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New Era Housing campaign: meet the London tenants fighting the corporate spivs

25 November 2014
When corporate spivs pounced on an east London estate they expected easy pickings. but they got more than they bargained for, Dave Sewell reports

New Era housing campaigners fight fresh eviction threat after victory

18 November 2014
Residents of the New Era housing estate in Hackney, east London, could face eviction before Christmas, because landlords plan a massive rent hike.

St Mungo's strikers say: 'We won, so can you'

11 November 2014
When bosses tried to slash our ­conditions and break our union, we had to fight back

Hackney housing protest targets landlord Tory MP

11 November 2014
Some 250 residents and supporters protested at the New Era housing estate in Hackney, east London, last Saturday.

Bosses buckle under strike pressure as St Mungo's Broadway workers win victory

05 November 2014
Housing workers at St Mungo’s Broadway (SMB) held a victory rally this morning, Wednesday, after bosses agreed to meet virtually all their demands.

All out for ten days in St Mungo’s Broadway next strike

04 November 2014
Unite union members at homelessness charity St Mungo’s Broadway were set to begin a ten-day strike from 8am on Wednesday of this week.

St Mungo's - strike gets stronger at homeless charity

28 October 2014
Workers at homelessness charity St Mungo’s Broadway ended a seven-day strike on Thursday of last week with a rally outside the firm’s west London headquarters.

St Mungo’s seven-day strike hits housing bosses

21 October 2014
Around 600 housing workers began a seven-day strike in London and Bristol on Friday of last week.

London protest shuts down property fair

21 October 2014
Hundreds of protesters forced a property development fair in London to close down on Wednesday of last week.

St Mungo’s housing workers get set for seven-day walkout

14 October 2014
Workers at housing charity St Mungo’s Broadway were set to walk out for seven days on Friday of this week.

Council drops action against Focus E15 occupation

07 October 2014
A group of women ended their occupation of empty council homes in Newham, east London, on Tuesday of this week.

St Mungo’s new bosses face strike ballot

30 September 2014
More than 500 workers at housing charity St Mungo’s Broadway are being balloted for strikes. 

Property vultures are set for a killing on council homes

30 September 2014
The rich plan to snap up even more public land at the Mipim UK 2014 property fair - with the help of councillors

Tories suffer defeat over bedroom tax

09 September 2014
The government was humiliated as it lost a vote on the bedroom tax last week. A private members’ bill from a Lib Dem backbencher got support from 304 MPs to 267.

Killing the bedroom tax can help us beat other attacks on benefits

26 August 2014
Benefit cuts are causing misery and despair—but we should be confident about fighting back, argues Eileen Short

New walkout to defend Unite union rep at One Housing

05 August 2014
Workers at One Housing Group in London were set to strike for four days from Friday of this week.

Bailiffs forced to abandon eviction of cancer patient

29 July 2014
An eviction was stopped in Nottingham last week after more than 200 people protested outside the home of cancer patient Tom Crawford.

Lib Dems attempt face-saving U-turn on bedroom tax

22 July 2014
The coalition might have hoped to bury a new report on the impact of the bedroom tax by releasing it on the same day as a headline-grabbing reshuffle.

Poor are driven from their homes as rich snap up land

22 July 2014
Dave Sewell says council homes are being demolished in droves in London, as the land is sold to rich developers keen to profit from rocketing prices

As the rich enjoy housing bubble, the poor see no recovery

08 July 2014
Firms aren’t investing because they don’t expect a big enough profit to make it worthwhile. So they’re relying on lower wages and a property boom instead, writes Alex Callinicos.

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