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Butterfields residents in Walthamstow prepare to resist new eviction notices

31 May 2016
Four households living on the Butterfields Estate in Walthamstow, north London have been issued with eviction notices.

Housing workers resist pay imposition as activists vow to fight new Tory law

24 May 2016
Housing workers in the Unite union struck for 24 hours on Thursday of last week over pay. Housing campaigners also met to plan resistance to the new Housing and Planning Act. Travellers also protested against the impact of the law

Can Labour councils defy the Tories' new Housing Bill?

17 May 2016
The first housing protest since the Tories’ new Housing and Planning Act became law took place in Islington, north London, last Saturday.

Tories try to rush through housing bill

10 May 2016
The Tories are desperately trying to get their Housing and Planning Bill passed before Friday of this week, when the parliamentary session ends. The bill will make thousands of people homeless.

Campaigners tell MPs to scrap 'terrible' housing bill

03 May 2016
 Housing activists lobbied parliament against the Tories’ Housing and Planning Bill on Tuesday. The lobby came as the bill went back to be debated in the House of Commons.

Greedy building bosses are out to grab London’s homes

03 May 2016
Plans to let private firms build the way out of the housing crisis are a sham, Simon Elmer told Alistair Farrow. The real solution lies with the council estates they insist on knocking down

Join the lobby against the Tories' housing bill

26 April 2016
Housing campaigners protested outside the landlords’ Property Awards on Tuesday of last week.

Reports round-up

26 April 2016
Essex firefighters protest over cuts | Strike as mustard action hots up | Scaffolders build a wage parity fight | Drivers could stop sites | Buyout could save Butterfields homes

Housing campaigners keep up pressure as Tories suffer defeats in Lords

19 April 2016
The Tories suffered a double humiliation on Monday as two amendments to their flagship Housing and Planning Bill were passed in the House of Lords.

Protests take to the streets against homelessness and the Tory Housing Bill

16 April 2016
Housing campaigners staged sleep-outs and demonstrations across Britain yesterday, Friday.

'We don't believe a word they say' - Lambeth residents take on Labour over cuts

12 April 2016
Top Labour party politicians avoided angry campaigners fighting to save their libraries at a party fundraiser in south London last night, Monday.

LETTERS: When our factory closed we occupied - and so can steel workers

12 April 2016

Protests and sleepouts planned as councils could sell even more homes

12 April 2016
The Tories want to change their pro-privatisation Housing and Planning Bill—to make it worse.

Private matters: How capitalism hides its filthy hoard

12 April 2016
There is an exclusive luxury ocean liner with tens of thousands of cabins. The “Panama papers” leak provides a porthole into just one of those cabins.

Campaigners step up the fight against the Tory Housing Bill

05 April 2016
The Kill the Housing Bill campaign is taking confidence from Tory ministers’ defeats on Personal Independence Payments. The housing bill is uniting opposition against its threat to end state support for sub-market homes for rent, sell off council homes on the open market, push up rents through "Pay to Stay", encourage large scale demolition of estates and fail to control private rents or improve security .   

Reports round up

05 April 2016
Protesters were set to demonstrate in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, on Wednesday of this week to defend the town’s Women’s Aid service.

Reports round up

30 March 2016
Five million public sector workers and 1.5 million in the private sector face a cut in their take-home pay from next week.

As anti-racists gear up for protests, housing campaigners say no to scaremongering

19 March 2016
Campaigners for social housing have spoken out against attempts to blame the housing crisis on migrants and refugees.

Thousands-strong Kill the Housing Bill demo shows rising anger against Tories

13 March 2016
Around 8,000 people marched through central London today, Sunday, to oppose the Tories’ Housing and Planning Bill. 

Take back housing from the Tories and rich

08 March 2016
Politicians are queuing up to admit that there’s a chronic housing crisis—but no amount of hand wringing will absolve them for causing it.

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