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Don’t mourn expired war criminal Colin Powell

Don’t mourn expired war criminal Colin Powell The “progressive” and “moderate” face of US mass murderers is dead. Colin Powell, who died on Monday, helped to sell the 2003 invasion of Iraq to the world.

Activists take on merchants of death at east London’s DSEI arms fair

Activists take on merchants of death at east London’s DSEI arms fair Anti-war activists are staging protests and direct action outside a major arms fair in Newham, east London.

Twenty years of the West’s bloody war on terror

Twenty years of the West’s bloody war on terror Socialist Worker looks at the destruction wrought by two decades of wars, lifts the lid on the torture that accompanied it, and addresses the Islamophobia that was used to justify it all

Oppose rulers’ conventions bathed in blood

Oppose rulers’ conventions bathed in blood It’s arms fair season. Over the next couple of months top politicians, generals, weapons makers and dealers will gather at three major conventions across Britain.

What we said as the war began in Afghanistan

What we said as the war  began in Afghanistan In September 2001, as the West moved to start bombing Afghanistan, Socialist Worker spoke out against the war. This was our editorial comment

Diplomat reveals Kuwait flight cover-up 30 years on

Diplomat reveals Kuwait flight cover-up 30 years on A former British diplomat has said he is “convinced” there was “military intelligence exploitation” of a British Airways flight that landed in Kuwait during the Iraqi army’s 1990 invasion, which led to the capture and mistreatment of nearly everyone on board,

Good riddance to Donald Rumsfeld

05 July 2021
“Donald Rumsfeld never loses.” James Mann in his book about George W Bush’s war cabinet, The Rise of the Vulcans, calls this “an old bit of folk wisdom that has been quietly passed around among Republicans for decades”.

Project Selborne: military training outsourced to British, US and Israeli firms

06 January 2021
The Boris Johnson government has recently awarded a contract for running the Navy and Marine training establishments to the Fisher Training consortium.

The Troublemaker—Court says war crimes were ‘murder’ but offers no justice  

14 December 2020
The International Criminal Court won't open a full investigation into war crimes committed by British troops in Iraq, despite finding a “reasonable basis” to believe war crimes were committed.

Biden heralds return to US ‘forever wars’

23 November 2020
Donald Trump's decision last week to cut back US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq was roundly denounced by what Barack Obama called the “blob”— the mainstream national security establishment, whether Republican or Democratic.

Sacking of MPs shows Keir Starmer is looking to bury anti war politics in Labour

24 September 2020
Keir Starmer has sacked three Labour MPs for voting against a bill that protects British war criminals. It was the first sign that his new love of patriotism and security means defending Britain’s crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Once Upon a Time in Iraq—an insight into devastation of invasion

07 July 2020
Once Upon a Time in Iraq features interviews with some of those who lived through the country’s horrors. It is essential viewing

LETTERS - Chelsea Manning gives an example of heroic courage

17 March 2020
Chelsea Manning, released from prison last week, is a hero.

‘We want to change the regime,’ say Iraqi protesters despite repression

03 October 2019
Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in the capital Baghdad and other cities.

The Iraq war is still haunting US foreign policy

17 September 2019
John Bolton's dismissal can be traced back to an earlier Republican presidency in which Bolton served, that of George W Bush

Chelsea Manning needs solidarity as she faces revenge of US state

17 May 2019
Chelsea Manning has been jailed again for contempt of court after refusing to testify to an inquiry into the WikiLeaks website.

Don’t send Julian Assange to the US – and don’t trivialise rape allegation

12 April 2019
Julian Assange, who helped to expose Western war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, faces extradition from Britain to face the wrath of the US state.

Vice—painting a picture of the power behind Bush’s throne

21 January 2019
A new film by director of The Big Short, lifts the curtain on the ‘special relationship’ at the heart of George W Bush’s War on Terror

Toxic water protests in Basra turn into rage at corruption and sectarianism

11 September 2018
Protests erupted in Iraqi city Basra last week. People stormed and burned government offices in anger at toxic water supplies, power cuts and corruption.

The fight for Iraq’s future

22 July 2018
Iraqi people are still suffering as a result of the West’s invasion and the corrupt system it installed. But Phil Marfleet explains that resistance is on the streets

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