish off a leaflet distribution in Tower Hamlets. Next weekend will see similar activity across parts of neighbouring Newham, where Respect is challenging for both seats.

Nazis had to scuttle from pillar to post

22 January 2005
ABOUT 100 local people came together in Woolwich, south east London, last Saturday to oppose a march through the area by the National Front (NF). Later that day the Nazi NF attempted to march near Green Street in Newham, east London.

New party's historic result

26 June 2004
THE PEOPLE of east London made sure the London Assembly and European Parliament elections will go down in history. In a result that will have shocked establishment politicians right up to Tony Blair, Respect swept across the boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham.

Council workers

19 June 2004
NEWHAM COUNCIL has been forced to back off again over its attacks on the Unison union. Workers have been fighting against council bosses' attempts to derecognise Unison. The New Labour-run council evicted the union from its offices, banned us from putting out our own publicity materials and stopped union officers having any facility time.

Council workers: Newham, Wandsworth

27 May 2004
WORKERS AT Newham council, east London, were set to strike for two days this week. We are protesting against the council's attack on our union, Unison. This includes evicting the union from its offices and axing facility time for union offices.

Newham strikers won't pay to be smashed

15 May 2004
BLAIR'S FAVOURITE New Labour council is trying to break our union. We are absolutely clear that Newham council in east London intends to lead the way in smashing the town hall union to force through Blair's plans to \"restructure\" public services-cutting our pay and jobs and selling off the people's assets to the fat cats. We are going to step up our action and we are determined we are going to win. But in discussing strategy with Unison union regional officials, the question of our political relationship to the government dominates the debate.

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