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Flood warnings that were ignored by the government

31 July 2007
Hilary Benn, the secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, said earlier this month, "It is vital that we learn lessons now about how to manage and respond to this type of disaster in the future."

Is the government planning a new programme of council house building? The devil it is

31 July 2007
Gordon Brown talks of housing as "one of the great causes of our time". Last week his new government launched its "green paper" discussion document on the issue.

Gordon Brown's housing policy won't solve this crisis

24 July 2007
The government's much heralded green paper on housing was finally released on Monday. Behind ministers' talk of new homes and "social housing", the reality is the same reliance on the market and private finance that created the housing crisis in the first place.

Defend Council Housing anger at Lambeth decision

24 July 2007
Defend Council Housing (DCH) campaigners are angry that Lambeth council in south London has declared that a ballot on the future of the borough’s housing stock was in favour of transfer to an arms length management organisation (Almo).

We need more than warm words to deal with the housing crisis, Mr Brown

17 July 2007
Gordon Brown has promised three million new homes by the end of 2020.

DCH presses for fourth option on council housing

03 July 2007
Prior to his elevation to the premiership, Gordon Brown’s advisers repeatedly claimed he would unveil a "big initiative" on housing.

Facts about housing for the poor and the rich

12 June 2007
Children One in seven children is growing up homeless or badly housed. There are 955,000 children trapped in overcrowded housing.

Tests to judge any new Labour housing plans

12 June 2007
Gordon Brown is coming under intense pressure to concede the "fourth option" for council housing – direct investment to fund improvements as an alternative to privatisation. This would challenge the other three options of stock transfer, arm’s length management (Almos) and the private finance initiative.

We need decent housing for all

05 June 2007
Housing is the biggest headache affecting us all. Fewer and fewer people can afford to buy a home. Those who try find themselves deeper and deeper in debt.

Tower Hamlets housing scandal

05 June 2007
Gordon Brown and the contenders for deputy leadership of the Labour Party might be making soothing noises about council housing – but the New Labour council in Tower Hamlets, east London, is determined to press ahead with privatisation.

Gordon Brown has no solution to housing shortage

22 May 2007
Gordon Brown, who is currently touring the country in the run-up to his anointment as Labour leader, last week outlined his "vision" for housing.

Online petition from Defend Council Housing

17 April 2007
Defend Council Housing has set up an online petition on the prime minister’s website to show the depth of anger at the government’s policy of handing over council homes to private landlords.

Swansea sinks council house sell-off

31 March 2007
Council tenants in Swansea have delivered a resounding no to the council’s plans to transfer its entire housing stock to a private limited company.

Swansea votes against council house transfer

24 March 2007
Council tenants in Swansea have delivered a resounding no to the council's plans to transfer their entire housing stock to a private limited company.

Open letter demands direct investment in public housing

10 March 2007
Open letter to government Ministers and Camden councillors

No place like home?

03 March 2007
A recent report looking at newly built homes found that a startling 40 percent were of a poor standard and that just 8 percent of the developments could be classed as good or very good. Why is it that in the 21st century we still do not have decent homes?

Disappointment for New Labour from Hills report on council housing

03 March 2007
Spin doctors in Ruth Kelly’s department for communities and local government went into overdrive last week to suggest that a report by Professor John Hills would back their plans for an attack on the principles of council housing.

Housing campaigners crank up heat on the government

03 March 2007
The government’s housing strategy lurched further into crisis last week as tenants, local councillors, trade unionists and MPs came together in defence of council housing.

Tower Hamlets tenants win injunction against housing sell off

24 February 2007
Tenants on the Parkside estate in Tower Hamlets, east London, have won an injunction preventing the Labour council completing the sell-off of more than 2,000 council homes to a subsidiary of the housing association Circle Anglia.

Almo plans in disarray

24 February 2007
One of the main planks of the government’s housing policy is the use of Arms legnth management organisations (Almos). This policy is now in crisis.

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