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'Pay, not peanuts!'

14 February 2004
THE ALL-OUT strike by 199 workers at LTI (London Taxis International) in Coventry began its third week on Tuesday-and the mood "is as hard, no, harder than ever", one striker told Socialist Worker. The workers, members of the TGWU and Amicus unions, make taxis. They began the strike after months of tortuous negotiations over pay.


14 February 2004
TWO IMPORTANT meetings took place in the Amicus union last week. Both the new national executive and the joint broad left met for the first time last week. Instead of this being a drive towards a member-led union, as many people want, it saw moves by Derek Simpson to grab more control over the union. This is very unfortunate given Simpson's past record.

All-out action hits taxi manufacturer

07 February 2004
PRODUCTION workers at London Taxis International (LTI), manufacturers of the "London Taxi" in Coventry, walked out on all-out indefinite strike on Tuesday of last week. They are sick of year on year below-inflation pay deals and dragged-out pay negotiations. The strikers are in the TGWU and Amicus unions.

Willam Cook's strikers

07 February 2004
BOB McNEILL, Mark Crossland and Eddie Grimes, who are taking part in Britain's longest running industrial dispute, travelled to London on Thursday of last week to attend their bosses' appeal at the Employment Appeal Tribunal offices. They were part of a group of workers in the Amicus union at the William Cook's foundry in Sheffield who were told not to return to work after striking for one day in April 2001. They have been campaigning since.

BAE Systems union shows how to kick management ass

24 January 2004
We are a small group of Amicus union members trying to organise our site at BAE Systems in London. The workforce is white collar, with no trade union tradition.

Should we merge with Amicus?

17 January 2004
MEMBERS OF the GPMU print union are voting on whether their union should merge with Amicus or open negotiations with the TGWU.

Where now for the left after this good result?

20 December 2003
THE ELECTIONS for the Amicus union executive last week indicated how much has changed in Britain's second largest union. Members of the left wing Unity Gazette slate won 23 out of 48 positions, almost a majority.

Tight vote in executive elections

13 December 2003
THE RESULTS of the executive elections for the new Amicus union were still coming in as Socialist Worker went to press.


06 December 2003
ALMOST 40 reps from the Amicus, Bectu and NUJ unions representing Granada workers met with their full time broadcast organisers at the ITV unions' campaign meeting last week.


29 November 2003
VOTING PAPERS for the elections to the new national executive council for the Amicus union are now out. Amicus was created by the merger of the AEEU and MSF unions. The left is standing on a slate for the Amicus Unity Gazette. Election campaigning is well under way. The ballot closes on Friday of next week.


29 November 2003
IT IS good news that Nissan workers in Sunderland began a strike ballot this week. It is over management's refusal to talk to the Amicus union about compulsory relocation of the company's purchasing department. It could be the first strike in the plant's history and would shatter the myth of the great "partnership" employer.


29 November 2003
HUNDREDS OF Tyneside shipyard workers staged an unofficial "wildcat" strike last week over allegations of bullying in the workplace. The one-day walkout was by around 600 platers, welders and riggers in the Amicus and GMB unions at the giant Amec shipyard in Wallsend on Tyneside.

Striking mood at coin factory

15 November 2003
OVER 430 members of the Amicus union were on strike at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales, on Thursday of last week. Some 70 workers picketed the plant.

A real chance to remake union

15 November 2003
OVER ONE million members of the new Amicus union will have a chance to decide the future of their union when ballot papers go out for the national executive elections next Monday.

Minted bosses must pay

08 November 2003
MEMBERS OF the Amicus union at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales, struck for the second time on Wednesday of last week. Around 500 manual workers at the plant, which produces all of Britain's coins, are fighting for a decent pay rise.

Amicus elections

11 October 2003
LEFT WING candidates for the Amicus national executive elections are gaining support. The Amicus Unity Gazette slate is out to make the new, merged union a fighting democratic one.

Amicus union

04 October 2003
AMICUS UNION members at the giant Fujitsu Services (formerly ICL) site in West Gorton, Manchester, are continuing their fight against attacks on union recognition.

Labour conference: anger on streets

04 October 2003
THE 2,500-strong protest outside Labour's conference in Bournemouth on Monday showed the anger ordinary people feel at New Labour. The Amicus union organised the demonstration to protest against New Labour standing by while manufacturing jobs are massacred. Sneh Sharma and Pam Degun work at AB Electronics in Romford. They told Socialist Worker, "No one feels their job is safe any more. Everyone is worried for the future. Every day we fear for our jobs. That's why we are here. But we are also worried that tuition fees will discourage young people from studying. And we want to stop the privatisation of the NHS."

Amicus elections

27 September 2003
ACTIVISTS IN the Amicus union are building support for the Amicus Unity Gazette slate that is standing in upcoming national executive elections. This is a great opportunity to create a strong union willing to stand up to the bosses and New Labour.

Hydro Aluminium Motorcast

27 September 2003
HYDRO ALUMINIUM Motorcast announced last week that it intends to close its Leeds factory. This will mean a loss of over 600 jobs over the next 15 months. The Amicus shop stewards have told the workforce at the factory that they intend to fight these proposals by whatever means necessary. The workforce has given us 100 percent support.

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