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New right to buy scheme will worsen homes crisis

02 June 2015
The housing crisis in Britain is causing misery for millions—and it is about to get even worse as the Tories plan more sell offs, writes Annette Mackin

Council bosses panic as homelessness workers' all-out strike bites in Glasgow

26 May 2015
An all-out walkout by homelessness workers in Glasgow has entered its ninth week—and has got council leaders running scared, reports Raymie Kiernan

New day of action for the Glasgow strikers

19 May 2015
Glasgow homelessness caseworkers called for mass pickets involving other Glasgow City Council workers, Unison union members and stewards on Wednesday of this week.

Third rally to stop eviction in Nottingham

05 May 2015
Some 200 anti-eviction activists rallied in solidarity with Nottingham couple Sue and Tom Crawford on Friday of last week. Also: housing protests in London

Reclaim Brixton protest sends a warning to property developers

28 April 2015
Over 1,000 joined a Reclaim Brixton rally near Umunna’s south London Streatham constituency the previous day.

Cockroaches spark student rent strike

28 April 2015
Over 150 students living in two halls of residence at Soas university in central London have called a rent strike over their living conditions.

All-out strike unites workers in Glasgow

28 April 2015
Homelessness caseworkers in Glasgow are into their fifth week of an all-out strike as council bosses desperately claim that it’s “business as usual”.

Glasgow strikers' confidence grows on fourth week of walkout

21 April 2015
An all-out strike by Glasgow City Council workers has entered its fourth week. 

Protests over housing crisis

21 April 2015
Protests against homelessness took place outside Downing Street in central London and in a number of other cities on Wednesday of last week.

We need housing - not more sell offs

14 April 2015
TUSC and Left Unity parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow Glyn Robbins slams the Tories' latest housing scam

Sweets Way eviction alert

14 April 2015
The last households on the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, north London, were expecting the High Court bailiffs to evict them as Socialist Worker went to press.

Evicted tenant re-occupies her home in east London

14 April 2015
A former council tenant in Newham, east London, re-occupied her former home last Saturday with the help of supporters in the Focus E15 housing campaign.

Homelessness caseworkers challenge council bosses with ‘the empty chair’

14 April 2015
As Glasgow’s homelessness caseworkers enter the third week of their indefinite strike over pay grading, solidarity is growing and they are having an impact.

Solidarity is boosting Glasgow homelessness caseworkers on all-out strike

02 April 2015
The indefinite strike of homeless caseworkers in Glasgow is going strong – and growing solidarity is making them more determined to win.

'We won't go back until we win' say Glasgow workers on indefinite strike

31 March 2015
Homelessness caseworkers in Glasgow walked out on indefinite strike on Tuesday of this week in a row over pay grading with city council bosses. 

Sweets Way resists eviction

24 March 2015
Campaigners in north London held a victory march from Barnet County Court on Monday of this week after a judge postponed a hearing to evict them.

Aylesbury estate demo says leave our homes alone

17 March 2015
Residents and campaigners in Southwark, south London, marched through the Aylesbury estate last Saturday to protest against plans to demolish it. 

Occupation in Barnet continues London housing fightback

10 March 2015
Tenants and supporters have occupied a newly empty house on the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, north London.

Haringey march against re-development

24 February 2015
Council tenants and supporters marched on Haringey Civic Centre in north London on Monday of this week in protest against redevelopment plans.

Resistance is mounting to attacks on our homes

24 February 2015
Tenants and campaigners fighting social cleansing on London estates spoke to Dave Sewell about their battles against the bailiffs, cops and councils

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