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Bakers union conference calls for trade unions to take the fight to May

13 June 2017
The first trade union conference since the general election got underway last Sunday.

Campaigners hail victory after McDonald’s backs down over zero-hours contracts

02 May 2017
Fast food chain McDonald’s has announced it will offer fixed-term contracts to workers who want them.

McDonald's workers ordered not to be political online

21 March 2017
McDonald’s fast food stores are clamping down on trade union activists.

Union general secretary hits back after he's banned from Labour

26 August 2016
Bfawu bakers' union general secretary Ronnie Draper has spoken out after he was suspended from the Labour Party yesterday, Thursday.

Samworth Brothers food bosses take on the union

02 August 2016

KFC’s finger lickin’ zero hours lies exposed

26 July 2016
Fast food giant KFC claims it doesn’t use zero hours contracts in Britain. Alistair Farrow takes apart the spin

Reinstate Kumaran Bose, demands protest

28 June 2016
Around 80 trade unionists joined a mass picket in solidarity with Kumaran Bose in Melton Mowbray last Sunday.

Protest demands Leicester union member Kumaran Bose's reinstatement

21 June 2016
Supporters of victimised food worker Kumaran Bose protested in Leicester city centre last Saturday to demand his reinstatement.

Bakers’ union conference cooks up more resistance to Tories

14 June 2016
Members of the food workers’ Bfawu union met for their annual conference in Southport this week.

Defend victimised Bfawu trade union activist at Samworth Brothers

09 June 2016
A victimised trade union activist at a food factory in Leicester has slammed bosses for sacking him because of his union activities.

Pennine Foods strikers block gates and plan escalation against 2 Sisters

07 June 2016
Food factory workers in Sheffield struck against bosses’ plans to cut their weekend, bank holiday and night shift pay on Sunday and Monday.

Greedy food giant 2 Sisters swallows up firms at workers’ expense

07 June 2016
Boparan Holdings Ltd, 2 Sisters’ parent company, has quietly become Britain’s largest food and drink manufacturer by attacking workers’ pay and conditions.

Sheffield food strikers stand firm against pay cuts

19 May 2016
Workers at a food producer in Sheffield began a 48 hour strike today, Thursday, with a picket running day and night at the site to turn back lorries.

Fast food workers serve up a side-portion of protest at Top Shop

17 May 2016
Fast food workers from Britain and New Zealand held a meeting on fighting zero hours’ contracts in London last Saturday.

Strikes and protests make an Unhappy meal for fast food fat cats

19 April 2016
Campaigners from the Fast Food Rights campaign and the Bfawu union took action across Britain last Thursday. They targeted McDonald’s in solidarity with striking McDonald’s workers in the US.

GALLERY - Fight for £10 an hour minimum! Protesters take to the streets

15 April 2016
Protesters took to the streets yesterday, Thursday, in several parts of Britain and internationally in the fight for £10 an hour ($15 an hour) minimum wage. Fast food outlets were a particular target of the actions called by the Bfawu bakers' union and Fast Food Rights.

Protests for £10 an hour minimum wage and an end to zero hours contracts

15 April 2016
Campaigners from Fast Food Rights (FFR) and the Bfawu bakers' union took action across Britain yesterday, Thursday, as part of a day of solidarity with striking McDonalds workers in the US.

Reports round-up

22 March 2016
Social work students hold campaigning conference | Final curtain for Opera pay dispute | Holiday hold-up for hot cross buns | Electric action at Network Rail | Heathrow Tube strike takes off | Buses set to stop around Manchester | Coop lorry drivers win talks at Acas | London left rallies against bosses’ EU

‘Jeremy Corbyn gives us hope to fight,’ says Bfawu union leader Ian Hodson

22 March 2016
What did Jeremy Corbyn’s election mean for the left and trade unionists?

Hellish kitchen - Leicester bakery workers aren't falling for bosses' porkie pies

08 March 2016
Workers at the Samworth Brothers food factories in Leicestershire told Nick Clark why they’d had their fill of management taking all the dough

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