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20 September 2003
WORKERS IN the Amicus union at the Cummins factory in Ramsgate voted unanimously on two occasions last week to reject management's offers for pay and conditions. Amicus-MSF rep at the factory Marian Armstrong told Socialist Worker, "It is a pretty powerful statement. The feeling is the same on the shop floor and among staff. No one trusts the management. People are on poor money and have lost overtime. Management wants workers to have banked hours so that they work more hours some weeks, less the other. That means less overtime. I have never seen people so unanimous."

Merseyside: Working to stop BNP

20 September 2003
MERSEYSIDE TUC organised a conference last Saturday to build a campaign against racism and fascism. Some 50 people attended the Merseyside Against Racism and Fascism foundation conference, including representatives of the PCS, Unison, Amicus and TGWU unions. Delegates agreed to launch the Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism to fight against the Nazi BNP in the area.

'A brilliant chance to change our union'

20 September 2003
MEMBERS OF Amicus, the second biggest union in Britain, are getting set for national executive elections that could transform the union. The merger of the MSF and AEEU unions will be completed on 1 January 2004. Right wing leaderships have dominated both unions for years.


30 August 2003
AMICUS UNION members at Fujitsu Services in West Gorton, Manchester, have voted to strike by a majority of over 75 percent. The dispute is over two sets of issues. Firstly, the company are breaking longstanding union recognition and redundancy agreements. Secondly, the company have rejected the union's pay claim.


23 August 2003
THE AMICUS union is planning a protest at the Labour Party conference in September against the haemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs. The march and rally will take place on Monday 29 September in Bournemouth, the same day that chancellor Gordon Brown will be giving his conference speech.

British Airways

16 August 2003
NEW DISPUTES are brewing among British Airways workers at Heathrow. Some 4,500 BA engineers moved a step closer to an industrial dispute when their union negotiators failed to reach an agreement with BA management last week. The engineers are represented by the Amicus and GMB unions. They are potentially an extremely powerful group of workers.

Amicus union

09 August 2003
AN INDUSTRIAL tribunal found that trade unionists who have been on strike against the William Cooks foundry business for over two years had been "unfairly dismissed". The 80 workers, in the GMB and Amicus-AEEU unions, were sacked in 2001 when they were involved in an official strike. Eddie Grimes, Amicus-AEEU member and striker, spoke to Socialist Worker about the result:


26 July 2003
BALLOT PAPERS were due to be sent to Amicus members at Fujitsu Services in West Gorton in Manchester on Wednesday of this week. The workers are fighting against attacks on their union recognition and redundancy agreements, and for sick pay, an equal pay audit, and a pay rise. Media coverage of the workers' recent rally has already lifted spirits.

Rhodia - defending pensions

19 July 2003
THE CRISIS over pensions has provoked another group of workers into strike action to defend their final salary pension scheme. Some 600 workers at the Rhodia chemical firm in Oldbury and Widnes were set to strike on Friday this week. The workers are members of the GMB and Amicus unions. The multinational wants to close their pension scheme to new entrants.

Otis lifts

19 July 2003
SOME 1,000 lift engineers working for Otis were set to strike on Friday of this week and Monday of next week. The workers, members of the Amicus union, are continuing their long-running dispute over pay.

Car workers

12 July 2003
WORKERS AT the Peugeot car plant in Ryton, Coventry, have been told they have to accept a pay cut or face sweeping job cuts. The workers, members of the Amicus and TGWU unions, are being balloted over whether to take a drop in wages or see the plant's night shift cut and hundreds of jobs lost.


12 July 2003
SOME 80 trade unionists from Natfhe, Unison, PCS, FBU, Usdaw and Amicus marched with their banners in Manchester last Saturday. The march was over the bullying of staff at the Mancat college. One department with 20 posts has seen 35 pass through it in two years. The management made an unsuccessful attempt to dismiss the branch secretary last year. Now the college has declared compulsory redundancies in the trade union education unit, which includes a number of union branch activists.

A breath of fresh air sweeps through union

05 July 2003
DELEGATES gathered in Blackpool for the last AEEU engineers' and electricians' union conference last week. The union is to officially merge with the MSF union to form Britain's second biggest union, Amicus.

Lift engineers

05 July 2003
SOME 1,000 Otis lift engineers, members of Amicus, went on strike on Friday of last week in their continuing dispute over pay. Ken Biggs, the national organiser of the lift section of the union, told Socialist Worker, "This is not just about a 1.7 percent pay deal and an extra 2.2 percent only granted by local managers after individual interviews.


05 July 2003
WORKERS AT Goss printers in central Preston were due to start an overtime ban on Friday of this week against management attempts to impose a wage freeze. The workers are members of the TGWU union and Amicus union-both the AEEU and MSF sections.

Another statue bites the dust

28 June 2003
ONE OF Blairism's last outposts in the trade union movement received a major blow last weekend. Delegates gathered for the last ever MSF union conference as it is about to complete its merger with the AEEU union to form Amicus. They narrowly voted to affiliate to the Stop the War Coalition.

Otis lifts

28 June 2003
SOME 1,000 Otis lift engineers were due to continue their strike action on Friday of this week in a dispute over pay. Otis is the world's largest manufacturer of lifts with businesses in 200 countries. Yet it imposed a 1.7 percent pay deal. Workers, who are in the Amicus union, have rejected a further 2.2 percent offer, which would only be granted by local managers based on individual interviews.


28 June 2003
CAR WORKERS in the Amicus union at the Honda car plant in Swindon have won a 3.7 percent pay claim. Jim D'Avila, Amicus regional secretary, said, "This result is an important victory and demonstrates the value of union membership."

Lifting struggle another level

21 June 2003
SOME 1,000 lift engineers in the Amicus union working for Otis struck from Friday of last week until Tuesday of this week. The workers are protesting against an imposed pay settlement of 1.7 percent.


14 June 2003
OVER 100 Amicus union members at IT company Fujitsu Services in West Gorton, Manchester, attended a mass meeting last week. They met to discuss their pay claim, and the company's attacks on their long-standing union recognition and redundancy agreements.

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