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Iran: West's cold war raises threat of Iran attack to boiling point

21 February 2012
Tory foreign secretary William Hague said that Iran’s nuclear program could lead to a Middle East "cold war" last week. He later warned that an Israeli assault on Iran would not be "a wise thing".

Hague’s radioactive hypocrisy over Iran’s nuclear programme

21 February 2012
Tory foreign minister William Hague says the world faces "the most serious round of nuclear proliferation since nuclear weapons were invented".

New threats to Iranian people

07 February 2012
The US and the European powers have introduced sanctions against Iran—dropping any pretence that they are not targeting ordinary Iranians.

Anti-war protest against Western intervention in Iran and Syria

28 January 2012
Some 400 people rallied outside the US embassy in London today, Saturday, against any attack and sanctions on Iran and Syria.

No to West’s threats to Iran

24 January 2012
The European Union (EU) implemented a ban on all new oil contacts with Iran this week, and ruled that any existing ones will be terminated in July.

US ratchets up its threats against Iran

17 January 2012
Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan was assassinated on the streets of the capital Tehran last week.

Iran: Sanctions will hurt masses

10 January 2012
Western governments are once again beating the drums of war and launching an economic assault on Iran by imposing crippling sanctions.

Captured US drone exposes covert operations

13 December 2011
Iranian forces claim they can reverse-engineer a US drone they captured earlier this month—and use it for their own purposes.

Regime change in Iran must be left to the Iranian people

06 December 2011
Western powers, fresh from their intervention in Libya, are keen to assert themselves elsewhere.

West beats the drums for war

08 November 2011
The rulers of the US, Britain, France and Israel last week teamed up to step up their rhetoric over a military assault on Iran.

Hunger strikers win review

17 May 2011
The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has agreed to review the case of three Kurdish Iranian asylum seekers who mounted a 37‑day hunger strike outside its headquarters in Croydon.

Will the Home Office let six refugees die?

03 May 2011
Six Kurdish Iranian refugees are on hunger strike in London in protest against British government plans to deport them to Iran.

Crackdown in Iran could spark a new movement

01 March 2011
The revolutions in the Middle East have not only revealed the hypocrisy of Western governments—they have also demonstrated the double standards of Iran’s conservative leaders.

Iran's revolution

22 February 2011
The US is reeling after revolution threw out one of its major allies, Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. For the American ruling class, the revolt invokes terrible memories of Iran in 1979—where a revolution brought down Iran’s ruler, the Shah.

Revolution: an idea whose time has come

22 February 2011
The great storm of revolt that began in a small town in Tunisia now sweeps from Morroco across thousands of miles of North Africa and the Middle East through to Iran, as this map shows.

Iran’s protests show up the hypocrisy of the West

15 February 2011
Protests for change have erupted in Iran—and are facing government repression.

Free Iranian trade unionist Reza Shahabi now

13 December 2010
Trade unions across the world, including the TUC, are calling for solidarity with Iranian trade union leader Reza Shahabi, who has been on hunger strike since 4 December in protest at his continuing imprisonment.

Don't deport Vahidi family to Iran

18 August 2010
The Home Office plans to deport a 17 year old Manchester College student and his family to Iran on Friday.

Women Without Men - a picture of Iranian society in turmoil

15 June 2010
Set in 1953 Iran, against the tumultuous backdrop of a CIA-backed coup, this film traces the stories of four women struggling to cope with their place in society in Tehran.

The West gives Israel a passport to kill

23 February 2010
Ask yourself a question when considering the news that an Israeli hit squad used British passports during the assassination of a Hamas leader: What would the reaction of the British government have been if Iranian agents had used such documents in order to eliminate an opposition leader living abroad?

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