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100,000 on London anti-war march demand all troops out of Iraq and no Trident replacement

24 February 2007
A huge demonstration filled the streets of central London today, calling for all occupying troops to be withdrawn from Iraq, no replacement of Britain’s nuclear weapons system and no attack on Iran.

Another ‘dodgy dossier’ increases pressure on Iran

17 February 2007
Grainy photos of rusty canisters. Damage to a US vehicle after a roadside bomb. Mortar shell case markings in English (rather than in Farsi). A lump of copper embedded in a police car.

March to stop madness of war in Iraq and threats to Iran

17 February 2007
George Bush and Tony Blair have created an inferno in Iraq – one they are stoking by pouring in more troops.

Dark clouds gather over the Persian Gulf as US threatens Iran

10 February 2007
George Bush and the US establishment are preparing for yet another war in the Middle East. As in the build up to war with Iraq, the justification for military action against Iran is the looming threat supposedly posed by the regime’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

‘Surge’ into Iraq threatens to spill into Iran and Syria

20 January 2007
The threat of war against Iran came one step closer this week when the US neocons announced they are "going to deal" with Iran.

Nine hundred at Sheffield anti-war rally

23 September 2006
An audience of 900 people in Sheffield heard veteran Labour left-winger Tony Benn warn that "war with Iran could be the beginning of a Third World War."

US ‘dodgy dossier’ on Iran exposed as lies

23 September 2006
The warmongers have been caught red handed again - this time using lies to spin the case for a war on Iran.

Don’t let imperialists hijack Iran's movement from below

16 September 2006
The next few months will be decisive ones for the "war on terror" as the US steps up its pressure on Iran. The Iranian nuclear issue is back on the agenda, with the passing of another United Nations (UN) deadline and another "negative report". This external pressure has implications for politics inside Iran.

Unite to stop US-led war and sanctions against Iran

09 September 2006
The end of August has seen the deadline of the UN Security Council resolution on Iran pass. Iran has ignored the demand to suspend uranium enrichment for a civilian nuclear technology that it regards as its inalienable right under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Say no to US-driven sanctions against Iran

02 September 2006
The US government has reacted to its humiliation over Lebanon by ratcheting up the pressure on Iran.

Stop the War Conference: prepare to encircle Labour’s warmongers

17 June 2006
"We must flood Manchester with people saying that they are not prepared to let Bush and Blair attack Iran." This was the message from Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn as he called on people to mobilise for a national demonstration at the Labour Party conference in Manchester on 23 September.

Shirin Ebadi: fighting for democracy in Iran and against invasion

10 June 2006
We are aware of the problems of Iran, but the way to solve these is not by resorting to war.

Offside: a sideways glimpse at the Iranian regime

10 June 2006
Iran will continue to feature in newspaper headlines this month – for two reasons. The first is the stance taken by the US and Britain over Iran’s nuclear programme. The other is that Iran is taking part in the football world cup, which starts this week in Germany.

Shirin Ebadi: Iranian dissident says no to war

23 May 2006
A leading Iranian human rights campaigner and Nobel Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi, is bringing her campaign against an attack on Iran to London after a successful tour of the US.

Anti-war protests in Brighton

13 May 2006
Around 100 people braved the pouring rain to attend a Don’t Attack Iran rally in central Brighton on Saturday.

US moves a step closer to war

13 May 2006
Britain and the US are raising renewed threats of war against Iran in the run up to a crucial United Nations (UN) meeting.

Blair clears way to attack Iran

13 May 2006
Just how far Tony Blair is prepared to go was shown last week when he replaced foreign secretary Jack Straw – because Straw was seen as too soft on Iran. A man who just weeks ago paraded US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice around north west England is now no longer regarded by Blair as being sufficiently enthusiastic about waging war alongside George Bush.

Athens ESF: movements debate and plan for action

13 May 2006
The fourth European Social Forum (ESF) met in Athens at a crucial point following the victory of the French movement against new labour laws and as the US threat of military attack against Iran gathers pace.

Anti-war marchers in US say troops home now

06 May 2006
Hundreds of thousands marched through New York City (NYC) last Saturday in a demonstration for peace, justice, and democracy. Marchers demanded that the US pull its troops out of Iraq and protested against the possibility of a war in Iran.

News round-up

06 May 2006
Day of action to stop Iran attack The Stop the War Coalition is organising national protests against an attack on Iran.

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