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Family faces eviction by London council after riots

16 August 2011
A south London family could be the first to lose their home after David Cameron’s call for councils to evict rioters from social housing.

Homes flood risk ignored

19 July 2011
Councils are still allowing tens of thousands of homes to be built on floodplains every year—even though the risk of floods is growing, a government report says.

Tenants meet to discuss cuts fight

10 May 2011
Tenants from many towns and cities discussed the next steps in their fight at a Defend Council Housing (DCH) national meeting in London last Saturday.

Localism: a cynical attack on workers

03 May 2011
The Localism Bill sets out the legislative framework for David Cameron’s "Big Society".

Wycombe tenants campaign for no sale vote

15 March 2011
Housing activists and tenants are campaigning for a "No" vote in a tenant ballot on the sell-off of 6,000 council homes in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Housing Emergency protest

15 February 2011

Lobby to defend council housing

08 February 2011
Tenants, trade unionists and councillors will come together next week to organise a campaign against Tory plans that will see working class people thrown out of their homes.

Housing activists plan protest

04 January 2011
Housing campaigners have called a mass lobby of parliament over cuts to housing benefit, plans for new fixed term tenancies and hikes in rents.

Haringey protest against Tory housing minister

08 December 2010
Local residents living in temporary accommodation heckled Tory housing minister Grant Shapps yesterday in Broadwater Farm, Tottenham, north London, over attacks on housing.

Wycombe housing transfer stalled by campaign

07 December 2010
The proposed transfer of Wycombe District Council’s council homes to a private company has been stalled.

New attack on council housing tenancies

23 November 2010
Housing minister Grant Shapps has announced that councils and housing associations will be able to scrap lifetime tenancies and replace them with fixed-term agreements of two years.

Protest at housing benefit cuts

16 November 2010
Campaigners held a protest outside parliament to coincide with a Labour-initiated debate about cuts to housing benefit on Tuesday of last week.

Housing in crisis: bring back rent controls

02 November 2010
The housing crisis could be solved at a stroke by the reintroduction of rent controls. These used to exist to keep workers’ rents at an affordable "fair" rate. An "independent" local rent officer set rent levels and it was illegal to charge more.

Housing benefit cuts: this is the social cleansing of Britain

02 November 2010
The government reacted with fury last week to accusations that its changes to housing benefit would lead to "social cleansing". But the words stung because they are true.

Activists meet to resist Tory housing assault

12 October 2010
Campaigners from Defend Council Housing (DCH) lobbied MPs on Monday over new threats to millions of tenants’ housing security.

Neath Port Talbot Council trample on democracy

17 August 2010
A freedom of information request has revealed that Neath Port Talbot council trampled over democracy in its determination to hand council homes to a private housing company.

Video shows the reality of the US housing crisis

17 August 2010
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Council pushes ahead with Tory housing attack

10 August 2010
The Tories launched a new attack on council house tenants last week as David Cameron said tenants need to rethink the idea of a council house being "yours for ever".

Housing activists plan fightback in Camden

10 August 2010
Around 30 housing activists in Camden, north London, met last week to organise a fightback against the wave of Tory attacks on council housing and tenants’ rights.

Government lies about housing benefit payouts

03 August 2010
Tory cuts to housing benefit will affect around one million people.

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