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Activists meet to resist Tory housing assault

12 October 2010
Campaigners from Defend Council Housing (DCH) lobbied MPs on Monday over new threats to millions of tenants’ housing security.

Neath Port Talbot Council trample on democracy

17 August 2010
A freedom of information request has revealed that Neath Port Talbot council trampled over democracy in its determination to hand council homes to a private housing company.

Video shows the reality of the US housing crisis

17 August 2010
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Council pushes ahead with Tory housing attack

10 August 2010
The Tories launched a new attack on council house tenants last week as David Cameron said tenants need to rethink the idea of a council house being "yours for ever".

Housing activists plan fightback in Camden

10 August 2010
Around 30 housing activists in Camden, north London, met last week to organise a fightback against the wave of Tory attacks on council housing and tenants’ rights.

Government lies about housing benefit payouts

03 August 2010
Tory cuts to housing benefit will affect around one million people.

‘Without my benefit I’d be living on the streets’

03 August 2010
Lesley Fitzsimmons is a single parent living in Luton, Bedfordshire. She spoke to Socialist Worker about surviving on benefits.

‘It’s like the Tories are ghettoising poor people’

03 August 2010
Clare suffers from depression and mental health problems, and is unable to work. She lives in Leeds and relies on housing benefit. She spoke to Socialist Worker about the impact the Tory proposals will have on her life.

Housing benefit cuts will make disabled people more vulnerable

03 August 2010
The Tories’ planned changes to housing benefit could drive thousands of disabled people from their homes.

Cut our rents, not housing benefit

13 July 2010
Millions of people who rent their homes from councils, housing associations or private landlords depend on housing benefit or Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to keep a roof over their heads. Now the government plans to attack these benefits.

Camden housing victory

18 May 2010
Tenants and activists in Camden are celebrating after the newly elected Labour council announced an end to the sell-off of Camden’s council housing.

Don’t let them sell-off Wycombe homes

06 April 2010
Campaigners are distributing leaflets to 6,000 Wycombe District Council tenants facing a ballot on the transfer of their homes to a "not for profit" company.

DCH launches housing manifesto

16 March 2010
Defend Council Housing (DCH) was to launch a manifesto, putting the case for council housing to election candidates, at its conference this week.

Protest over Camden Council auctioning off council homes

09 March 2010
Tenants and Defend Council Housing activists staged a mock auction of councillors’ homes last Saturday in Kentish Town, north London.

Notting Hill housing workers strike

02 March 2010
Trade union members at the Notting Hill Housing Group have voted to strike over changes to terms and conditions.

Neath march against council cuts

02 March 2010
Local government workers are marching to defend jobs and services in Neath, South Wales, this Saturday.

Come together for council housing

12 January 2010
Tenants’ groups, trade unionists and campaigners will come together for the Defend Council Housing conference in London on Friday 19 March.

Hackney housing activist is sacked

05 January 2010
Housing activist Nicola Winters has been sacked by the Castle Point Voluntary Network in Southend, Essex.

Save Arrowsmith House care home

08 December 2009
About 50 people took part in a march to save Edwin Arrowsmith House, a care home for the elderly in Handsworth, Birmingham at the end of last month.

Council houses need more cash

24 November 2009
The government promised to fund a significant council house building and repair programme &#8211; but it has been revealed that it raised repairs funding by just 24 percent.

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