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Four weeks after the Grenfell fire, vigil focuses grief and anger

13 July 2017
Survivors and local residents gathered to remember the dead and demand justice last night, Wednesday.

Probe into the Grenfell Tower fire will start by looking at possible manslaughter

11 July 2017
A senior Met police officer has said the starting point of the criminal investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire would be that “around 80” deaths resulted from manslaughter.

Manchester housing workers begin four-week walkout

04 July 2017
Housing workers in Manchester began a four-week continuous strike on Monday.

New documentary highlights human cost of housing crisis

04 July 2017
Seldom has a film had a more timely release.

How can we solve the crisis and win decent homes?

04 July 2017
Two new books look at the housing crisis from different perspectives. Socialist Worker interviews the authors.

Furious residents march against Haringey Labour council's social cleansing plans

03 July 2017
Up to 1,000 tenants, residents and their supporters marched on Haringey Civic Centre in north London last night, Monday. 

West of both worlds - inside the segregated borough of Kensington and Chelsea

27 June 2017
The Grenfell Tower fire has exposed the deep inequality at the heart of Kensington and Chelsea.

Reports round-up: Angry protest as Ritzy cinema sacks trade union reps

20 June 2017
Also: Women's march to take on DUP, fascists face opposition in three cities, Mears housing workers fight for pay parity, strikes called at Atomic Weapons Establishment and Kirklees social work, Birmingham bin workers vote for action

Murderous contempt for poor people’s lives goes to the top

20 June 2017
A series of Tory housing ministers fought to stop developers and landlords taking responsibility for fire safety

Kensington and Chelsea, where the super-rich live in luxury and the poor live in death traps

20 June 2017
The borough where working class residents of Grenfell Tower were left to live in shoddy, unsafe housing is awash with wealth and empty homes.

Outpourings of solidarity and anger after Grenfell Tower fire

20 June 2017
Hundreds of people came from all over Britain to offer solidarity to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, and to demand answers.

Tories must answer for deaths in Grenfell fire

20 June 2017
Years of cuts to council budgets, the fire brigade, and the deliberate running-down of council estates are the context of this tragedy

Reports round up: Union officials block strike by Kirklees social workers

30 May 2017
Unison officials block social workers' strikes in Kirklees | Rail strike suspended |Glass workers fight over pay | plus more

Reports round-up

23 May 2017
Around 50 anti-fascists turned out in Brighton to see off French Front National candidate Tony Thommes.

Property sharks won't solve the housing crisis with their 'redevelopment' plans

23 May 2017
Landlords and property speculators are not looking to help with the housing crisis, they're only looking for profit and will kick working class people out of their areas to get it

Manchester housing workers walk out for equal pay

16 May 2017
Around 200 social housing maintenance workers rallied outside Manchester Town Hall on Monday.

Tories deserve to be evicted for empty housing pledge

16 May 2017
Don't believe the Tories are going to solve the housing crisis. They are only building developers' profits.

Tenants beat rent hike at One Housing

09 May 2017
Housing association tenants in West Ham, east London, scored a victory against their greedy landlords last week.

Labour’s pledge on housing is ‘the wrong way around’

02 May 2017
Politicians lined up last week to criticise each others’ record over housebuilding.

Wealthy investors snap up the bulk of demolished council estates in London

25 April 2017
The movement against the demolition of London estates took important steps forward last week.

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